Honourable Acts of Citizens. 267

Honourable Acts of Citizens.

He gave to Christ's Hospital in London, a Hundred Pound.

To poor Prisoners, whose Debts did not amount above Five Pound, 100l.

Relief of poor Prisoners.

Towards the Building of an ordinary Free School, that Children might be made apt and ready for his Master's Free Grammar School in Tiverton, where he himself also was born, 400l.

His Love to Learning, and the Poor.

Towards the Maintaining of the said Lesser School, and for Relief of certain poor People, yearly, 90l.

To the School, and the attending Officers.

To the Schoolmaster, yearly, 20l.

To the Clerk, yearly, 3l.

For Reparations, yearly, 4s.

For Fifteen poor Mens Gowns, and each of them 2s. in Money, yearly, 16l. 10s.

For the Poor.

For Fifteen poor Artificers, 15l.

To as many poor People, weekly, 6d. to each.

Towards Repairing the Church, 19l. 10s.

Repairing the Church.

To mend the Highways there, 10l.

To other Uses, 4l.

John Holmes, Draper, gave to the Parish of St. Sepulchre's, Anno 1588, his Dwelling House in the same Parish, yielding yearly 32l.

John Holmes.

Thomas Atkinson, Baker, gave also to the same Parish, 10l. yearly.

T. Atkinson.

Mr. Thomas Cure, Sadler, and Squire Sadler to Queen Elizabeth, (as his Son also was after him) did build an Hospital in Southwark, having some Help afforded him by the Parish of St. Saviour: But the main and chief Charge was his own proper Cost. The House was for Eighteen poor People, each of them having two Chambers, and Allowance of 4l. 10s. to each Person yearly.

T. Cure his Hospital in Southwark.

The Building of the Hospital cost above Three Hundred Pounds.

Mr. George Bishop, Stationer, gave 6l. yearly to his Company; and hath allowed 10l. yearly, for ever, towards maintaining Preachers at Paul's Cross. He gave likewise 6l. yearly to Christ's Hospital.

G. Bishop his memorable Charity.

Mr. Richard Culverwell, Brewer, gave to the Hospital of Bridewell, 200l.

R. Culverwell.

Mr. William Whitmore, Haberdasher, gave also to the same Hospital, 200l.

W. Whitmore.

Mr. John Norton, Stationer, gave to his own Company the Sum of 1000l. to purchase Lands amounting to the Value of 50l. yearly; and some Part to be lent to poor young Men.

John Norton mindful of the Poor, and his Company.

He gave also 150l. to the Parish of St. Faith's, under Paul's; to purchase 7l. 10s. yearly for ever, to be given to the Poor.

Mr. Henry Fisher, Fishmonger, gave to his Company 9l. yearly, to maintain a Scholar in the College of Brazen-nose in Oxenford; with the Allowance of 9l. and 2s. yearly, for two Sermons.

H. Fisher his Love to Learning.

Mr. Thomas Aldersey, Haberdasher, out of an Appropriation which he had at Bunbery in Cheshire, gave the Allowance of 200 Marks yearly; One Hundred Marks whereof was for the Maintenance of a Preacher.

T. Aldersey his Love to Religion, and the Poor.

He gave to the Minister, 20l.

He gave to a School, 30l.

He gave to the Poor, 10l.

Mr. Robert Offley, Haberdasher: To the Maior and Commonalty of Chester gave 600l. to be lent there to young Traders.

R. Offley his liberal Charity.

For Relief of the Poor, and Men in Prisons, besides other charitable Uses. 200l.

More; he gave 200l. to pay 10l. yearly to the Poor of the Company.

More; he gave 200l. that Ten Pounds might be yearly given to either of the Universities, towards the maintaining of two Scholars there, one in each.

Relief for two poor Scholars yearly.

He gave to Bethlem, 100l.

He gave to the other Hospitals, to Prisons, and to the Poor, 160l.

Mr. Thomas Fisher, Skinner, gave 45l. yearly; out of which, 20l. was to be yearly allowed for a Free School at Standon, in the County of Hertford.

T. Fisher his Love to Learning, and Respect of the Poor.

To buy Paper, Books, Pens and Ink, yearly, for the Scholars, 5l.

To Christ's Hospital, yearly, 10l.

For the Redemption of Prisoners in either of the Compters, and Ludgate, lying there for Three Pounds Debt, 20l.

Mr. Florence Caldwell, Haberdasher; To divers poor Parishes in London gave 20l. yearly.

Florence Caldwell his Charity.

Divers well-disposed Citizens of London, desirous not to be named, being born in or near to Ashborn in the Peak, in the County of Derby, combining their loving Benevolence together, have builded there a fair School-House, with convenient Lodgings for a Master and Usher, and liberal Maintenance yearly allowed thereto.

The Love of divers Citizens to Learning.

Mr. Robert Rogers, Leatherseller, and a Batchelor, like a most liberal and bountiful Benefactor, gave these Gifts following:

The Christian and charitable Works of R. Rogers.

To the Prisons in and about London, 12l.

To the Poor of two several Towns in the West Country, 13l. 6s. 8d.

To the Poor of the Town of Poole, where he was born, 10l.

For the building of Almshouses there, 333l.

For the Relief of poor Prisoners, such as were neither Atheists nor Papists, and might be delivered, each Man at the Sum of twenty Nobles, 150l.

A special Note of a godly Disposition.

For the Benefit of poor Preachers, allowing to each Man Ten Pounds. 100l.

Care of Religion.

For the Comfort of poor decayed Artificers, being charged with Wife and Children, and of known honest Reputation, 100l.

He gave to the Company of Merchant Adventurers, for the Relief of poor decayed People, and toward the Support of young Freemen, 400l.

His Care for poor decayed Brethren.

He gave to Christ's Hospital, to purchase Lands for the Relief of the House, 500l.

For the Erection of certain Almshouses in and about London, and also for the Maintenance of Twelve poor People, 600l.

His provident Care for the Poor in divers Places and Parishes.

To the Parish wherein he dwelt, 10l.

That two Dozen of Bread may every Sunday (through the Year) for ever, be given to the Poor, 100l.

He gave to Christ Church Parish, 15l.

For Relief of the Poor in sundry Parishes without the Walls; as, Newgate, Cripplegate, Bishopsgate, and the Parish of St. George in Southwark; unto every one of them he gave Twenty six Pound, thirteen Shillings, four Pence.

Moreover, he gave to St. George's Parish in Southwark, St. Sepulchre's, St. Olave's beyong the Bridge, St. Giles without Cripplegate, and St. Leonard in Shoreditch; to buy Coals for the Poor in each Parish, 30l. apiece.

He gave beside to either Parish of St. Botolph, without Aldgate and Bishopsgate, 20l.

For the Maintaining of Four Scholars, Two in Oxenford, and Two in Cambridge, Students in Di-