Honourable Acts of Citizens. 266

Honourable Acts of Citizens.

one Half of his Goods, and Two Hundred Pounds deducted out of the other Half, given to his Son Henry; to be given and bestowed in Deeds of Charity, by his Executors, according to his Confidence and Trust in them.

In the Year 1582, John Haydon, Alderman, gave large Legacies, and more than 3000l. for Relief to the Poor; as in my Summary. The Particulars will follow.

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Bernard Randulph, Common Serjeant of London, 1583. This Man, (in his Lifetime) somewhat before his Death, gave and delivered with his own Hand, to the Company of Fishmongers in London, the Sum of Nine Hundred [and six Pounds,] of good and lawful Money of England: To be employed towards the Conducting of Thames Water, Cisterning the same in Lead, and Castelling it with Stone, in the Parishes of St. Mary Magdalen, and St. Nicholas Cold-Abbey, near unto Old Fishstreet, Seven Hundred Pounds. The other Two Hundred Pounds, to pay for ever yearly the Sum of Ten Pounds: To wit, Towards the Maintenance of a poor Scholar in the University of Oxenford, yearly, Four Pounds. Towards mending the Highways in the Parish of Tisehurst, in the County of Sussex, (where the said Bernard was born) every Year, Four Pounds. And to the poor People of the Parishes of St. Nicholas Olave in Breadstreet, and St. Mary Magdalen near to Old Fishstreet, Forty Shillings: To wit, Twenty Shillings to either Parish, for ever.

B. Randulph, Common Serjeant of London, his liberal Bounty;

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For conveying of Thames Water:

For a poor Scholar:

For mending Highways:

For the Poor in divers Parishes:

More, he willed and bequeathed, by his last Will and Testament, to be bestowed in Land or Annuities, for Relief of the Poor inhabiting in the Wards of Queen Hithe and Castle Baynard, in the City of London, and in the forenamed Parish of Tisehurst, in the County of Sussex, the Sum of a Thousand Pounds. But that Money being left in holdfast Hands, I have not heard how it was bestowed. Stow's First Edit.

Mr. Thomas Ridge, Grocer, gave 1163l. 6s. 8d. to Godly and Charitable Uses, in Form following:

Mr. T. Ridge.

To the Company of Grocers, for the Benefit of young Men free of the same Society, and to be lent unto them for a certain Time, One Hundred Pound.

Benefit of young Beginners.

To the Hospitals in and about London, 100l.

For the Relief of poor Preachers, 400l.

Love to Religion.

For the help of poor and decayed Tradesmen in and about London, 300l.

Care of poor Tradesmen.

To a Lecture in Grasse Church in London, 100l.

To his Men and Maid Servants, 63l.

In Gowns for poor Men, 100l.

Mr. John Haydon, Mercer, Alderman, and one of the Sheriffs of London, deceasing in the time of his Shrievalty 1583, gave these christian and liberal Gifts following.

Mr. J. Haydon his bountiful Charity;

An 100 Gowns which cost 100l. given to an Hundred poor Men, and every Man 12d. in Money beside.

To the Poor, in Gowns:

For the benefit of young Beginners in the World he gave, to his own Company of the Mercers 600l. to be lent to young Men, after the Allowance of 3l. 6s. 8d. in the 100l. And the 20l. Yearly arising by that Money, Yearly to be given to the Poor.

Benefit of young Beginners.

To the same Company also he gave 400l. more, to be likewise lent out, according to the former Rate; and the Benefit ensuing thereby, of 3l. 6s. 8d. Yearly, allowed towards the maintaining of a Lecture at St. Michaels Church by Pater noster-row, called St. Michaels in the Quern.

Love to Religion.

He gave to Christ's Hospital 500l.

He gave to the Eleven chief worshipful Companies, besides his own, the Sum of 1100l. to be lent out (for time) to young Beginners, at 3l. 6s. 8d. in the 100l. and the Benefit of 20l. arising thereby Yearly to go to the Hospitals, and 16l. besides to the Poor Yearly.

Care for young Beginners, and the Poor.

He gave to the City of Exeter 100l.

To several Cities, for the Benefit of young Beginners, and the poor Prisoners.

To the City of Bristol 100l.

To the City of Gloucester 100l.

This Money is intended to be lent to poor young Beginners in Trading, at the Rate of Benefit (by the Money) of 3l. 6s. 8d. in the 100l. and that Benefit should go to the relief of poor Prisoners, and other poor People.

He gave to the Town of Wardbury, in the County of Gloucester, 6l. 13. 4d.

He gave to his Company of the Mercers to make them a Cup 40l.

Remembrance of his Company, and of his Servants.

He gave to his Servants, among them all, 240l.

What remained out of his Moiety as an Overplus he gave to the before remembred Companies, viz. 50l. to each of them, and to the Uses forenamed.

Master Richard Walter, Girdler, 2200l. to the Four Hospitals of London, and 500l. towards Building and maintaining a Free School at Thiryden in Northamptonshire.

Rich. Walter.

William Norton, Stationer, sometime Treasurer of Christ's Hospital, gave the Sum of 6l. 13s. 4d. yearly, to his Company; to be lent to young Men, free of the same Society. And 6l. 13s. 4d. yearly, for ever, he gave also unto Christ's Hospital.

W. Norton his Benevolence.

Thomas Jennings, Fishmonger; To Seven Parishes in London, gave 4l. 13s. 2d. yearly.

T. Jennings his Love to the Poor.

To Christ's Hospital, he gave 40s. yearly.

To the Town of Braughin, in Hertfordshire, where he was born, he gave 6l. 13s. 4d.

Mr. Peter Blundell, Clothier of London; a Man very godly and christianly disposed all his Lifetime; dying in the Year 1599, gave (by his last Will and Testament) these bountiful Gifts following:

Peter Blundell his most liberal Charity;

He gave to Christ's Hospital, in London, 500l.

To Hospitals in and about London:

To St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 250l.

To St. Thomas's Hospital, 250l.

To Bridewell Hospital, yearly, 8l.

To the Church of Tiverton, in which Town he was born, 50l.

Towards mending the Highways there, 100l.

To the Twelve Chief Companies in London, to each of them 150l. toward the Relieving of poor Prisoners, and other charitable Uses; the whole Sum amounting to 1800l.

For the Relief of poor Prisoners.

Towards the Help of poor Maids Marriages in the Town of Tiverton, 400l.

To poor Maids Marriages.

He gave to the City of Exeter, to be lent there to poor Artificers, Nine Hundred Pound.

To help poor Artificers.

He gave toward the Building of a Free Grammar School in Tiverton, 2400l.

To a Free School, and Officers thereof belonging.

More afterward laid out by his Executors, a Thousand Pound.

To the Schoolmaster, yearly, Fifty Pounds.

To the Usher, yearly, 13l. 6s. 8d.

To the Clerk, yearly, 40s.

To place Four Boys Apprentices in Husbandry, yearly, 20l.

For Apprentices.

For the Maintenance of Six Scholars yearly; Three in Oxenford, and the other Three in Cambridge, 2000l.

His Love to Learning and Scholars.

Robert Comin, alias Chilcot, Servant sometime to the said Peter Blundell, imitated the worthy Steps of his Master, so far as Power permitted him Leave; giving as ensueth.

Rob. Chilcot, a worthy Servant to so good a Master.