Orders of Common Council about the Rebuilding. 237

Orders of Common Council about the Rebuilding.

An ORDER made by the Lord Maior, Aldermen, and Common Council of the City of London, of the 29. of April last past, in the ensuing Words, (viz.)


IT is Ordered, that the Surveyors take special care, that the Breast-Summers of all Houses do range of an equal height, House with House, so far as shall be convenient, and there to make Breaks by their Directions.

For Ornament and Convenience.

And that they do encourage and give Directions to all Builders for Ornament sake, that the Ornaments and Projections of the Front-Buildings be of rubbed Bricks; and that all the naked part of the Walls may be done of rough Bricks neatly wrought, or all rubbed, at the Discretion of the Builder or that the Builders may otherwise inrich their Fronts as they please.

That if any Person or Persons shall desire in any Street or Lane of Note to Build on each side of the Street or Lane (opposite one to the other) six or more Houses of the Third Rate, or that the upper Rooms or Garrets may be flat Roofs encompassed with Battlements of Bricks covered with Stone, or Table ends, or Rails, and Bannisters of Iron or Stone, or to vary their Roofs for the greater Ornament of Building; The Surveyors, or one of them, shall certify their Opinions therein to the Committee for Rebuilding, who shall have liberty to give leave for the same, if they see Cause.

That in all the Streets no Sign-posts shall hang cross, but the Signs shall be fixed against the Balconies, or some other convenient Part of the Side of the House.

It is Ordered that a Postern shall be made on the North-side of Newgate for Conveniency of Foot-passengers; and that Holborn-Bridge shall be enlarged to run straight on a bevil Line from the Timber-House on the North-side thereof, known by the Sign of the Cock, to the Front of the Buildings at the Swan Inn on the said Northside of Holborn-hill.

Forasmuch as it is Provided in the late Act for Rebuilding, That the Surveyors shall take care for the equal setting out of all Party-Walls and Peers, and no Person be permitted to build till that be done; therefore, for prevention of any Exaction in the taking of such Surveys, and of all Quarrels and Contentions that may arise between the Builders, It is Ordered, that no Builder shall lay his Foundation, until the Surveyors, or one of them, (according to the Act) shall view it, and see the Party-Walls and Peers equally set out, and that all Persons observe the Surveyors Directions concerning the Superstructure to be erected over the said Foundation.

And that for the defraying that, and all other incident Charges of Measuring, Staking out, taking the Level, and Surveying the Streets and Ground, each Builder, before he lay his Foundation, or such Survey shall be taken, do repair to the Chamber of London, and there enter his Name, with the Place where his Building is to be set out, and to pay to the Chamberlain the Sum of Six Shillings eight Pence for every Foundation to be re- built. For which Mr. Chamberlain shall give Acquittances: upon Receipt of which Acquittances the Surveyors shall proceed to set out such Persons Foundations.

And it is Ordered, That all Persons who have already laid any Foundations, shall forthwith pay into the Chamber of London Six Shilling Eight Pence for every Foundation.

And this Court is consenting, and desirous that all streight and narrow Passages, which shall be found convenient for common Benefit and Accommodation, and shall receive his Majesties Order and Approbation, shall and may be enlarged and made Wider, and otherwise Altered, before the 20th Day of May, now next ensuing, as shall be fitting for the Beauty, Ornament, and Conveniency thereof, and staked and set out accordingly.

Several late Inhabitants of Fleetstreet, intending to Re-build their Houses which did formerly stand backward of other Foundations near adjoyning, and desiring liberty to advance their Houses, that the whole Front may run on a straight Line; the Committee did agree to the same, if the Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of England and the other Lords shall approve thereof, and procure his Majesties Approbation to the same: and the Committee do desire liberty may be given for other Persons in other Places, where it shall be found convenient.

And it is Ordered, That the Committee for Re-building, do present the Particulars aforesaid to the Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of England and the other Lords, and that the same (if they receive his Majesties Approbation) shall be forthwith Printed and Published.

"Which being this day represented to the Board by the Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of England, the same was allowed and approved of; and it was Ordered that the same be punctually observed in every Part thereof. And all Persons concerned are required and commanded to yield due obedience and conform themselves thereunto. And that the said Order be forthwith Printed and Published. "


And for the better preventing and suppressing any Fires for the Time to come, happening within the City of London and Liberties thereof, was this good Act of Common Council made, Anno 1667. Sir William Peake Kt. Maior. and reprinted 1677.

Act of Common Council for Fires.

J. S.

Commune Concilium tent' in Camera Guildhald' Civitatis London, die Veneris, decimo quinto die Novembris, Anno Domini 1667. Annoque Regni Domini nostri CAROLI Secundi, Dei Gratia, Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ Regis, Fidei Defensoris, &c. decimo nono, coram Willielmo Peak Milite, Majore Civitatis London, Thoma Aleyn Milite & Baronetto, Aldermanno, Johanne Laurence, Thoma Bloudworth, Willielmo Bolton, Willelmo Turner, Willielmo Hooker, Militibus, Aldermannis, Francisco Asty Armigero, Aldermanno, ac Dionysio Gauden & Thoma Davies Militibus, Aldermannis, & Vicecomitibus ejusdem Civitat', nec non majore parte Communiariorum de Communi Concilio ejusdem Civitat' tunc & ibidem assemblat'.

WHereas the late fierce and outragious Fire which happened in this City (continuing violently, to the great Astonishment of all Beholders, more than the Space of four Days and four Nights) burnt, destroyed and consumed the greatest Part of the Churches and Dwelling-houses, rendring very many of the Inhabitants calamitous, and much impoverished by the great Losses they sustained, and is by all justly resented as a most sad and dismal Judgment of Heaven; For the Prevention, avoiding and suppressing (as much as human Prudence is capable of) the like deplorable (and still too too visible) Events, and dreadful Danger of Fire for the future within this City, and Liberties thereof, Be it ordained, enacted and established by the Right Honourable the Lord Maior, the Aldermen his Brethren, and the