Churches to be rebuilt. 236

Churches to be rebuilt.

And it is enacted that the Fifty one Parish Churches, to be Re-builded shall be such as hereafter followeth; viz.

St. Alhallows Lumbardstreet,
St. Bartholomew Exchange,
St. Bridgets, alias Brides,
St. Bennet Fink,
St. Michaels Crooked Lane,
St. Christophers,
St. Dionis Back Church,
St. Dunstan's in the East,
St. James Garlike Hithe,
St. Michael Cornhil,
St. Michael Bassishaw,
St. Margaret Lothbury,
St. Mary Aldermanbury,
St. Martin Ludgate,
St. Peter Cornhill,
St. Stephen Coleman Street,
St. Sepulchres.

These Seventeen Parishes shall Remain and Continue as heretofore they were; and the respective Parish Churches to each of the said Parishes belonging, shall be Re-Builded; and continue for the Use of the said Parishes as formerly they did.

And that the several Parishes hereafter mentioned, shall be respectively united into One Parish, in manner hereafter following: That is to say,

The Parish ofShall be United to the Parish of
St. John Evangelist,Alhallows BreadstreetWhich Church is to be Re-builded;
and to be the Parish Church
of the said Parishes so United.
Alhallows the Less,Alhallows the Great,
St. Olaves Silverstreet,St. Albans Woodstreet,
St. John Zachary,St. Anne and Agnes,
St. Faiths,St. Augustines,
St. Anne Black-Fryers,St. Andrew Wardrobe,
St. John Baptist,St. Antholins,
St. Leonard Eastcheap,St. Bennet Grace Church,
St. Peter's Pauls Wharf,St. Bennets Pauls Wharf,
St. Leonard Foster Lane,Christ Church,
St. Nicolas Acons,St. Edmond the King,
St. Buttolph Billingsgate,St. George Buttloph Lane,
St. Magdalen Milkstreet,St. Lawrence Jury,
St. Margaret New Fishstreet,St. Magnus,
St. Martins Vintry,St. Michael Royal,
St. Peters Cheap,St. Matthew Friday Street,
St. Gabriel Fenchurch,St. Margaret Pattens,
St. Andrew Hubbard,St. Mary Atthil,
St. Mary Wool-Church,St. Mary Woolnoth,
St. Martins Orgars,St. Clements Eastcheap,
St. Lawrence Poultney,St. Mary Abb-Church,
St. Thomas Apostles,St. Mary Aldermary,
St. Pancras Soper Lane,
St. Alhallows Honey Lane,
St. Mary le Bow,
St. Mary Cole Church,St. Mildreds Poultrey,
St. Mary Staining,St. Michael Woodstreet,
St. Margaret Moses,St. Mildred Breadstreet,
Trinity,St. Michael Queen Hith,
St. Gregories,St. Ma. Magdalen Old Fishstreet,
St. Mary Mounthaw,St. Mary Somerset,
St. Nicholas Olaves,St. Nicholas Cole Abby,
St. Martins Pomroy,
alias Ironmonger-lane,
St. Olaves Jury,
St. Bennet Sher-hogg,St. Stephen Walbrook,
St. Mary Bothaw,St. Swythin,
St. Michael Quern,St. Vedast, alias St. Foster,

And it is hereby further Enacted and Declared, that the said respective Churches, to be Re-builded within the said City of London and Liberty thereof, shall be Built and Erected according to such Models, and of such Dimensions, and in such Manner and Form in all respects, as by the said Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Bishop of London, and Lord Maior of London for the Time being (with his Majesties Approbation thereof) shall direct and appoint.

And the said respective Parishes herein before mentioned and appointed to be United as aforesaid, shall for ever hereafter remain and continue so United, and Consolidated and Annexed unto the several and respective Parish Churches, by this Act appointed to be Rebuilded as aforesaid: And the respective Parishioners and the Inhabitants of the said several Parishes so to be United, shall hereafter resort to the said Churches respectively, as to their proper Parish Church.

And it is hereby Enacted, That notwithstanding such Union as aforesaid, each and every of the Parishes so United, as to all Rates, Taxes, Parochial Rights, Charges and Duties, and all other Privileges, Liberties and Respects whatsoever, shall continue and remain distinct, and as heretofore they were.]

There was further, for the Conveniency and Beauty of the Buildings of the City, an Order of Common Council made April 29. 1667. Which was laid before the King and Council and by them approved. And is as followeth.

Acts of Common Council.

J. S.

      At the Court at Whitehall the Eighth of May 1667. Present, The King's most Excellent Majesty,
His Royal Highness the Duke of YORK,
Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury,
Lord Chancellor,
Lord Privy-Seal,
Duke of Albemarle,
Marquess of Dorchester,
Lord Chamberlain,
Earl of Bridgwater,
Earl of Berkshire,
Earl of Bathe,
Earl of Carlisle,
Earl of Craven,
Earl of Lauderdale,
Earl of Middleton,
Lord Arlington,
Lord Ashley,
Mr. Comptroller,
Mr. Secretary Morice,
Mr. Chancellor of the Dutchy,
Sir William Coventry.