Rules and Directions for the Building. 235

Rules and Directions for the Building.
For the Roofs.

Principal Raf-
ters, from
15to18at Foot 9
Top 7
7 Thick.
1821at Foot 10
Top 8
8 Thick.
2124at Foot 12
Top 9
8 ½ Thick.
2426at Foot 13
Top 9
9 Thick.

are to be

Single Rafters,
not exceeding
in Length,
must be
9 Foot5and4
6 Foot43 ½

Scantlings for Sawed Timber and Laths, usually brought out of the West-Countrey; not less than

Single Quarters8 Foot long,
must be
3 ½and1 ½
Double Quarters43 ½
Sawed Joysts of64

Laths in
must be
5 Foot1 ¼ Inches
4 Foot 0 1qu. and ½q.

Where Stone is used in the Building; these Scantlings are to be observed.

I. For the First sort of Houses.

Corner Peeres, 18 Inches Square,
Middle, or Single Peers, 14 Inches, and 12 Inches.
Double Peers, between House and House 14 Inches and 18 Inches.
Door-Jaums and Heads, 12 Inches and 8 Inches.

II. For the Second and Third sorts of Houses,

Corner Peers, 2 Foot 6 Inches Square.
Middle, or Single Peers, 18 Inches Square.
Double Peers, between House and House 2 Foot and 18 Inches.
Door-Jaums and Heads, 14 Inches and 10 Inches.

Scantlings for Sewers.

Sewers, 3 Foot Wide, and 5 Foot High;
The Walls 1 Brick and half thick.
The Arch, 1 Brick on End.
The Bottom Paved plain, and then 1 Brick an edge Circular.

Other general Rules, necessary to be observed in Building.


IN every Foundation, within the Ground, add one Brick in Thickness to the Thickness of the Wall mentioned in the Table, next above the Foundation, to be set off in three Courses equally on both sides.

That no Timber be laid within 12 Inches of the foreside of the Chimney Jambs. And that all Joysts on the Back of any Chimney, be laid with a Trimmer, at Six Inches distance from the Back of the Chimney.

That no Timber be laid within the Tunnel of any Chimney, upon penalty to the Workman for every default Ten Shillings, and Ten Shillings every Week it continues unreformed.

That no Joysts or Rafters be laid at greater distances from one to the other, than Twelve Inches, and no Quarters at greater distance than Fourteen Inches.

That no Joysts bear at longer Length than Ten Foot; and no single Rafters, at more in Length then Nine Foot.

That all Roofs, Window-Frames, and Cellar Doors be made of Oak.

The Tile Pins of Oak.

No Summers or Girders, to lie over the Head of Doors and Windows.

No Summer or Girder, to lie less than Ten Inches into the Wall; no Joysts than Eight Inches; And to be laid in Loam.

But here the Reader may take Notice, that although the Fronts of the Houses which are next the Street, and lie open thereunto (the most of which are Shop-keepers and Tradesmen) yet the Principal Buildings within this City, and such are the Halls of Companies, great Merchants Houses, Eminent Taverns, &c. are built backwards, and have as good Fronts as those on the Street Side, many of them having fair Court Yards before them, and pleasant Gardens behind them, with fair spacious Rooms and Galleries in them, little inferior to some Prince Palaces. And these lie for the most part backwards, and cannot be taken notice of by Strangers. But as Hercules Body may be judged by his Foot, the Reader Stranger may view the Front of the Hall of one of the Companies of London, namely the Mercers: which stands in Cheapside, the Entrance thereof only; the Hall, Chapel, &c. being all backwards.

Of the Four Score and Seven Parochial Churches, Demolished or consumed by the Fire, (besides the Cathedral Church of St. Paul. Of the Re-building the Cathedral, and One and Fifty of the other; And of the Uniting of Two or more of the remaining Thirty Six Parishes into the One and Fifty, whose Churches are Re-builded.


ANNO Vicesimosecundo, Caroli II. Regis. It is hereby enacted, that the Parish Churches to be Re-builded within the City of London, in lieu of those which were demolished by the late Fire, shall be in Number Fifty One: The which shall be set out and appointed by, and with the Advice and Consent of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Bishop of London for the Time being: Provided that the Sites and Materials of such Churches as are not intended to be Rebuilt, together with the Churchyards belonging to the said Churches, shall be, and are hereby vested in the Lord Maior and Aldermen of the City of London, for the Time being; to the end, so much of the said Ground, as shall not, upon the Re-building of the City, be laid into the Streets, be sold and disposed of by the said Lord Maior and Aldermen for the Time being, with the Consent of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Bishop of London; and the Money raised by such Sale, shall by the said Maior and Aldermen, be disposed of, and employed for, and towards the Re-building of such Parish Churches, as by this Act are intended to be Re-built; and for no other Use whatsoever.

Churches rebuilded, 51.