Rules and Directions for the Building. 234

Rules and Directions for the Building.

and thence upwards to the Garrets, of the Thickness of one Brick and half. - The Scantlings for Timber and Stone, to be as in the Table following is expressed.

8. That all Houses of the Fourth Sort of Building, being Mansion Houses, and of the greatest Bigness, not fronting any of the Streets or Lanes aforesaid, shall bear the same Scantlings of Timbers, as in the following Table are set down for the same; And that the Number of Stories, and the Heights of them be left to the discretion of the Workman or Builder, so as he exceed not Four Stories.

9. And for the greater Grace and Uniformity of the Buildings in the high and principal Streets, it is Enacted, That all Houses hereafter to be Erected in any of them shall have Balconies Four Foot broad with Rails and Bars of Iron, equally distant from the Ground. Every of which Balconies shall contain in length two Parts of the Front of the House on which it shall be placed, in three Parts to be divided; and the remaining Vacancy of the Front shall be supplyed with a Pent-House of the Breadth of the Balcony, to be covered with Lead, Slate, or Tile, and to be Cieled with Plaistering underneath. And that the Water-falling, as well from the Tops of the said Houses, as from the said Balconies and Pent-Houses, be conveyed into the Channels, by Party Pipes on the Sides or Fronts of the said Houses: And that Pavements under every of the said Balconies and Penthouses, be made of good and sufficient broad flat Stone, at the Charge of the Builder.

10. That no Builder of any of the Houses, fronting any of the high Streets, Streets or Lanes of Note, be permitted to lay his first Floor over the Cellar, more than 13 Inches above the said Street, or less than Six, with one circular Step to lead up thereunto, to be placed without the Building. And that no Trap Doors, or open Grates, be in any wise suffered to be made into any such Cellar or Warehouse, without the Foundations of the Front; but that all Lights to be made into any of them be henceforth made upright, and not otherwise. And that no Bulks, Jetties, Windows, Posts, Seats, or any Thing of like Sort, shall be made or erected, in any Streets, Lanes, or By-Lanes, to extend beyond the ancient Foundation of Houses. Nor that any House be set farther into the Street than the ancient Foundation; saving only, that in the high and principal Streets, it shall be lawful for the Inhabitants, to suffer their Stall Boards (when their Shop Windows are set open) to turn over and extend Eleven Inches, and no more from the Foundation of their Houses into the Streets, for the better conveniency of their Shop Windows.

A Table of the Heights of Stories, and Thickness of Walls, in all the three Sorts of Buildings, within the City and Liberties of London to be observed.


I. For the first and least sort of Houses, fronting By-Streets and Lanes,

The Heighth of theshall be
Cellar6 Foot 6 Inch.
First Story9 Foot.
Second Story9 Foot.

And the Thickness of the Walls of the

In the Front Reerbetween House & Ho.
Cellar2 Bricks,1 Br. ½.
First Story1 Br. ½.1 Br. ½.
Second Story1 Br. ½.1 Br. ½.
Garret1 Br.1 Br.

II. For the Second Sort of Houses, fronting Streets and Lanes of Note, and the River of Thames.

The Heighth of theshall be
Cellar6 Foot 6 Inch.
First Story10 Foot.
Second Story10 Foot.
Third Story9 Foot

And the Thickness of the Walls of the

In the Front and RearBetween House & House
Cellar2 Br. ½.2 Br.
First Story2 Br.1 Br. ½.
2d. Story2 Br.1 Br. ½.
3d. Story1 Br. ½.1 Br. ½.
Garret1 Br.1 Brick.

III. For the Third Sort of Houses, fronting high Streets, Lanes, and Places of Note.

The Height of theshall be
First Story10 Foot
Second Story10 Foot 6 Inch.
Third Story9 Foot.
Fourth Story3 Foot 6 Inch.

And the Thickness of the Walls of the

In the Front and RearBetween House and House
1st Story2 Bricks ½.2 Br
2d Story1 Br. ½.1 ½.
3d Story1 Br. ½.1 ½.
4th Story1 Br. ½.1 ½.
Garret1 Br.1 Br.

Scantlings of Timbers for the first Sort of Houses.

"For the Floors"

under 15 Foot longInch. Inch.
Summers12 and8.
Wall Plates75.

For the Roof

Principal Rafters
under 15 Foot
at Foot 8
at Top 5
6 In-
Single Rafters,4 Inch.3 Inch.

Joists to 10 Foot long, 3 and 7 Inches:
Or for Garret Floors, 3 and 6 Inch.

Scantlings of Timbers, for the other two Sorts of Houses.

For the Floors,

or Gird.
bear in
Len. from
to be
And Joist
bear. 10 F
Feet.Br. Deep.
10to 1511 83 6
151813 93 7
182114 103 7
212416 123 8
242617 143 8

Principal Discharges upon Peers, in the first Stories, in the Fronts,


Binding Joyst with their Trimming Joyst, 5 Inches thick, and equal to their own Floors.

Wall Plates, or Raising Pieces, and Beams.


Lintels of Oak, in the

1st and 2d8and 6