Rebuilding of the City. 232

Rebuilding of the City.

4. And be it further enacted, That all and every Sum and Sums of Money, which shall be raised upon the Receipt of the several Impositions aforesaid, shall be employed and disposed in Manner and Form following. That is to say, Three Fourth Parts of all the Monies, which from and after the First Day of May, 1670, and before the 24th Day of June, 1677, shall be raised, or payable, upon the Receipt of the aforesaid Imposition of Two Shillings for every Chaldron or Tun of Coals; shall be employed and disposed of, for and towards the Rebuilding, Erecting or Repairing of the Parish Churches, according to such Order and Direction, as by the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Bishop and Lord Maior of London, or any Two of them, shall be given in that behalf. And the same shall from Time to Time be issued out, and paid accordingly. And the other Fourth Part, Residue thereof, shall be employed for and towards the giving Satisfaction for Grounds, set out and employed for the enlarging of Streets, making of Wharfs, Keys, Publick Market Places, and other Publick Uses, in this and the aforesaid Act mentioned and appointed. - And that one Moiety of all the Monies, which from and after the said 24th Day of June, 1677, shall be raised, or payable upon the aforesaid Imposition of Three Shillings the Chaldron or Tun, shall be employed and disposed, for and towards the Rebuiling, Erecting and Repairing of the Parish Churches; by such Order and Direction, and to be issued and paid by such Warrant of the said Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Bishop and Lord Maior of London, for the Time being. And the other Moiety thereof shall be employed and disposed, for the giving of Satisfaction for Ground, set out and employed as aforesaid; and such other Publick Uses and Purposes, as in this and the aforesaid Acts are mentioned and appointed.

5. And be it enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Bishop of London, and Lord Maior of London, or any Two of them, as aforesaid, to employ or dispose, for and towards the Building and Repairing the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, One Fourth Part of the Money by this Act given and appointed, for the Building, Erecting, or Repairing the Parish Churches aforesaid.

For the avoiding of Suits of Law, and other Differences that might arise between Landlords and Tenants, &c. after this General Calamity by the Fire.


FOR the avoiding of such Inconveniences, which would of Necessity arise concerning the Repairing and new Building of Houses, and Payment of Rents; which, if they should not be determined with all Speed, and without Charge, would much obstruct the Rebuilding of the said City: Wherefore, the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons in Parliament assembled, made an Act for the Reconciling of such Differences, entitled,

An Act for Erecting a Judicature, for the Determination of Differences, touching Houses burned or demolished, by reason of the late Fire which happened in London.

" Wherein it was enacted; "

1. That the Justices of the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, and the Barons of the Coif of the Exchequer, or any Three or more of them, are authorised to hear and determine all Differences and Demands whatsover, which have or may arise between Landlords, Proprietors, Tenants, Lessees, Under-Tenants, or late Occupiers of any of the Buildings, or other Things by the said Fire demolished.

2. For or concerning the Payment, Defalcation, Apportioning, or Abatement of any Rent or Rents, other than Arrears of Rent only due before the first Day of September, 1666; or for or touching any Covenant, Condition or Penalty relating thereunto; or for, touching or concerning the Prefixing or Limiting of any Time for such Repairs or new Building; or any Rate or Contribution to be born, or paid thereunto by any Person or Persons, Bodies Politick or Corporate interessed in the Premises, and all Incidents relating thereunto.

3. That they, without the Formalities of Proceedings in Courts of Law or Equity, shall and may, upon the Verdict or Inquisition of Jurors, Testimony of Witnesses upon Oath, Examination of Persons interessed, or by all or any of the said Ways, or otherwise according to their Discretions, proceed to the Hearing and Determining of the Demands or Differences between the said Parties concerning the Premises. And that the Definitive Order of the said Justices and Barons shall be final; from which there shall be no Appeal, or Review. Nor shall any Writ or Error, or Certiorari, lie for the Removal, or Reversal of the same.

4. The said Justices and Barons are hereby empowered, where they shall think it convenient, to order the Surrendring, Increasing, Abridging, Ceasing, Determining, or Charging of any Estates in the Premises; or to order new or longer Leases or Estates, not exceeding Forty Years, to be made of any of the Premises, by the Proprietors or Owners thereof, or other Persons interessed therein, to any Tenant or Sub-Tenant, or late Occupiers of the same; their Heirs, or Assigns; at such Rents and Fines, or without any Rent or Fine, as they shall think fit.

5. That all Orders made as aforesaid, according to the Tenors thereof, shall be obeyed by all Persons concerned therein respectively; and shall conclude and bind them, their Heirs, Successors, Executors, Administrators and Assigns, respectively.

6. That upon the Complaint or Request of any Person or Persons concerned, in any of the said Houses or Buildings, and other the Premisses, shall issue out Notes or Warrants under their Hands, warning the Party or Parties therein named to appear before them at such Time and Place, as in such Note or Notes shall be specified; and upon Appearance, or Default of Appearance, the said Justices and Barons may proceed to make such finite and definite Orders as aforesaid.

7. That for the Matters, and according to the Powers herein before mentioned, shall be, and shall be taken to be a Court of Records: And that the Judgments, and Determinations that shall be made between Party and Party, by Authority of this Act, shall be recorded in a Book provided for that Purpose; which Book, so Recorded and Signed, shall be placed and intrusted in the Custody of the Lord Maior and Aldermen of the City of London for the time being, to be kept