Ironmongers Hospital. 225

Ironmongers Hospital.

Fellows, upon Forfeiture of a Months Pay for the first Offence, and Expulsion for the second.

XII. That none but such as are of good Life and Conversation, certified by Certificates, signed by known and reputable Persons, no common Swearers, known Adulterers or Fornicator's; no Thief, common Drunkards, Scolds, or unquiet Person or Persons, shall be elected or continued in the said Almshouse.

XIII. That if any of the said Alms People shall lye out of the same by Night, without License of the Master or one of the Wardens, or some lawful Excuse to be approved of by them, for the first Offence shall forfeit out of their Pay Four Pence, for the second Offence double, or repeating the same Offence above three times in one Year, to be expelled.

XIV. That none of the said Alms People shall Harbour or Lodge any Stranger, young Child, or Children, in his or her Chamber, nor take any Woman to attend him or her, but in time of Sickness only, and no other but his or her Sister, Daughter, or some near Relation, or some Woman of good Conversation, not under Fifty Years of Age; on pain to lose or forfeit for every Night any Person be Harboured or Lodged contrary to this Order Five Shillings, to be stopped out of their Pension.

XV. That none of the Poor of the said Almshouse shall make any Alteration in their Room, under colour to amend their Lodging, or on any Pretence whatsoever, without Direction of the Master or Wardens; upon pain of Expulsion.

XVI. That none of the Alms People shall spoil or break down any Walls or Fences or Trees planted, or to be planted; upon Penalty to forfeit Twelve Pence, besides to make good the same at their own Charge.

XVII. That none of the said Alms People shall cast or lay any Rubbish, Dust or any noisome Thing whatsoever, within any Part of the said Alms House, or any Ditch adjoining thereto, or any the Walks or Passages thereof, to the Annoyance of any of their Fellows: but shall keep their Rooms and the Walks, Ways and Passages before their Doors sweet and clean; or for every Offence herein to forfeit Four Pence.

XVIII. That none of the Alms People shall sell or vend any Strong Beer, Ale, Brandy, Spirits, or other Liquors, either publickly or privately; upon pain of Expulsion.

XIX. That none of the said Alms People shall teach School, or exercise any Trade, or Occupation that may be prejudicial or dangerous to the Building, or any Annoyance or Disturbance to their Fellows, or that shall require the Assistance of any other Person; on Forfeit of Twelve Pence per Week, so long as they transgress.

XX. That all Persons belonging to the said Alms House shall return and come to their said several Lodgings (except licensed by the Master or one of the Wardens to be absent for some short time) between the first Day of October to the first Day of March Yearly, at or before the Hour of Seven of the Clock in the Evening of those Days. And between the first Day of March, and the first Day of October Yearly, at or before the Hour of Nine of the Clock, upon forfeit of 4d. for the first Offence, for the Second 8d. for the Third 12. and for the Fourth to be expelled.

XXI. That once every Quarter, all the Offences that are punishable by Forfeitures, shall be heard and decided and fined by the Master, or one of the Wardens of the Company of Ironmongers, assisted by any Three or more of the Livery, in hearing of as many of the Alms People, as can be got together, for Example sake.

XXII. That all the Offences aforesaid that are punishable by Expulsion, shall be heard and judged by the Master, Wardens, and Livery in a General Court assembled at their Hall. And whosoever by the Majority of the said Court, shall be ordered to be expelled, shall never after be capable to be chose again, or to be admitted into the said Alms House: but a Padlock shall be put upon their Door, and their Goods delivered to them, or placed in the Cellar under the great Room, till they fetch them away. And any of the said Alms People that shall lodge them afterwards in their Chamber, shall forfeit Twelve Pence for every Night they shall entertain them.

XXIII. That if any of the said Alms People die, their Gowns shall be for the Benefit of such Person as shall be chose in their Room; upon penalty of losing what Pension shall be due at the time of their Decease.

XXIV. That if any of the said Alms People die, the Charge of their Burial shall be defrayed by their Friends and Relations before they move their Goods.

XXV. That none of the Alms People shall refuse to be Aiding and Assisiting to one another; and in case of Sickness, 'tis expected they shall by Turns attend, assist, and be helpful to each other: and live in Peace and Unity one with the other; and which of them shall refuse their good Offices to each other in their Sickness, shall upon good Proof be expelled the House.

XXVI. That a proper Person shall be appointed by the said Company at a Court, to keep the Key of the Gates from Time to Time at their Pleasure. Who shall be required to give a just and impartial Account of all Offences committed against any the Orders herein contained.

XXVII. That the Forfeitures be divided into three Parts; one to the Informer, the other two Parts to be put into a common Box, and be divided every Christmas amongst the Poor of the said Alms House, at the Discretion of the Master and Wardens, or any two of them.

XXVIII. That these Orders being fairly Printed, shall be hung up in the great Room, and read publickly there in the presence of the Alms People, twice in the Year yearly; viz. on or near the 25th of March, and 29th of September; and that another Copy be kept by the Clerk of the Ironmongers Company to have resort to upon Occasion.

XXIX. That such further Orders as the Company shall make, shall be binding.

These are the Chief Colleges and Hospitals in or near the City. Yet there be divers others of less Note in London and Westminster, or in the Confines, which will be taken notice of in their due Places.