MORDEN College. Ironmongers Hospital. 224

MORDEN College. Ironmongers Hospital.

by the Butler to the Steward, or Receiver of the said College, of the Commons of all absent Members, with or without Leave; and also of all the forfeited Commons, within that Month then last past. And that the Steward, or Receiver, do keep a distinct Account thereof, entred into his Book; and take care that the same be employed and disposed of, for and towards the Maintenance and Improvement of the Garden of the said College.

XVI. Ordered, That the Chaplain do take notice of, and endeavour to regulate and prevent all Misunderstandings and Disorders, within the said College, by visiting the Hall and Chambers of the Gentlemen, and others of the said College, as oft as Occasion shall require.

XVII. Ordered, That all the Members of the said College do observe, and strictly keep and obey all these Orders, and all such other Orders as from time to time shall be made by the Founder, Foundress, or Visitors, or the major Part of them, for the time being, for the well governing, ordering, and Management of the said College.



THE last Hospital of a large and nobler Charity, extending to the Relief and Comfort of a great Number of Aged poor People, is that of Sir Robert Jeffreys, Knt. late Alderman, and sometime Lord Maior of the City, of the Company of Ironmongers, deceased. Who left by his last Will and Testament, Dated 10 of Febr. 1703. a great Sum of Money (among several other Demises to charitable Uses) to the Trust and Care of the said Company, for the supporting and maintaining of as many Poor, as the said Money, invested in Freehold Estate, either of Lands or Houses, would amount to; allowing to each a certain Sum Annually, as is mentioned in the said Will. And accordingly, they, the Master, Wardens, and Livery of the said Company of Ironmongers of London, have now of late, out of the Produce and Profits of the said Money, erected and finished, a commodious, decent Building, near Shoreditch, for the Habitation and Residence of the said poor People, both Men and Women, which as they say cost 12000l. or upwards. There are admitted already 44 Persons; but the Hospital capable of receiving many more, to the Number of Each have a Gown, and are paid Quarterly 30s. And, besides their Rooms they have a Cellar. There is also a Chapel for the Resort of the poor People to daily Prayers, and a Chaplain, who hath an Annual Salary, and Chambers allowed him.

Sir Robert Jeffrey's Hospital.

And for the better Government of these that are, or shall be admitted to dwell in the said Almshouse, and enjoy the Benefits thereof, it was Ordered and Appointed, at a General Court, held by the said Company at their Hall, Nov. 17. 1715. that certain Rules and Orders to be put in Print, should be strictly observed by the said Almsfolks; and divers Penalties annexed for Breach or Neglect of them, (even to Expulsion in some Cases) comprized in xxix Articles. Which being so well contrived for the maintaining of Sobriety, Peace, good Order, mutual Help and Society, Religion and Vertue among them, may deserve to be here set down for good Example sake, and for the Direction of any other well disposed Persons, that are or shall be minded, to lay out their Christian Devotion and Charity that Way.

Rules and Orders for this Hospital.

Imprimis. It is Ordered. That upon the Death of any Person, that is, or shall be chose into the said Almshouse, to partake of the said Charity, there shall at the next Quarterly Court, or at furthest, at the second Quarterly Court, after the Death of the said Person, be another Person chose in the Room of the said Person so deceased.

II. That any Relation of the said Benefator, that is a proper Object, shall be preferred to any other Petitioner. And in defect of any such Relation petitioning, It is Ordered, That any Member, or their Widow, that have been Liverymen or Freemen of the Company of Ironmongers, who is a proper Object, shall be preferred to any other Petitioner. But in Defect of any such Petitioning, the greatest Object that shall Petition, shall be chose without Favour or Affection.

III. That such Person be chose in, for his or her Life; he or she obeying and fulfilling all the following Orders; but be liable to be expelled, upon being guilty of such Crimes as are hereafter mentioned to be punished with Expulsion.

IV. That it be a general Rule to be observed, that no Person shall be chose under Fifty six Years of Age (not to be dispensed with) unless upon some extraordinary Occasion.

V. That no Person chose shall have the Use and Benefit of more than one Room and Partition in the Cellar, which shall be assign'd them by either of the Wardens.

VI. That if any Person chose be a Married Man, it may be lawful for his Wife to cohabit with him, she observing and obeying all these Orders. But upon the Husband's Decease, his Widow is to relinquish the Almshouse, unless being qualified by her Age she shall be elected herself.

VII. The Honour and Service of Almighty God being above all Things to be respected, it is Ordered, That all abiding in the said Almshouse, Men and Women, being in Health, and well able to walk, shall every Lord's Day, and Days of Publick Fast or Thanksgivings in the Year, go either to their Parish Church, or some other Place where Service to Almighty God is performed: And abide there to hear, attend and perform Divine Worship: And for neglect thereof, shall forfeit Four Pence for every offence, to be deducted out of the next Payment of their Pensions.

VIII. That if any of the said Alms People shall use any Blasphemous Words, tending to the Dishonour of Almighty God, he or she for the first Offence shall forfeit Six Pence, for the second Twelve Pence; and for the third Offence shall be expelled the Almshouse for ever.

IX. That if any of the said Alms People shall commit Adultery, Fornication, or such like Uncleanness; or shall steal within the House or without; or shall usually beg in any Place without the House; or shall commonly frequent any House or Houses suspected of Lewdness; or admit or receive commonly to his or her Room, such Person or Persons, which are or have been infamous for lewd Lives; he or she so offending, and being duly proved, shall be expelled the Almshouse for ever.

X. That if any of the said Alms People shall at any Time or Times, either within the House or without, be drunk, he or she so offending (besides the Penalty of the Law in this Behalf provided) shall for the first Offence forfeit Four Pence, for the second Eight Pence, for the third Sixteen Pence, and for the Fourth shall be expelled the House for ever.

XI. That none of the poor Alms People shall give any railing, bitter, or uncharitable Speeches, or give any Stripe or Blows to any of their