MORDEN College. The Founder's Will. 220

MORDEN College. The Founder's Will.

Sir Charles Cooke, Kt.
Mr. Papillon.
Mr. Hanger.
Mr. Morse.
Mr. Chiswell.

And now, lastly, to confirm what is related before, and to give a more particular and distinct Knowledge of this Foundation; here follows an Authentick Abstract of the Founder's last Will, as far as it relates thereunto: Which was kindly communicated to me by Mr. Thomas Brand, Brother to the Lady Morden, and Father of the present Treasurer; Viz.

Mr. Nathaniel Brand, Principal of Thavies Inn,
Nephew to the Lady Morden.

An Abstract of the last Will and Testament of Sir John Morden, Baronet; who departed this Life the 6th Day of September, Anno Dom. 1708. So much thereof as concerns the Liberal Gifts he left to Charitable Uses, and particularly to his College in Blackheath.


FIrst, To be interred in his Chapel, in his College; at the Discretion of Dame Susan his Wife, and his Trustees, without Pomp or Singing Boys; but decently.

Gives and devises unto his said Wife, Dame Susan Morden, 600l. per Annum, clear of all Charges, Repairs, Parliament Taxes, and all other Taxes, Deductions and Abatements whatsoever, during her natural Life; to be retained by her, or paid to her by his Trustees, out of all his Real, Copyhold, or Personal Estate whatsoever; Quarterly; at Christmas, Lady-Day, Midsummer, and Michaelmas. The first Payment to begin and be retained, or paid to her at such of the said Feasts, or Days of Payment, which shall first happen after his Decease. And for the true Payment thereof, Doth charge all his Estate, Real, Copyhold and Personal, during her natural Life; to be taken in Lieu and Discharge of all Contracts of Marriage, Thirds, Claims and Demands whatsoever: Except what is hereby further devised to her.

Item, Gives and bequeaths unto her for Life, his Mansion House called Wrickles Marsh; with all the Orchards, Gardens, Vineyards, Fishponds, Yards, Stables, Barns, Outhouses, and the Avenue or Close leading to the same, from the Road, and the Close adjoining, wherein the Horsepond is: And the Close and Walk, called Mount Eccho Walk, and all Appurtenances; Together with so many Acres of Land, Meadow and Pasture, next adjoining to the said House, as will amount to the yearly Value of 100l. at the least: To be set out and allotted to her by Sir Edmund Harrison, Daniel Morse, and Pelatiah Barnardiston, or the Survivors or Survivor of them, according to their Discretions.

Item, Gives and bequeaths to his Wife 100l. for Mourning.

Item, Gives and bequeaths to her his best Coach and Chariot, and Four of his best Horses, and the Furniture thereof: And all his Cows and Dairy. And also one Moiety, or Half Part (the same into Two equal Parts to be divided) of all his Household-stuff, Furniture, Utensils, Plate, Jewels, China Ware, Cabinets, Linnen, Woollen, Hangings, Bedding, Pewter, Copper and Brass, and all other his Ornaments and Houshold-stuff whatsoever; as well in the Country as in London: To dispose of at her Will and Pleasure. And also gives unto her, during Life, the Use and Wearing of the other Moiety of the said Houshold-stuff, &c. And his Will is, That an Inventory and Valuation of all the said Household Goods, Plate, Jewels, be made and delivered to the said Trustees, Sir Edmund Harrison, Daniel Morse, and Pelatiah Barnardiston; some, or one of them; To preserve the same for the Uses hereafter mentioned.

And then, after divers Legacies to his Relations and other Persons, and to the Poor of St. Martin Outwich, and of the Parish of Charlton; He gives to Christ's Church Hospital 200l. formerly lent; and discharges them thereof. To St. Thomas's Hospital 100l. Which he subscribed and paid; and discharges the same. Gives 200l. to be laid out by his Executrix, to discharge Prisoners out of the King's Bench Prison, Marshalsea, Fleet and Ludgate, and both the Counters: Not paying above 3l. to any one. And also 100l. to be distributed to Blind Persons. To such as were born blind, 40s. apiece; and to other blind Persons, 20s. apiece, &c. To Sir Edmund Harrison, Daniel Morse, and Pelatiah Barnardiston, 20 Guineas apiece for Mourning. [These were Trustees for his College.]

Makes his Wife, Dame Susan Morden, Sole Executrix.

Gives and devises unto Sir Edmund Harrison, Daniel Morse, and Pelatiah Barnardiston, and the Survivor of them, his Heirs and Assigns for ever, All his Real and Copyhold Estate, of which he was or should be seized, during his Life, and not before otherwise disposed of, subject to the Payment of the said Annuity of 600l. per Annum to his Wife for Life. To hold the same unto the said Sir Edmund Harrison, Daniel Morse, and Pelatiah Barnardiston, their Heirs and Assigns; In Trust for the Uses following: Viz.

Wills and Orders, That there be placed in his College in Charlton, as many poor, honest, sober and discreet Merchants, as the clear yearly Rent and Revenue of his said Real or Copyhold Estate of Inheritance will maintain, according to the Allotments and Proviso's following. Which Merchants he directs to be of the Age of Fifty Years apiece at least, and have lost their Estates by Accidents, Dangers and Perils of the Seas, or by any other Accidents, Ways and Means, in their honest Endeavours to get their Living by Merchandizing.

Gives and allows each [such] Merchant a Pension of 20l. a Year; to be paid and laid out in manner after appointed.

Wills, That out of the said Pensions of 20l. apiece, a constant Table and Commons be kept in the Hall of the College, for the Sustenance of the poor Merchants, to Dine and Sup together, such as are able to come out of their Chambers, every Day in the Year. And for such as are not able to come out of their Chambers, such Provision shall be made and sent to them, as is necessary for them in their Conditions.

Wills, That the said Merchants shall always in the said College wear Gowns, all alike. And that out of their said 20l. per Annum apiece, shall yearly be allowed 40s. apiece to buy their new