Deptford Hospital. MORDEN College. 219

Deptford Hospital. MORDEN College.
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Morden Colledge
  Morden Colledge ]

- 18 Par. Treasurer of the Hospital to repay out of the Revenues of the Hospital, Monies to Captors, not exceeding the 6000l. and 1200l. before mentioned.

- 19 Par. All Moneys due to Captors, in the Hands of the Receivers, during the Reign of King William, to be paid to the Hospital, and the Captors debarred of any Right.

- 20 Par. Seamen Wounded or Maimed on Board of Merchants Ships may be admitted.

- 21 Par. Merchants Ships riding at Queen's Moorings to forfeit 10l. a Tyde, half to the Hospital.



TO this Royal Foundation for Seamen, I must subjoin another hard by at Deptford, belonging to the Corporation of the Trinity House: by whom it was founded. It is a long Course of Building, consisting of three Sides, Grass-plats in the middle. The lower Part being built in the Year 1671, and 1680. In these Alms Houses 59 decayed Masters of Ships and Pilots, or the Widows of such, are by the said Corporation maintained.

Hospital at Deptford.

But a little distant from these Hospitals at Greenwich and Deptford, is one other late worthy Foundation; appropriated to another Rank of elderly decayed Persons; whose Employments also are highly necessary to this Kingdom's Wealth and Strength, namely, Merchants. And this called,

Morden College for decayed Merchants.



SO named from the right generous and Christian Founder, Sir John Morden of Wricklesmarsh in the Parish of Charleton in the County of Kent, Bar. a Citizen born, and a Turkey Merchant. Who brought home with him from Aleppo a very fair Estate. Divers Years before his Death he erected a very fair and spacious Structure, in Form of a College, at his sole Charge, in a Field, called Great Stone Field, near Blackheath, not far from his own Habitation; and called it Morden College: for reception and harbour of poor, decayed, honest Merchants; taking Pattern by the College at Bromley not far off, founded by a Bishop of Rochester, for Ministers poor Widows: which he went to see to make his Observation of, for his own better Direction, when he had this Religious Purpose in his Mind towards such reduced Gentlemen. For whose Relief, of all the charitable Foundations, in and about London, for distressed People of all Sorts, there had been none erected hitherto.

The Founder Sir John Morden, Bar.

J. S.

He endowed it most amply and liberally with his whole Real, Copyhold and Personal Estate, after his Lady's Decease: which may amount to about 1300l. per Ann. And in his Lifetime placed twelve such poor Merchants there. By Death, or Expulsion, now reduced to Four or less (the Number not filled up with other decayed Merchants) by reason of very great Losses before and since the Founder's Death, to the impairing of the said Estate; the Lady Morden being forced to retrench the Expences of the House, on account of her own Share alloted her by the last Will of Sir John for her Life.

The Endowment.

He appointed by his said Will my Lady Morden, his Executrix, and three others of good Rank, and Integrity, all Turkey Merchants, to be both Trustees of his Estate so settled, and likewise Visitors of his College Yearly or oftner, as they should see Need or Occasion. And due Provisions to be made for them there, when they should come to visit. And they to have the sole Management of the Affairs thereof. These first Trustees upon the decease of any of them, to chuse and nominate others, to the Number of Seven; all to be Turkey Merchants; the Survivors of them, to chuse others of the same Company from Time to Time, to fill up the said Number upon the Deaths of any of the Former. Or if at any Time hereafter, there should chance to be a Failure in the Turkey Company; then the Election of the Seven Trustees to be made out of the East India Company, of which Sir John Morden was also a Member. And in case of a Failure in that Company, Provision was made by the Will for others.

Trustees and Visitors.

To this College, belongs also a Treasurer; whose Salary is 40l. a Year. Whose Office is to receive the Rents and Revenues: and to keep Books of the Accounts and Disbursements of the College: and to be accountable to the Visitors.

A Treasurer.

And also a Chaplain. He to be a Man in Holy Orders, who is to read Prayers in the Chapel twice, Morning and Evening, every Day, and to preach twice on the Lord's Days. His Salary is 30l. a Year.

A Chaplain.

These with the poor Merchants are to have a Common Table in the Hall, to eat and drink together at Meals; And each have their convenient Chambers and Apartments, with Cellars.

The exact Number of such as are to be admitted there, is not appointed; but to be more, and augmented according as the Estate will bear, and the necessary Expences allow of. But it is thought the Number may at least amount to Forty Persons; there being Harbour for that Number.

The Number of such as are to be admitted.

The Pension allowed to each Person admitted there, is 20l. per Ann. for their Commons, Firing and other Necessaries. Each to wear Gowns in the College with the Badge of the Founder, and to be 50 Years of Age at least.

The Pension allowed to each.

The Chapel within the College, which is wainscotted, and hath a very fair and costly Altar Piece, was Consecrated by the late Bishop of Rochester, Dr. Sprat (in whose Diocese the College stands) being also present, Dr. Tenison, late Archbishop of Canterbury, with the Founder, together with many others; when Dr. Friend preached the Dedication Sermon; and an Anthem sung by the singing Boys of the Collegiate Church of Westminster; brought by the said Bishop, Dean also of that Church. Afterwards all were entertained in the College at a splendid Dinner, at the Founder's Cost, amounting to 50l. or upwards.

The Chapel Consecrated.

There is also a Burying Place adjoyning to the College: Consecrated also by Bishop Sprat, for such of the College as Dye there.

Burying Place.

The Lady Morden, still living, intendeth to be a further Benefactor to this College, viz. To enlarge the Salary of the Chaplain, to as much more as it is at present; considering his Duty of daily Attendance, for his better Encouragement. And to give a further Addition to the 10l. appointed yearly for the Repairs, which is scarce sufficient for that Purpose.

The Lady Morden's pious Design.

Sir John Morden dyed Anno 1708. And lyeth interred, according to his Desire, in a Vault under the Communion Table of the Chapel of his own College: Whither he was brought with a Decency suitable to his Worth. There is intended to be a handsome Statue of him to be set over the Gate coming in, in a Niech there for that Purpose.

Sir John Morden buried in his own College.

The present Trustees are,
The Lady Morden,
Sir Peter Delme Kt.