Greenwich Hospital. 218

Greenwich Hospital.

shall pay 6d. per Month: and so proportionably during the Time they shall be employed, for the better Support of this Hospital.

That the Master of every Ship or Vessel, not in the Service of the Crown, may detain out of the Wages of the Seamen 6d. per Month, and shall pay the same to the Person that shall be appointed by the Admiralty to receive it.

That the Admiralty may appoint a fit Person to be Receiver of the said Duty; and authorize him to appoint the Collector of the Customs of the several Out Ports, or any other Person to collect the same.

That the Receiver may summon any Master or Owner of a Ship or Vessel, not in the Service of the Crown, to appear at his Office, &c. Who may examine him, as to the Number and Time of Service of the Persons employed in his Ship or Vessel. And if he shall neglect or refuse to pay the Money due to the Hospital, within 14 Days after they be cleared inwards, by the Officer of the Customs, the Offender to forfeit 20l. for every such Neglect or Refusal.

There be Laws likewise about Prizes and the Captors (as relating to this Hospital) in several Paragraphs. Further,

That whereas no Seamen had yet been admitted into the Hospital, but such as served in the Royal Navy; the Admiralty and those that have the Power to direct the Admission of any Seamen into the Hospital, may admit any Seaman, who shall produce an Authentick Certificate of his being wounded, maimed or hurt, in defending any Ship of her Majesties Subjects against the Enemy; or in taking any Ship from the Enemy, and thereby disabled for Sea Service.

Some, heartily affected towards this noble good Work, and Provision for poor disabled Mariners, are uneasy that so much of the Income of this charitable Foundation, goes out yearly in Salaries, Fees, Gratuities, &c. and regret the Designs (of needless Cost) in making the Buildings so splendid and stately.

The Chapel is now under deliberation for building. Which by some beautiful Model propounded, to render the Structure the fairer, may advance the Expence to 10000l. whereas (as they alledge) a plainer (but as capacious and convenient) Building might be finished at half that Charge.

The Chapel.

Here follow Extracts of some Acts of Parliament relating to Greenwich Hospital, communicated to me by one of the present Commissioners and Directors.

Anno. 7o. and 8o. Gulielmi 3. Chap. 21. Sect 3. Hospital to be erected at East Greenwich in Kent for the relief of Seamen. Sectt 4. Letters Patent 10 Sept. 1695. Commissioners named. Grant of an annual Sum payable out of the Treasury, with divers Directions, Powers and Authorities, for carrying on and perfecting the said Hospital, and the Endowment and Maintenance thereof, and of the Persons to be placed therein.

Some Extracts of Acts for this Hospital W. Daw. Esq;

Sect 7. Registred Seamen disabled, on Certificate to the Governor of Greenwich Hospital, to be taken in and provided for during Life. Widows and Children of Seamen drowned or slain in the Service, to be received and provided for.

Sect 10. Six Pence per Mensem to be paid out of all Seamens Wages towards the Support of Greenwich Hospital, Which Monthly Allowance shall and may be collected, levied and recovered by such Officers, and according to such Rules and Methods as shall in that behalf be appointed by the said Commissioners, for executing the Office of High Admiral of England, or any three or more of them, or by the Lord High Admiral of England for the Time being.

Anno 8o. Gulielmi 3. Chap. 17. Sect 6. Commissioners for Registering Seamen, may oblige Masters of Ships to declare upon Oath their Numbers of Men and their Wages.

Anno 10o. 11o. Gulielmi 3. Chap. 17. Sect. 5. Quere, if any Advantage accrued to Greenwich Hospital, by this Charitable Adventure.

12. Gulielmi 3. Chap. 13. Sect 6. King's Power to grant more Lands, &c.

4 Annæ Chap. 12. Sect 14. Kidd's Effects, L. 6472. 1s.

2 Annæ Chap. 6. Sect 7. Apprentices under 18, exempted from paying 6d. per Mensem.

2 Annæ Chap. 6. Sect 14. Custom-House Officers to insert at bottom of Cockets Numbers of Men.

2 Annæ Chap. 6. Sect. 19. Any Seamen may be admitted by Lord High Admiral, &c.

6 Annæ C. 13. §11.
Captors Shares remain in
Agents Hands.
Quere. Whether any, and
what Advantage hath
arisen by this Act?

Anno 10. Annæ Reginæ. 1st. Paragraph. All Persons in England and Ireland, to pay the 6d. per mensem, except those therein excepted.

- 2. Par. Masters and Owners impowered to detain the said Money in their Hands; and shall pay it to such Persons as shall be appointed by the Lord High Admiral, &c.

- 3. Par. Lord High Admiral to appoint a Receiver, who is to depute Collectors of Customs in all Out Ports of England and Ireland, to Collect the same. Who are required so to do, and the Lord High Admiral to make them such Allowance as he shall think reasonable.

- 4 Par. Receivers of the said Duties to summon Masters or Owners; to Admininster Oaths, and stop Ships till the Duty be paid.

- 5 Par. Quakers Affirmation, to stand good.

- 6 Par. No private Contract to avail to prevent the Hospital of the Sixpences.

- 7 Par. Publick Act, and treble Cost to the Defendent.

- 8 Par. This Act, not to extent to Hoys with Provisions betwixt Northforeland and London.

- 9 Par. Agents for Captors obliged to render Account to the Treasurer of the Hospital.

- 10 Par. Penalty against the Agents in Case of neglect or refusal, viz. 100l.

- 11 Par. Frauds and Collusions by Agents 100l. Penalty. 50l. to the Hospital, 50l. to the Informer.

- 12 Par. Nihil.

- 13 Quere whether 6000l. and 1200l. paid to the Hospital.

- 14, 15 Nihil.

- 16 Par. Receivers of Prizes to pay all Money in their Hands after 24 June 1713, to the Treasurer of the Hospital.

- 17 Par. Likewise all Money coming to the Hands of Receivers after the 25 March 1713, to be paid to Treasurer of the Hospital.

18 Par.