Greenwich Hospital. 217

Greenwich Hospital.

cording to the Scheme then begun, or that should be afterwards thought fitting to be carried on: And also to state the Accounts for the Works of the said Hospital, and to make Payment from Time to Time for the same: And to perfect all other Matters and Things whatsoever, relating to the Building, Carrying on, and Finishing it. And also to provide for such Person or Persons, by Pensions or Provisions for the said Hospital, as should be thought necessary, with regard to the Acts of Parliament then made, or that should after be made, for the Encouragement of Seamen.

This Commission was directed to Prince George, Hereditary of Denmark; Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury; John Archbishop of York; Sidney Lord Godolphin; Thomas Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery; John Duke of Buckingham and Normanby; William Duke of Devonshire; Charles Duke of Somerset; James Duke of Ormond; John Duke of Marlborough; and many others; whom She nominated and appointed her Commissioners, or Governors of the said Hospital.

And these were continued, according to a Statute sometime made and provided, and a Proclamation for that Purpose issued, until her Successor should declare his further Pleasure concerning the same.

King GEORGE, in the First Year of his Reign, set forth a Commission, dated the 19th of January, for Carrying on, Building, and Providing for the said Hospital: Therein revoking and determining the former Commission, or Letters Patents, and their Continuance; and the former Governors in the said Office be removed. "And having duly weighed and taken into his Princely Consideration, (as the Commission ran) of how great Importance so good and necessary a Work would be to his Service, and of that tender Regard he had for the Good and Welfare of his Loving Subjects; and being extremely desirous to promote and carry on the same; He nominated, authorized and appointed these." First, George Augustus, his dearest Son, Prince of Wales; the Archbishops of Canterbury and York for the Time being; Lord Cowper, Baron of Wingham, Lord Chancellor; Daniel Earl of Nottingham, Lord President of the Privy Council; and those great Officers for the Time being; with a great Number besides, to be Commissioners for the said Hospital. These he ordered, directed and appointed, from Time to Time to meet together, at some convenient Place, for the Execution of this Commission.

K. George's Commission for the same Hospital.

That any Seven or more of them should make a Court: Whereof the Quorum to be the Lord High Admiral, or one of the Privy Council. Power is given them to proceed and finish the Building, according to the Scheme begun, or that should be thought fitting hereafter to be further carried on. To state the Accounts for the Works; and to make Payment from Time to Time. To provide for the Maintenance of such Persons, as should be necessary, with Regard to the Acts of Parliament for Encouragement of Seamen. That a General Court should be held Quarterly, or oftner, if found necessary by the Lord High Admiral. The Governor, Deputy Governor, and Treasurer, to assist at the Meeting of that General Court, or of the Directors of the Hospital hereafter mentioned.

The General Court, to recommend all Officers for the Hospital to the Lord High Admiral. The Lord High Admiral to appoint all the Officers, except the Governor and Treasurer. All Officers, or others, to be admitted for the future, to be Seafaring Persons. The General Court, with the Assistance of the Attorney General, and Solicitor General, to prepare a Charter and Statutes for the perpetual Government of the Hospital. Four and Twenty Directors were appointed and named (whereof Five to be a Court) viz. Mat. Aylmer, Rob. Robinson, Galfridus Walpole, Sir Joseph Hodges, Sir Alexander Cairnes, Sir Gregory Page, Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Jonathan Andrews, &c. to be a standing Committee, and to be stiled Directors. These, or any Five, or more, to meet once a Fortnight, or oftner, if Occasion require, attended by the Secretary. They are empowered to carry on the Building; to state the Account for the Works; to make Contracts for Provision, and all other Necessaries for the House; to take in Persons by the Approbation of the Lord High Admiral.


All Proceedings of the Directors to be laid before the General Court of Commissioners at their Quarterly Meetings. The Directors to receive 20s. for every actual Attendance, to be paid to such Directors, as shall think reasonable to demand it; the same to be paid out of the Revenue of the said Hospital. The Lord High Admiral, or General Court, when assembled, to Nominate, and Fill up the Number of Directors, in place of such as dye, or refuse to act.

The Governors and Officers, not to be concerned in any Contracts, or buying Provision, or other Matters. The Government of the House to be by the Governor with a Council of Officers, to be appointed by the Lord High Admiral. The Commissioners empowered to receive any Gifts, or Bequests of Land, Monies, or other Estate, for the Use of the Hospital. Publick Notice to be made of this Commission, by such Ways and Means as they shall think most conducible to the Furtherance of the said Charity. Power to appoint Persons to take Subscriptions; and to collect Money given, and to make Checks and Comptrols of them. To certify to the Lord Treasurer the Names of the Contributors, and Sums given, to the End a perpetual Memorial be made of such well disposed Persons.

Galfridus Walpole, Esq; nominated and appointed to be Treasurer and Receiver General, of all the Monies and other Profits to be subscribed, contributed, given, bequeathed, &c. The Treasurer, to be subject to such Inspection and Comptrol, as shall be appointed by the General Court, or any Seven of them. No Money to be applied to other Uses than the Charity hereby intended, and the necessary Charges relating thereto.


The General Court of Commissioners, by Warrant in Writing, are to direct the Payment of all Sums for Building, Provisions, Salaries for Servants, and all Incidents. To make Rules for keeping of the Monies brought into the Treasury; and also for keeping the Stores and Provisions, and issuing the same; and for keeping of Books and Accounts; and for auditing the same; and to consider and determine all Matters, for the full compleating the Design of this Commission. The Commissioners to be accountable every one for his own Acts only.

The Treasurer to receive 200l. a Year Salary. And Lastly, the Commissioners to finish all Matters left undetermined by the late Commission.

Anno 1712, 10 Regin. An. an Act was made for the better collecting, and receiving the Duties granted for the Support of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich, and for the further Benefit thereof. Some of the Contents whereof are:

An Act for collecting Duties for this Hospital.

That every Seaman serving the Crown or any Subject, and every Person employed on Boats upon the Coast of Great Britain or Ireland, in taking Fish which are brought fresh to Shore, and in Boats which trade from Place to Place,

Act. 12 Regin: Ann.