Trinity Hospital. ASKE's Hospital. 212

Trinity Hospital. ASKE's Hospital.

these evil Persons, and a Place as it was then used, not converted to any good Use or Purpose.

The more Modern State of this House is, That in the Reign of King Charles II. it was made use of in good part as a Garison; and Soldiers were here lodged; their Beds being placed as they usually are in Hospitals. The other Parts of the Hospital are now turned into divers Dwelling Houses, and granted away to private Persons.

The Modern State of this Hospital.

Here was some Time ago a French Church set up, for the Use chiefly of the French Refugees: A neat Building, and conveniently large. The Ministers, who are French Protestants, do use the Service Book used in the Church of England, being translated into the French Language. And they have a Pair of Organs, that play when they sing their Psalms.

A French Church here.

This Church is much frequented by English, as well as French.

Lastly, For a Conclusion, let this be added concerning the Savoy:

That about the Time of the Civil Wars, a Motion was made to convert this House and the Revenue, to maintain an Agency for mutual Correspondence between Godly and Learned Divines, for the advancing of the Treaties of Peace Ecclesiastical among the Churches. And the Reason thereof, urged in a Paper, was; "That these Treaties were now more than ever necessary to be maintained, that the Churches Abroad might be brought to some good Intelligence and Correspondence with us; which all this while (as the said Paper went on) the Disturbers of Publick Peace had hindred and stopped, to the great Grief of many who laboured to keep up good Correspondency with them; to the great Disadvantage of this Church: Which for want of good Intelligence with Foreign Protestants, hath suffered and lost much of her ancient and good Reputation among them. Which to regain, and also to benefit and uphold the Publick Cause of Religion among all Protestants, against which the Papists unanimously conspire, and work strongly, both by False Brethren within, and violent Attempts and mischievous Plots without; and to prevent the dangerous Effects of their Attempts and Counsels, whereby they study to work the Overthrow of the Truth, by fomenting and increasing the Divisions of Protestants."

An Agency to be set up here with Foreign Churches.

To prevent this, an Agency for the Treaties of brotherly Unity, and Correspondence in Religious Matters, was greatly necessary between this Church and Foreigners. And the Savoy was allotted for the Place. But I cannot relate what Success this good Purpose had.]



THis is a very fair Structure of Brick and Stone, near Mile- End, North of the high Road, with a graceful Entrance; consisting of two Rows of Building one Story high, fronting each other; the Length whereof on both Sides paved with Free Stone, in the Middle a Grass-Plat, enclosed with Pallisadoes, and set with young Fir Trees: And at the further End Northward, stands a very comely Chapel, with a Clock, ascending with divers Steps; where Prayers are read on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Which Chapel, on each End, is contiguous to two other Apartments.

Trinity College for Sea Officers.

J. S.

It was founded in the Year 1695, for such decayed or ancient Seamen as had been Masters of Ships, or Pilots, or their Widows, and none other.

There are Pumps belonging to every Two Houses.

It was built by the Trinity House, upon a Piece of Ground given for that Use by a Sea Captain of Note, named Captain Mudd, of Ratcliff, some time an Elder Brother of the Company: His Widow also contributing thereto.

The Expences of this Building arose from the Money of the Ballast Office, belonging to the Trinity House by Act of Parliament; with which that House continually performs great Charities, and gives Monthly Reliefs to poor needy Mariners, or their Widows, to the Number of Two Thousand, and more.


This Hospital contains Twenty Eight Apartments, each consisting of Two Rooms one above another.

Every Person belonging to this Foundation at first received in Money, Weekly, after this Proportion: Some a Crown, some Four Shillings, some Three Shillings and Sixpence; according to the Need or Quality of the Person. But the Pension now is settled at Twelve Shillings, payable every first Monday in the Month.


Besides this Foundation for the Use and Benefit of Seafaring Men, there be Two others founded for the same End; the one at Greenwich, and the other at Deptford; which shall be mentioned in their Place.

And as this Hospital lies on the great East Road from London; so there is another as modern, situate at Hoxton, near the Northern Road; Viz.]



SO named from one Mr. Robert Aske, an Haberdasher that dealt in Raw Silk, born in Yorkshire: Who dying in the Year 168, was buried in Aldermanbury Church; in which Parish he lived. By his last Will, he left 20000l. to the Company of Haberdashers, in Trust, to Build and Endow an Hospital, for the Harbour and Relief of Twenty poor, decayed, single Men of the Company. And then, after divers other Legacies and Charitable Bequests, the whole Remainder of his Estate he left to the said Company: Which, as it held out, he gave them in Trust for Twenty poor Boys, Sons of Haberdashers; to be likewise maintained, and have Learning in the foresaid Foundation.

Aske's Hospital for Twenty poor Men, and as many poor Boys.

J. S.

Consequently, some of the Chief Members of the Company entred upon the Estate; which amounted to 30000l. and upwards. And upon this fair Bottom, they resolved to erect a very Creditable Structure, both for the Honour of the Founder, and their own. A Model of a Stately Building, as well as convenient for the Purpose, was drawn by Dr. Hook, the Learned Mathematician of Gresham College: By which, they purchasing a convenient Piece of Land at Hoxton, built that Noble Hospital that stands there, at the Expence of 13 or 14000l.

Here are now maintained upon this Foundation Twenty poor Citizens, who have each their Lodgings, Firing, and Diet at a common Table together; and every two Years a Gown; and 3l. a Year in Money, which hereafter may be increased. Likewise as many Boys enjoy the same Benefit; and also are taught to Write and Cypher, to fit them for Callings.