SUTTON's Hospital. Orders. 209

SUTTON's Hospital. Orders.

The House lost near 8000l. in the Time of Beaumont Master, and Heyward Register, in the Years 1623, and 1624. And in the Year 1649. the House was robbed of 1600l. Set behind Hand again in the Time of Gerard another Master. And yet by God's Blessing considerable Additions have been made to the Estate and Revenues of the charitable Foundation, since the Year 1614. when it was first filled.

Losses of the House.

Orders have been made by the Governors at several Times since the said Hospital's first Foundation, and yet continuing in force; to be observed by the poor Men, Pensioners and Brothers. As namely,

Orders for this Hospital.

No Man to be admitted, unless he shall appear to be clean and sound of Body.

Not to wear long Hair, or any Weapon within the said House.

If any fall Sick and cannot come into the Hall, to have his Part in Diet in his Chamber, or his weekly Allowance in Money.

The Master of the Hospital, and every Officer, Poor Man and Member, to take their Diet in the Dining Halls appointed for that Purpose: unless in Time of Sickness.

No Officer, Pensioner or Member to send or carry away Bread, Beer or Meat from their Tables: but what remains, to be bestowed upon Poor Men and Women that do service in the Hospital.

One of the Poor Men in their several Turns, and the Master Cook, to go weekly to the Market with the Steward or his Man, to buy Provision of Flesh and Fish for the Diet of the Hospital: To see it be good and sweet: and ready Money paid for it.

The Master and all the Members, to take their Dinner and Supper in the Common Hall, and not in their Chambers. None to sit down before Grace be said, and the Master and chief Officers set: Nor to arise before Grace be said.

All the Poor Brethren and other inferior Officers, to give dutiful Reverence to the Master of the Hospital, whensoever they shall happen to be in his Presence; and when he shall speak to any of them, or they to him, to be uncovered.

None to give or receive any evil, reviling or railing Speeches of him before his Face, or behind his Back; and to be obedient to him in his lawful Commands and Injunctions.

To be diligent in frequenting the Chapel twice a Day; and there to behave themselves reverently. And to receive the Holy Communion thrice every Year, viz. at Christmas, Easter and Whitsuntide.

None to draw any Weapon in the said Hospital, to the intent to hurt any Member, or to strike in Anger any of the House; or be convict of any notorious Crime punishable by the Laws of the Realm, upon pain to be removed out of the House.

None to intermeddle with any Business touching the Affairs of the Hospital, but to attend only to the Service of God, and take thankfully what is provided for them, without muttering, murmuring or grudging. None to wear any Weapon, long Hair, coloured Boots, Spurs, or coloured Shoes, Feathers in their Hats, or any Ruffian-like or unseemly Apparel, but such as becomes Hospital Men to wear.

None to lodge abroad out of his ordinary Lodging, or suffer any Stranger to lodge in any of their Lodgings.

Not to haunt Houses suspected of Incontinency, Gaming Houses, common bowling Allies, Taverns, Alehouses, by Day or Night, &c. neither to use Swearing, or taking God's holy Name in vain, nor railing at his Fellow Brethren; nor to be given to Drunkenness, or other notorious Vice.

None to go to any Tavern or Alehouse with his Livery Gown on his Back.

Nor to have leave to pass the Seas upon what Pretence soever, but by Petition to the Governors.

Nor to go into the Country to visit their Friends, or other Business, without the Master's Leave: And that but for two Months at furthest.

None to pass the Out-gate of the Hospital in their Livery Gowns, upon pain of a Month's Commons out of his Quarters Wages.

Not to undertake the following of other Mens Causes and Suits: nor to procure Molestation or Troubles to the King's Subjects.

Whensoever any Petitioner, or Poor Man shall with or without Leave go into the Country, or be absent; or shall lye in or about London, Westminster or elsewhere; he shall have no Allowance at all in Money or otherwise, for his Commons during any such Time.

Nor be suffered to be out of Commons; but to take and eat his Commons in the common Dining Hall, according to the Orders of the House.

Other Orders there were made by the Governors, not so proper to be comprehended in this Table: but are with these abovementioned transcribed into a Book remaining in the Vestry: whereunto any Pensioner may have recourse, to see and read for his better Knowledge and Information.

For the Use of the Members of this Hospital, there are prepared very pious and well composed Prayers upon several Occasions, suited for the private Devotion of the antient Gentlemen in this House; as upon their Admission: on the Founder's Day: upon the Decease of a Pensioner: in the Morning before he stirs abroad: in the Evening: A Prayer before the Sacrament; another after receiving; in Time of Sickness: A Prayer to be said by a young Scholar of the House.


According to the Orders made in the Year 1627. beforementioned; wherein among other Things it was ordered, That all Diligence should be used to obtain an Act of Parliament for the Confirmation of the Foundation, an Act was made 3. Car. I. the Title whereof was, An Act for the establishing and confirming of the Hospital of King James, founded in the Charter House in the County of Middlesex, &c. and of the Possessions thereof.

An Act for confirming this House.

Dudley Lord North had a Mansion House at or near the East End of the Charter House; concerning which, the said Act made a Proviso, that it should be not extend to give any Title to the said Hospital to possess it; and also other Messuages, Tenements or Hereditaments of the said Lord North, being within or near the Precinct of the said Hospital; but he, his Tenants and Assignes, to hold and enjoy the same against the Governors, Master and other Owners of the said Hospital; according to the true Meaning of a Grant, Covenant, Clause, &c. in one Deed and Feoffment made by Edward Lord North, unto Sir William Peter Kt. and others, bearing date the 6th of Nov. in the 5th Year of Q. Elizabeth; and another Deed made by Roger Lord North and others to Thomas late Duke of Norfolk, bearing date the last Day of May, in the 7th of the said Queen.

Proviso for the Lord North's House.

And nothing in this Act contained any Ways to extend unto the Mansion House of Elizabeth Viscountess Maidston, situate and being in the Charterhouse Churchyard, near unto the said Hospital, nor to any Buildings, Out-Houses, &c. therewith used: Nor to any Mansion Houses,