Charter House; or 206

Charter House; or

nour with the Alteration of his Mind concerning Hallingbury, and his earnest desire to make the Charter-House his Hospital. The Earl being so honourably inclined to so godly a Motion, the Matter sustained the less debating between them: but the Price being concluded on, the Bargin and Sale was assured. The Sum disbursed for this Purpose, amounted to 13000l. which was paid down in Hand, before the ensealing of the Conveyance.

Then he became Suiter again to his Majesty, to perform all that at the Charter-House, which he had formerly intended at Hallingbury: whereto the King readily yeilded, being graciously affected to so charitable a Work, and granted his Letters Patents to the same effect. And the Right Reverend Father in God, George Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Lord Ellesmere, Lord Chancellor of England; Robert Lord High Treasurer of England; John, elect Bishop of London; Lancelot Bishop of Ely; Sir Edward Coke, Knight, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas; Sir Thomas Foster Knight, one of his Majesties Justices of the Common Pleas; Sir Henry Hobard, Knight and Baronet, Attorney General; John Overal, Dean of Pauls in London; George Mountaine, Dean of Westminster; Henry Thursby, Esquire, one of the Masters of the Chancery; Geffrey Nightingale, Esquire; Richard Sutton, Esquire; John Law Gentleman; Thomas Brown, Gentleman; and the Master of the Hospital of King James, founded in the Charter- house, within the County of Middlesex; at the humble Petition, and the only Costs and Charges of Thomas Sutton, Esquire, were elected, nominated and ordained by the King's most excellent Majesty in his Letters Patents granted, to be the first Governors of the Lands, Possessions, Revenues and Goods of the foresaid Hospital, and continual Maintenance thereof in Form following.

The first Governors appointed by Letters Patent, of King James his Hospital, founded in in the Charterhouse.

All his Manors and Lordships of Southminster, Norton, Little Hallingbury, alias Hallingbury Bouchers, and Much Stanbridge, in the County of Essex.

All his Manors and Lordships of Bastingthorpe, alias, Bustingthorpe and Dunnesby in the County of Lincoln.

The Lands made over by Master Sutton for the maintenance of the said Hospital for ever, in the County of Essex. In the County of Lincoln. In the County of Wilts. Lands and Pasture grounds in Wilts. In the Counties of Cambridge, Essex and Middlesex.

All those his Manors and Lordships of Salthorp, alias, Saltrop, alias, Haltrop, Chilton and Blackgrove, in the County of Wilts. And also all those his Lands and Pasture Grounds, called Blackgrove, containing by estimation 200 Acres of Pasture, with the appurtenances in Blackgrove and Wroughton, in the said County of Wilts. And also in that his Manor of Missenden, otherwise called the Manor of Missunden, in the Parishes of Wroughton, Lydierde and Tregose, in the said County.

All that his Manor of Elcombe, and a Park, called Elcombe Park, in the said County.

All that his Mannor of Watelescote, alias Wiglescete, alias Wigleskete, in the said County of Wilts.

All that his Manor of Westcote, alias, Westcete, with the appurtenances in the said County of Wilts. And also all those his Lands and Pastures, containing by estimation 100 Acres of Land, and 60 Acres of Pastures, with the appurtenances in Wiglescote and Wroughton, in the said County of Wilts. And all that his Manor of Uffcote with the appurtenances. And also those his two Messuages, and 1000 Acres of Land, 2000 Acres of Pasture, 300 Acres of Meadow, and 300 Acres of Wood, with the appurtenances, in Brodehinton, in the said County of Wilts.

All those the Manors and Lordships of Camps, alias, Campes Castele, otherwise called Castle Campes, with the appurtenances, situate, lying, being, and extending in the Counties of Cambridge and Essex, or in either of them, or elsewhere within the Realm of England. His Manor of Balsham, in the County of Cambridge. And all his Messuages and Lands, which are in the Parishes of Hackney and Totenham in the County of Middlesex, or in ei- ther of them. And all and singular the Manors, Lordships, Messuages, Lands, Tenements, Reversions, Services, Meadows, Pastures, Woods, Advowsons, Patronages of Churches, and Hereditaments of the said Thomas Sutton whatsoever, situate, lying, or being within the said County of Essex, Lincoln, Wilts, Cambridge and Middlesex, or in any of them, with all and every of their Rights, Members and Appurtenances whatsoever.

A brief Rehearsal of the former Grants.

Except all his Manors or Lordships of Littlebury and Haddestocke, with their appurtenances in the County of Essex.


Besides all this Bounty of his Hospital, behold! what Legacies he hath given to charitable Uses.

Legacies given to charitable uses.

To the poor People in Berwick, 100 Markes.

To the Poor of Stoke-Newington, 10l.

To the poor Fishermen of the Town of Ostend in the Low-Countries, 100l.

To the mending of the High-Ways between Islington and Newington, in the County of Middlesex, 40 Marks.

All these Works to be done, and the Moneys paid within a Year after his decease.

To the mending of the High-ways between Ashden and Walden, called Walden Lane, in the County of Essex, 100l.

To the mending of the High-Ways between Great Lynton, in the County of Cambridge, and the said Town of Walden, 60l. 13s. 4d.

Towards the mending of Horseth lane. 60l.

To the mending of the Bridges and ordinary High-Ways, between Southminster and Malden in Essex, 100l.

To the Chamber of London, 1000l. to be yearly lent to Ten young Merchants, not having any great Stocks of their own. And those Ten Men to be appointed by the Lord Maior and Aldermen of the City for the Time being, and the Dean of Pauls: They are not to pay any Use for the Mony, nor any to enjoy it above the Space of one Year.

To Ten poor Merchants.

To the poor People of Hadstocke, 20l.

Legacies to the poor in sundry Towns.

To the Poor of Littlebury and Balsham, 40l.

To the Parson and Church-Wardens of Balsham, for the Time being, towards the buying a Bell, to be hanged up in the Steeple, to amend the Ring there, 20l.

To the Poor of Southminster, 20l.

To the Poor of Little Hallenbury, 20l.

To the Poor of Dunsby Com. Lincoln. 20l.

To the poor Prisoners in the Prisons of Ludgate, Newgate, the two Compters in London, the Kings-Bench, and the Marshalsea, 200l. to be paid and divided among the same Prisoners by even and equal Portions.

The poor Prisoners.

To the Master, Fellows and Scholars of the Corporation of Jesus College in Cambridge, 500 Marks.

His love to Learning.

To the Master, Fellows and Scholars of the Corporation of Magdalen College in Cambridge, 500l.

Towards the building of his intended Hospital, Chapel and School House, Five Thousand Pounds, if he lived not to see it perforned in his Lifetime. Beside, he hath given into the Treasury or Store-House of the same intended Hospital, to begin their Stock with, and to defend the Rights of the House, 1000l.

To his Hospital.

To every one of his Feoffees, put in Trust about his intended Hospital, 26l. 13s. 4d.

To the Poor of Beverley, a Close in Cottingham.

To the Poor of Lincoln, a Remainder of Years in the Rectory of Glentham, Com. Lincoln.

To Master Hutton, Vicar of Littlebury, 20l.

To the Poor of Camps Castel, 10l.

To the Poor of Elcombe, 10l.

To M. Floud, Parson of Newington, 13l. 6s. 8d.

To the Poor of the Parish of Hackney, 10l.