St. KATHARINES Hospital. 204

St. KATHARINES Hospital.

St. Katharines. Suttons Hospital, commonly called the Charterhouse. The Savoy. Trinity College or Hospital. Asks Hospital. Dulwich College. Chelsea College. Greenwich Hospital. The Hospital at Deptford. Morden College. Sir Robert Jeffreys Hospital near Shoreditch.

NOW besides these Hospitals, whereof the Maior, Aldermen and Citizens are Patrons, there be in or near the City, divers other most ample and charitable Foundations, wherein they are not concerned. Which we shall in the next Place lead our Stranger to. As first:

J. S.

St. KATHARINES Hospital.


THIS antient Hospital (called also a Free Chapel or College) sometime stiled St. Katharine upon the Thames, is seated a little East of the Tower of London, and communicates its Tutelary Saint to it, being stiled St. Katharines Tower. It had the Honour to be Founded and Endowed by Queen Matilda, or Maud, Wife to K. Stephen, the first Foundress. Q. Eleanor, Wife to K. Edward I. was next. And thirdly, Philippa, the right noble Consort of K. Edward III. And let me add a fourth Queen, (Queen Katharine Dowager) late Patroness of the said Hospital. It was founded for a Master, three Brothers, Chaplains, and three Sisters; Ten poor Women called Bedes Women, and Six poor Clarks; and some add, for the good Education of Children: But that is intermitted.

The Foundation of it.

For the Antiquities of this Hospital, Pope Honorius granted Privileges to this House by his Bull, extant in the Exchequer. More of the antient State thereof may be seen in Portsoken Ward, within the Bounds whereof it stands. Yet something thereof in this Place.

The Antiquities of this Hospital.

The Masters of this Hospital have formerly been of the Clergy, (and so the Foundation seems to require it) but the considerable Benefit accruing to the Masters hath made it desired and sought for, by Persons of Quality of the Laity; and such have of later times enjoyed it. That it was richly endowed, we may conclude, since Noble Queens have given their Blessings to it. And besides it hath enjoyed divers Benefactors. By a Rental of the Year 1649, communicated unto me by a Friend, some of the Estate may appear. The Sum Total of the Receipts at Michaelmas in Money came to 113l. 4s. 11d. ½.

Richly endowed.

These Manors and Lordships are mentioned there; Rushenden and Dandley in Minster in the Isle of Shipway, given by Q. Philippa. Lands, Rents, and Tenements in the Towns of Renham and Hartlip in Kent. The Manor of Chissingbury Priory in Wilts. The Manor of Quarles in Southampton. The Manors of Queens Court and Bermgrave, or Bringrave, and Reinsham in Kent. A Mill in Rainham in the same County. Queensbury in Hertfordshire. Certain Annuities out of Hampshire, and the Exchequer. Certain Acres of Meadow at Blackwall. Besides Claxton and Upchurch, given by Queen Eleanor. There are mentioned above 80 Tenants, all paying small Rents; the chief Benefit of the Hospital, I suppose, lying in renewing of the Leases.

Out of a certain Charter, it appears that the Master of St. Katharines was bound to give Twelve poor Men every Day 12d. from the 16th of November [which is the Deposition of Edmund Archbishop] till the Day of St. Edmund, [King and Martyr, which is the 20 Day of November] and also a Thousand half Pence to a Thousand poor Men that Day, being the Day K. Henry III. dyed.

A Royal Benevolence to be paid by the Master.

There is a very fair Church belonging to this Hospital, where Prayers are daily said; and on the Lords Days Sermons preached constantly throughout the Year, performed by the three Brothers or Chaplains, or by their Procurement. Who were lately Dr. Lake, Vernon, and Bisset.

Divine Service said here daily.

The Masters here made by far the greatest Benefit, by renewing and granting of Leases, while the inferior Members were fain to content themselves with the ancient Allowance; till of late upon Complaint, a Visitation being made of this Hospital by the Lord Somers then Lord Chancellor, Sir James Butler being Master, divers Abuses were redrest, and reasonable Additions made to the old Stipends.

A Visitation of this Hospital.

It is not to be expected, that an exact List should be presented of all the Masters of this very antient House. Yet some of them have been retrieved by the Industry and Reading of a Friend of mine, very studious and knowing in History and Antiquities, who kindly communicated the same unto me, and they are as follows:

Masters of this Hospital.

Joh. Gibbon, Blewmantle.

Thomas Lechbad, sub Edwardo I. as by Letters Patents of that Kings Mother, Anno 1273.

Richard de Lasthal, in the beginning of K. Edward III. And after him

Richard de Busti, E codice quodam authentico.

John Hermesthorp, in the time of Edward III. Stow's Survey, Pag. 927. Edit. 1633.

Paulus de Monteflorio, i.e. Montfleur.

William de Kebdesby, Anno 1377. 1 R. 2. when there was an Inspeximus, concerning S. Katharines. And therein is mention of Paulus before-named, Anno 1435.

Thomas Beckington, that was afterwards Bishop of Bath and Wells. He renewed the Charter. So Godwin.

William Wernham, Dr. of Divinity, An. 1484. 2 R. 3.

Richard Paine, Clerk, 14 H. 7. The Names of these two last communicated by E.G.

John Preston, An. 1535. 27 H. 8. As appears by the Writing in the Glass Window, of the House belonging to the Senior Brother, where Mr. Gibbons had long dwelt, to wit, from the 9th of Febr. 1664/5 till May 11. 1701. and some Years longer.] He had been Master long before, as appears by this Record, Anno primo, Hen. 8. Johannes Preston habet Custodiam Hospitalis Ste. Katherinæ, Juxta Turrim London: ad vitam. Privat. Sigill.

Gilbert Latham, 37. H. 8. as by a certain Inventory, which I have seen.

Dr. Mallet, Anno 1556, in Q. Maries time, and her Captain. Fox's Martyrology.

George, Bishop of Landaff. What the time was that he was Master is unknown, E.G. [There was no Bishop of Landaff of this Christian Name but George de Athaqua, a Spaniard, and Chaplain