The WORKHOUSE in Bishopsgatestreet. 201

The WORKHOUSE in Bishopsgatestreet.

Mr. John Hollis, for placing out Children Ap-
prentices, 125l. Who gave 5 such Gifts in
Mrs. Priscilla Arundel, 150l.
Mr. Nathaniel Lacy, by Will, 100l.
Mr. John Hollis, for the Use above, 25l.
Mr. Robert Foot, by Will, for placing out Children, 100l.
Samuel Powel, Esq; by Will, 100l.
Sir Gerard Conyers, Knight and Alderman, more, 50l.
Mrs. Eleanor Cutbert, by Will, 50l.
Mr. Bagshaw, from a Person unknown, 51l. 10s.
Mr. Jonathan James, from a Person unknown,
more, 20 Guineas. 21l. 10.
Mr. Peter Ducane, by will, 40l.
Mrs. Judith Wallinger, more, 25l.
Sir Peter Delme, Knt. and Alderman, more, 100l.
Mr. John Steel, by Will, 100l.
Mr. James Green, by Will, 25l. having given more before.
Sir John Parsons, Knt. and Alderman, 13l. 14s.
Having given before very liberally the Per-
quisites of his Maioralty.

A Person unknown by Mr. Smith, more, 5l.
Mr. Joseph Marshal, by Will, 50l.
Mr. Henry Philips, by Will, 50l.
Mr. T. S. more, 50l.
Sir Gabriel Roberts, by Will, 50l.
Mrs. Elizabeth Goff, by Will, 100l.
Mr. Jeffrey Stains, 25l.
Mr. John Hollis, more, towards placing out
Children Apprentice, 25l.
Edward Bovey, Esq; 500l.
Mr. Henry Ulkin, a Dutch Merchant, by Will, 50l.
Mrs. Esther Browning, 50l.
Mr. Francis Gillow, 250l.
Mr. John Hollis, more, towards placing out
Children Apprentices, 25l.

An. 1715.

A Person unknown by Mr. Henry Cowdrey, 50l.
Thomas Hall, Esq; 300l.
Francis Ashton, Esq; late Deputy Usher of the Black Rod, 1000l.
John Hanger, Esq; more, 100l.
Sir Samuel Moyer, his Widow sent 50l.
Sir Francis Eyles, Knt. and Alderman, by Will, 50l.
Mr. Samuel Jackson, by Will, 40l.
Mr. Cæsar Chamberlain, by Will, 200l.
Sir Robert Beachcroft, Knt. and Ald. more, 100l.
Mr. John Raymond, by Will, 50l.
Sir William Scawen, Knt. 100l.
Mr. Samuel Porter, 100l.
Mr. John Mead of Aylesbury, by Will, 100l.
Dr. Daniel Williams, by Will, between this
House,and St. Thomas's Hospital, an Estate
at Elsley in Cambridgeshire, of per Annum 55l.

An. 1716.

BENEFACTORS to the Workhouse this last Year, viz. 1718, By Legacies.


Dame Sarah Pritchard, 100l.
Sir Richard Hoar, late President, 200l.
Samuel Shepherd, Esq; 100l.
Sir James Bateman, Knt. 100l.

By Gift of Persons now living, viz.

Sir Robert Beachcroft, Knt. and Ald. 100l.
Sir Peter Delme, Knt. and Alderman, 50l.
Thomas Hall, Esq; 200l. In Addition to, before
given, 300l.

There be also other Benefactors, which must not be passed over without honourable mention, as Mr. Abraham Chitty, who gave a Tun of Log- wood, and Ralph Hartly half a Tun. The Company of Apothecaries undertook to pay the whole Charge of the Physick for the Children and Servants of this Workhouse for three Years from the 29th of September, Anno 1701. And Dr. Frederick Slare, Dr. Richard Moreton, Dr. Joshua Palmer, and Dr. Francis Upton, undertook alternately to visit all the sick Children and Servants; and prescribe such Medicines for them as they from time to time should judge most proper. And this gratis. And Thomas Stanton, Surgeon, to serve the said Children and Servants in Surgery for three Years gratis. And add to the rest, that Anno 1703, Sir Edward Northey, Her Majesty's Attorney General, and Duncan Dee, Esq; offered themselves their standing Counsil, and Nicolas Baker, their Atorney without Fee or Reward.

Other Benefactors.

What the Right Reverend the Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry, said in his Sermon on Easter Monday, Anno 1702, before the Governors of the Hospitals, concerning this Workhouse may deserve to be mentioned.

"I must not forget another publick Charity of admirable Use; and which for that Reason deserveth the utmost Encouragement; I mean, the Workhouse Erected for employing poor Children, and such distressed Vagrant Children as are found within the City and the Liberties thereof. This by the Industry of the Presidents and Governors of the Poor of the City, hath been carried so far, that 261 Children of several Parishes remained in the Workhouse this Year; and 71 have since been received. Of Vagrants there remained 71, and 89 have since been taken in. All these, according to their Ages and Conditions are Clothed, and fed and instructed in the Principles of Religion, and in honest Arts and Trades. They are inured to Labour, kept Cleanly, and disposed to Honesty, by Encouragement and Discipline. I have not time to say of what wonderful Benefit these Places are, and may be to the Publick, if they can happily fall into the right Management of them: where the Refuse of Mankind, they that would otherwise be the Bane and Scandal of the Commonwealth, are rescued from Perdition, and made useful Members of it. But it is hardly possible for Men to be better employed than in this Work, or to be more charitable than in their Contributions towards it. And may it please Almighty God to enable those that undertake it, to surmount all the Difficulties that cross their Designs. They will then have (what one would wish to every good and publick spirited Man) the Comforts of their Labours in this Life; and when that is at an End, those Labours will conduct them to the Joys of that Above; and that will for ever remain."

Bishop of Litchfield and Cov. Sermon, at Easter.

One of these Boys was already so well disciplined and improved in this House, that the Governors ventured to let him make a Speech to the Queen, when she had occasion to come into the City some Years ago; which being but short may not be amiss to be here specified.

A Boy of this House makes a Speech to the Queen.

The SPEECH of JOHN TRUSTY, Aged Eleven Years, a poor Boy belonging to the Workhouse of the Corporation for the Poor of the City of London; To her Sacred Majesty Queen ANNE, upon her coming into the City, to dine at the Guildhall, on Thursday, Octob. the 29. 1702. being the Lord Maiors Day.


"May it please your most excellent Majesty: To pardon this great Presumptin in Us poor"