Bethlem Hospital. 194

Bethlem Hospital.

Mr. Stephen White,3000 0
Mr. Robert Blanchard,100000
Mr. James Church,2000 0
Sir Christopher Pack, Knt.25000

The Right Honourable the
Earl of Craven, besides
former Benefactions,
Mr. William Cooley,3406 9


Mrs. Margaret Trumball, per Ann.4000
Mr. Pennyman, and Mr. Addis,50090
Dr. Garret,100000
Sir Henry Johnson,5000 0


Mr. Drinkwater,5000 0


Mr. Sutton,25000


Sir Thomas Foot,2500 0
Mr. Alexander Hosea, 200000


Sir Christopher Lethieullier,50000
Mr. Edward Claxton,5000 0
Mr. Edmund Leigh,2500 0


Sir James Edwards,12500 0
Jacob Lucy, Esq;10000 0


Mr. Robert Hyett,10000 0
Sir James Ward,5000 0


Capt. John Jones,12500 0
Sir Ralph Box,5000 0


Mr. John Stone,2000 0


Mr. John Brare,25000 0
The Right Honourable the Lord Craven,100000
Mr. Edward Bettison,10000 0
Mr. John Land,10000 0
Mr. Samuel Baker,5000 0
Mr. Greenwood,2000 0


Mr. Edmund Burroughs,333150


Michael Peirce, Esq;4000 0
Mr. Edward Attwood,5000 0


Mr. Fromantle,10000 0
Dr. Carr,10150
Mr. Deputy Gwyn,10000 0
Thomas Vernon, Esq;3000 0


Sir Thomas Viner,20000 0
And in the Hereditary Excise per Annum,08020
Sir Peter Floyer,5000 0
Mr. Thomas Fitzer,2500 0
Mr. Arthur Barron,5000 0
Mr. Isaac Houblon,5000 0
Sir John Crispe, Baronet,50000
Thorold, Widow,50000


Mr. Richard Yerbury,2500 0
Persons unknown,35000 0
Mr. Benjamin Boultby,1500 0


Besides these, in single Tables are the following Inscriptions.

Mr. John Fowke of Claybury near Woodfoard in Essex, Son of John Fowke, Esq; some time Lord Maior of London, out of his Pious and Generous Disposition to Charity, did by his Will give the Yearly Rent of one Hundred Ninety five Pounds. And also one Thousand six Hundred and Eighteen Pounds, Nineteen Shillings and Two Pence in Money. To the intent, that one third Part of the said Rents, and one half of the said Sum of Money, should be for ever employed in setting up such as shall serve their Apprentiships in Bridewell Hospital; and the other two third parts of the Rents, and Moiety of the said Sum of Money, to the Relief of the poor Lunaticks in Bethlehem Hospital.


Mr. William Pott, Citizen and Apothecary of London, late a worthy and charitable Member and Governor of this Hospital, did by his last Will give the Manor of Barfreston (alias) Barston, and divers Lands in the County of Kent, of the Yearly Value of one Hundred and Eleven Pounds: upon Trust, out of the Rents thereof, to pay two Hundred Pounds to Christs Hospital, (whereof he was also a Governor) and afterwards in Trust for this Hospital of Bethlem, for relief of the poor Lunaticks therein.


Mr. John Edmonson, late of St. Katharines near the Tower of London, Sailmaker (deceased) did by his Will give to Susanna his Wife (since also deceased) for the Term of her Life, all his Messuages, Lands, and Tenements, in the Isle of Thanet, or elsewhere in Kent, of the Yearly Value of Fourscore Pounds, or thereabouts: And after her Decease, unto the Governors of the Hospitals of Bethlem and Bridewell, London, for ever, for the use of the Poor of the said Hospitals.


And that care is taken of these poor Lunatick Patients, not only in the House, but likewise when discharged thence, appears by these following Inscriptions:

A Person unknown gave by the Hands of Dr. Edward Tyson Fifty Pounds, for providing Medicines for such poor Patients as have been cured in this Hospital, for preventing their Relapse.

The same Person by the Hands of Dr. Edward Tyson gave one Hundred Pounds more, to be distributed by him to such Patients as shall be cured in the said Hospital, toward their present Subsistance or Cloathing when discharged thence.


By the Constitution and Custom of the House, the Persons that put in the Patients were obliged to provide them Cloaths while they continued there; but it being observed, that for want of them they suffered in their Health, not being timely provided, the Weekly Committee, and other Governors, and other charitable Persons, have contributed towards erecting and furnishing a Wardrobe. The Names of which Benefactors are likewise set up in the said Wardrobe, as follows:

Benefactions towards the Wardrobe.

Towards the settling the useful Charity of a Wardrobe for the poor Lunaticks, 1691,

Mr. John Johnson gave105l.
Mrs. Margaret Hampton, Widow.50l.

This has since been increased by the Charity of

Lieutenant Collonel Edward Beaker.
Major Thomas Hodges.
Mr. William Wilkinson.
Mr. William Fazakerley.
Mr. William Rouse.
Being of the Committee
for the said Hospital,
for the Months of
October and April, 1693.

And since, by

Mr. Thomas Gardiner, Deputy of his Ward.
Mr. Samuel Shepheard.
Mr. John Carter.

A Person unknown, by the Hands of Mr. Deputy Fazakerley, gave Twenty Shillings, per Annum for 16 Years.


Mr. Edward