Bethlem Hospital. 193

Bethlem Hospital.
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The inside consists chiefly of Two Galleries, over the other, each 193 Yards long, 13 Foot high, and 16 Foot broad; not including the Cells for the Patients, which are 12 Foot deep. The said Galleries are divided in the Middle by two Iron Grates. So that now all the Men are placed in one End of the House, and all the Women at the other, each having their proper Conveniences; as likewise a Stove Room, where in the Winter they have a Fire to warm them; and at each End of the lower Gallery a large Grass Plot, to air and refresh themselves in the Summer: And in each Gallery Servants lye, to be ready at hand on all Occasions.

The Dimensions.

A Stove Room.

Besides, below Stairs there is made of late a Bathing Place for the Patients; so contrived, as to be an hot or cold Bath, as occasion requires.

A Bath.

In the middle of the Upper Gallery is a large spatious Room where the Governors, and in the Lower a lesser, where the weekly Committee meet, and the Physician prescribes for the Patients.

Convenient Rooms and Apartments.

Besides, convenient Apartments for the Steward of the House, for the Porter, Matron, Nurse, and Servants; and below Stairs, all necessary Offices for keeping and dressing the Provisions, for washing, and other Necessaries belonging to so large a Family.

The Hospitals of Bridewell and Bethlem being made one Corporation, they have the same President, Treasurer, Governors, Clerk, Physician, Surgeon, Apothecary: But each Hospital has its proper Steward and inferior Officers; and out of the Governors a particular Committee is appointed for each.

Bethlem and Bridewell one Corporation.

Out of the Committee appointed for Bethlem, there are six to meet weekly, who on Saturday examine the Steward's Account of Expences for the Week preceding; and after it is approved, they sign it: They are likewise to view the Provisions, the Patients that are to be received or discharged; and direct other Matters belonging to the said Hospital.

In the Passage just within the Hospital are hung up these Orders.

Orders for this Hospital.

An Abstract of Orders of Court made the 30th of March 1677, for the good Government of the Hospital of BETHLEM.


I. That the Bell be rung at Sun setting every Evening, Summer and Winter; and that then all Persons do depart, and that afterwards no Persons be admitted in, but Quality or Governors.

II. That no Servant go out of the Hospital till half an Hour after ringing of the Bell; nor stay out after Eight from Michaelmas to Lady Day, nor after Ten from Lady Day to Michaelmas; and that but one half of them be out at one time.

III. That the Back Gate at London Wall shall always be kept shut, except extraordinary Occasions of bringing in Beer, &c. and that no Person shall come in to see the Lunaticks that way.

IV. That no Person, except Governors, shall be permitted to see the Lunaticks on Sundays.

V. That no Person do give the Lunaticks Strong Drink, Wine, Tobacco, or Spirits: Nor be permitted to sell any such thing in the Hospital.

VI. That such of the Lunaticks as are fit, be permitted to walk in the Yard till Dinner- time, and then be lock'd up in their Cells; and that no Lunatick that lies naked, or is in a Course of Physick, be seen by any Body, without Order of the Physician.

VII. That no Servant, or other Person whatsoever, shall take any Money given to the Lunaticks, to convert the same to their own Use, but the same to be kept for the Lunaticks, till recovered, or laid out for them in the mean time, as the Committee thinks fit.

VIII. That no Officer or Servant shall beat or abuse any Lunatick, nor offer any Force to them, but upon absolute Necessity, for the better governing of them.

IX. That no Person do presume to ask any Person for Money, till such a Person's Charity be first put into the Poor's Box; and that what afterwards shall be given to such Servant, be put by him into the Servants Box, to be distributed among them, pursuant to an Order of Court for that purpose.

X. That some of the Committee go weekly to the said Hospital, to see the Provisions weighed; and that the same be good, and rightly expended. That the Men Servants shall attend the Delivery of the Diet to the Lunatick men, and the Women Servants to the Lunatick Women.

Ordered, That the Porter, Basket Men, and all other Servants of the said Hospital, take effectual Care, that no Person whatsoever that they in the least suspect to be lewd or disorderly Persons, nor any Boys or Girls, that they think are Apprentices, and come there to idle away their Time, be upon any account permitted to come into the said Hospital; that the Steward of the said Hospital for the Time being, be Supervisor over all the Servants thereto belonging; and if any of them be remiss in their Duties, he to acquaint the Weekly Committee therewith.

August 11. 1699.

And in the same Passage on Pannels in Golden Letters are set the Names of all the Benefactors to this Hospital since the building of the same, viz.

Benefactors to the Hospital of Bethlem, since the building of this House, Anno Dom. 1676.


Mr. Richard Wine,5000 0
John Hobby, Esq;10000 0
Sir John Shorter, Knt.83180


Sir Stephen White,2500 0
Mr. John Young,2000 0
The Right Honourable the
Countess of Devon,
Mr. John Willow,1000 0


Mrs. Faith Underwood,5000 0
Mrs. Philippa Brooke,300000
Mr. James James,2000 0


Mr. Richard Staples,10000 0
Mr. George Toriano,2500 0
Sir Edmund Turner, per Ann.50000


Sir Peter Vandeputt,10000 0
Mr. James Mawprais,20000 0


Mr. Thomas Saunders,1500 0


Sir John Moore, Knt. late
Lord Maior of this City,
in the Time of his Maio-
ralty, gave to the Hospitals
of Bridewell and Bethlem,