St. THOMAS'S Hospital. 189

St. THOMAS'S Hospital.
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S   St. Thomas Hospitall in Southwark ]

Sir Wolston Dixie.05000 00
Sir John Wats, Clothworker.0200000
Sir Thomas Hunt, Skinner.0250000
Mr. William Lamb, Clothworker,
for ever by the Year.
Mr. Peter Blundel, Clothworker.2500000
Mr. Rich. Jacob, Vintner, by the Year.0020000
Mr. George Palme, Merchant Taylor.0500000
Mrs. Anne Whitmore.02000 00
Mrs. Margaret Audley.0500000
Mr. John Kendrick, Draper.0500000
Dr. Mead, late one of the Physicians here.1000000

But Sir Robert Clayton, Knight and Alderman of London, was the largest and noblest of all modern Benefactors, as appears by the Inscription upon his Statue in the middle of the second Court, set up by the Governors, while alive, in grateful Remembrance of him to Posterity. He is in his Habit as Lord Maior, holding a Charter in his right Hand. It is railed round; and on the Pedestal on the Northside it hath this Inscription:

Sir Robert Clayton, Benefactor.

ROBERTO CLAITONO Equiti, in Agro Northamptoniensi nato, Civi Londinensi, & Urbis Prætori, hujus Nosocomii Præsidi, novi Pauperum Ergastuli Vicepræsidi, & Fautori benefico. Quòd in Magistratu semper æquus, Patriæ, Libertatis, & Fidei reformatæ Vindex fuit acerrimus: Quòd præter alia Liberalitatis suæ erga egenos Monumenta, Puellarum in Christi Orphanotrophio Cubiculum suis sumptibus extrui curavit: Quòd ad hanc Domum reficiendam, Libras primùm DC. erogavit vivus. Et insuper MMCCC. Testamento legavit: Ob tanta viri Merita, hanc Statuam, quam Honoris causa viventi posuerant Nosocomii Curatores An. Dom. MDCCI. in Memoriam mortui decoraverunt, An. Dom. MDCCXIV.

On the Southside, on the Pedestal the same in Effect in English: Viz.

To Sir ROBERT CLAITON, Knt. born in Northamptonshire, Citizen and Lord Maior of LONDON, President of this Hospital, Vicepresident of the New Workhouse, and a bountiful Benefactor to it; a just Magistrate, and brave Defender of the Liberty and Religion of his Country. Who (besides many other Instances of his Charity to the Poor) built the Girls Ward in CHRISTS Hospital, gave first towards the rebuilding of this House 600l. and left by his last Will 2300l. to the Poor of it. This Statue was Erected in his Lifetime by the Governors, Ann. Dom. MDCCI. as a Monument of their Esteem of so much Worth; and to preserve his Memory after Death, was by them beautified, Ann. Dom. MDCCXIV.

On the Westside of the Pedestal is his Coat of Arms, supported by two Boys with Wings.

The first Court enjoys the Benefit of Two other Benefactors, being built on the Northside, containing three Wards, by Thomas Guy, Esq; Citizen and Stationer of London, a worthy Governor and bountiful Benefactor to this Hospital, Anno Dom. 1707. On the Southside containing also three Wards, by Thomas Frederick of London, Esq; a worthy Governor and liberal Benefactor to this Hospital, An. Dom. 1708. as the Inscriptions on each Side express.

Builders in the first Court.

Of the Antiquities of this Hospital, see more in the Description of the Borough of Southwark, in which Part it stands. The present President of this Hospital is, Sir Thomas Abney, Knt. and Alderman.


The Treasurer is William Cole, Esq;

The Physicians are
Dr. Coatsworth.
Dr. Wadsworth.

Having met with the Names of the Governors of this Hospital in the Political State for the Month of July, 1717, digested Alphabetically, I present it here: However many of them are now dead.

GOVERNORS of the ROYAL HOSPITAL of St. THOMAS in Southwark, Anno 1717.


Sir Thomas Abney, Knt. and Alderman, President.
The Aldermen of the City of London in Course.
William Cole, Esq; Treasurer at the Hospital.
Richard Adney, Esq;
Mr. John Andrews.
Mr. Thomas Ambrose.
Mr. Joseph Ashton.
Sir Justus Beck, Bar.
Sir Richard Blackmoor, Knt.
Sir Robert Breedon, Knt.
Edward Bovey, Esq;
Thomas Burrough, Esq;
Roger Bradyl, Esq;
John Boulter, Esq;
Robert Bristow, Esq;
Martin Colfield Bazil, Esq;
Major William Beyer.
Joseph Bagnal, Esq;
Blackwel, Esq;
Stephen Byss, Esq;
William Blackburn, Esq;
Robert Baily, Esq;
William Bellamy, Esq;
Capt. Barns.
Mr. Richard Bloen.
Mr. John Bennet.
Mr. Edward Buckley.
Mr. Benjamin Brains.
Mr. James Brains.
Mr. Joseph Brooksbank.
Mr. William Bettrice.
Mr. Richard Blondel.
Mr. Thomas Bacon.
Mr. William Billers.
Sir William Cole, Knt.
Sir Charles Cox, Knt.
Henry Cornish, Esq;
John Cleve, Esq;
William Cotesworth, Esq;
George Cresnel, Esq;
Awnsham Churchil, Esq;
William Clayton, Esq;
Spencer Cowper, Esq;
Richard Chiswel, Esq;
William Coward, Esq;
John Carbonnel, Esq;
James Craggs, Sen. Esq;
Colonel William Cook.
Mr. James Comber.
Mr. Richard Chambers.
Mr. Richard Collyer.
Mr. John Coleman.
Mr. Benjamin Craker.
Mr. Thomas Clark.
Mr. Richard Chauncy.
Mr. John Child.
Mr. William Henry Cornelison.
Mr. Joseph Chaplin.
Sir Thomas Dunk, Knt.
Paul Docminique, Esq;
Josiah Diston, Esq;
John Deacle, Esq;
William Dawsone, Esq;
Daniel Dolins, Esq;
Mr. Thomas Dixon.
Mr. John Dyer.
Mr. John Denew.
Mr. Edward Doughty.
Peter de la Noy, Esq;
Sir James Eyton, Knt.
Sir Peter Eaton, Knt.
Vigerus Edward, Esq;
Joseph Eyles, Esq;
Thomas Essington, Esq;
Mr. Richard Edmonson.
Mr. Thomas Ellis.
Sir Har. Fetherston Bar.
Thomas Frederick, Esq;
William Fenwick, Esq;
John Fuller, Esq;
Mr. Robert Ford.
Mr. Anthony Foster.
Mr. Richard Fountain.
Mr. Isaac Fryer.
Mr. John Fisher.
Sir Samuel Garth, Knt.
Sir Richard Gough, Knt.
Thomas Guy, Esq;
Nathaniel Gould, Esq;
Isaac Grevil, Esq;
James Gibson, Esq;
William Gore, Esq;
Peter Godfrey, Esq;
Mr. John Gould.
Mr. Robert Green.
Mr. Thomas Geering.
Mr. Richard Greystock.
Mr. Thomas Gibson.
Mr. John Gunston.
Mr. Nicholas Goodwin.
Mr. John Goodland.
Mr. Philip Gibbs.
Mr. Thomas Gough.
Urbanus Hall, Esq;
William Hooker, Esq;
Nathaniel Hern, Esq;
Edmond Halsey, Esq;
John Hibbert, Esq;
Fiennes Harrison, Esq;
Will. Heathcote, Esq;
Thomas Heath, Esq;

The Governors.