St. THOMAS'S Hospital. 188

St. THOMAS'S Hospital.

The Condition of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, from the Year 1705 to 1706 (as it was Published) was thus:

An. 1706.

Cured and Discharged from the said Hospital of Wounded, Sick, and Maimed Soldiers and Seamen, and other diseased Persons, 2282

Buried, 147

Remaining under Cure, 370

And from Easter 1706, to Easter 1707, the State of it was thus represented and brought in:

An. 1707.

Cured and Discharged from this Hospital, 2293

Buried, 141

Remaining under the Charge of the said Hospital, 371

Some few Years after, viz. at Easter 1711, the Account brought in stood thus:

An. 1711.

Cured and discharged thence, 2397

Buried, 118

Remaining under Cure, 366

The Year 1717 thus:

An. 1717.

Cured and Discharged, 2745

Buried, 207

Remaining under Cure, 517

Cured the last Year 1718, and discharged the Hospital, of Wounded, Sick, Maimed, &c. from several Parts of the Kingdom, and foreign Parts, 3088

An. 1718.

Buried, 198

Remaining under Cure, 513

The President of this Hospital, Sir William Steward, Knt. and Alderman.

The Treasurer, Peter Joy, Esq; Aged now 81.

Dr. Henry Levet,
Dr. Salisbury Cade,



THIS Hospital is seated in the Borough of Southwark, but in the Cities Jurisdiction, and is properly to be subjoined to that of St. Bartholomews, being also appropriated for the Cure of the Sick and Maimed poor People, which are thither sent from the several Parts of the Kingdom, by Certificates from the Church Wardens, and other substantial Inhabitants of the Parish where they dwell. And are accordingly received, and care taken of them, as at St. Bartholomews, until cured, or restored to Health, if curable.

Its Foundation.

R. B.

It is under the same Government with the former, and was Incorporated with Christ Church.] It was reckoned about an 100 Years ago to maintain 300 poor diseased, with the Charge of about 2000l. by the Year.]

Synops. Papism.

J. S.

This Hospital being very old was not long since rebuilt with more Conveniences, and far more handsome than formerly; the first Stone being laid by Sir John Fleet, in his Maioralty, and the Work carried on by the Generosity of several worthy Persons.

Repaired or Rebuilt.

R. B.

Although this Hospital did wholly escape the Fire of London, Anno 1666, yet a considerable Part of the Revenue lay in several Houses in London, which were destroyed thereby, which much impaired its Annual Revenue. And again, this Hospital sustained very great Losses by three other great Fires which happened in Southwark; and since that in London, viz. one in the Month of May, 1676. Another in June 1681: And a Third in September 1689. But notwithstanding these considerable Losses sustained, yet the Governors in the Year 1693 and 1694, finding most of the Buildings of the said Hospital very old, low, damp, and very incommodious for the reception of the Sick and Wounded Persons, did begin to build anew some Part thereof; so that in the Year 1694 they had expended (of the Governors free Gift) near 2000l. and were Anno 1695 still pursuing the same Building, not upon the old Foundation, which now is finished, being a very curious Structure, all of Brick and Stone. The Court Room, standing upon Columns of Stone, between two Court Yards; round about which are Wards and Lodgings for the sick and maimed Patients: So that the whole Charge in the Building this Hospital came to many Thousand Pounds.]

Damaged by Fires.

Some Part rebuilt very spendidly.

And even while the Building was carrying on, the careful Governors, to their Praise, maintained the same, or a greater Number of Patients than before. There are some of the old Wards still to be rebuilt, which cannot be accomplished without the assistance of charitable Persons.

Other Wards to be Rebuilt.

J. S.

This was the Condition of this Hospital some Years ago, but now most of those former Buildings, very old and incommodious for Patients, are rebuilt, chiefly by the Governors themselves, and so capable of many more Patients than before. But the Yearly Revenue is not sufficient to answer the constant Annual Charge of so great a Number.

Abundance of poor Creatures have received Cures here. In the Year 1694, there went out Cured 1824 Persons; few Years, less than a Thousand or 1500.

Numbers of Persons cured.

In the Year 1704, the Account given in of the State thereof was as follows:

State of this Hosiptal.

Cured and Discharged from this Hospital, of Wounden, Sick, and Maimed Soldiers, Seamen, and other diseased Persons, 2877

An. 1704.

The State of this Hospital the Year 1705 was thus given in:

An. 1705.

Cured and Discharged this Year, 2638

The Condition of St. Thomas's Hospital from the Year 1705 to the Year 1706, (as it was published by the City) was thus:

An. 1706.

Cured and Discharged from this Hospital of Wounded, Sick, and Maimed Soldiers and Seamen, and other diseased Persons, 2592

Buried, 126

Remaining under Cure, 359

And from Easter 1706 to Easter 1707, this was the State thereof:

An. 1707.

Cured and Discharged from this Hospital the last Year, 2820

Buried, 174

Remaining under Cure, 362

Some Years after, viz. Anno 1711, were Cured and Discharged, 2900

An. 1711.

Buried, 185

Remaining under Cure, 455

The two last Years 1717, 1718, the Condition of the Hospital stood thus:

An. 1717.

Cured and Discharged from this Hospital, 3491

Buried hence, 206

Remaining under Cure, 541

Cured and Discharged this last Year 1718, of Wounded, Maimed, Sick, and Diseased, of the City, and other Parts of the Kings Dominions, and foreign Parts, 3608

An. 1718.

Buried, 216

Remaining under Cure, 566



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