St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Benefactors. 187

St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Benefactors.

" stance may increase. That thy holy Name may thereby be the more praised and glorified; to whom be all Laud, Honour, and Glory, World without end. Amen."

This Hospital now contains two spacious Courts for the Harbour of these Poor, Sick, and Maimed. There is also a Building belonging to it, called The President's Building, for cutting of the Stone. They have also an House in Kent Street in Southwark; and another at Kingsland in the Parish of Hackney. Besides, there be many other Patients, on whom are bestowed the Charity of their Medicines.

Their Courts.

Their Hospitals abroad.

Near an Hundred Years ago this Hospital maintained about 300 poor diseased People, at the Yearly Charge of 2000l.

Synops. Papism.

Although this Hospital wholly escaped the late dreadful Fire in 1666, yet a great Part of its Revenue being in Houses in London, suffered much thereby. Notwithstanding, such hath been the Care of the Governors, the Diligence and Industry of the Physicians and Surgeons, and the Supplies of several good Benefactors; that there have been Yearly received in here many Maimed and Sick Seamen and Soldiers, with other diseased Persons from divers Parts of the King's Dominions, and some from Foreign Parts; and many cured, and relieved with Money and other Necessaries at their Departure, besides their Diet and Lodging during their Cure.

The great Relief administred in this Hospital.

R. B.

By comparing the Cures here done in several Years past one with another, and the constant Numbers that are harboured here, a new Estimate may be given of the Annual Charges of this Hospital; for one Year with another there are seldom less than 1500 Persons cured. And seldom are there less in it than 250 Persons.

The Numbers here harboured and cured.

This Hospital hath within these few Years been enlarged by a new Ward, built of Brick and Stone on Part of the Churchyard, standing upon Peers or Pillars; under which are Shops which front the common Passage, called The Long Walk, betwixt this and Christ Church Hospital.

A new Ward built.

The late True Report, viz. Anno 1717, informed us, that this Hospital hath been lately enlarged by several new Wards built; and so made capable of receiving a much greater Number of Patients than formerly, whereby the constant Annual Charge thereof is much increased; and the ordinary Revenues thereof are much lessened by the dreadful Fire, and so becomes a very fit Object of the Charity of all good Men, towards preserving the Lives of many miserable People, who otherwise must perish.]

Several new Wards built.

J. S.

To this Hospital, divers Honourable and other worthy Charitable People, have contributed their Benevolence; and to signalize the same, and to put others in Mind to follow so good an Example, the Governors have thought fit to have their Names fairly wrote with a Pensil in Oyl, on both Sides of the publick Passage, from Smithfield to Christ Church Hospital, at a convenient Height from the Ground, to be read by Passengers.


R. B.

BENEFACTORS to St. Bartholomew's Hospital.


Mr. Henry Wollaston, Draper,0400000
Mr. John Vernon, Merchant Taylor,0500000
Mr. Edward Harvist, Brewer,0250000
Mr. Nicholas Stile, Grocer,0050000
Mr. Jeffery Elmes, Merchant Taylor,0100000
Sir John Lyon, Grocer,0250000
Sir Wolstan Dixie,05000 00
Sir Thomas Cambel, Ironmonger,0050000
Sir John Swinnerton, Merchant Taylor,100000
Sir Thomas Hunt, Skinner,0250000
Mr. Peter Blundel, Clothworker,3500000
Mr. Gaius Newman, Goldsmith,0061304
Mr. John Newman, Grocer,0060000
Mr. Richard Jacob, Vintner, by the Year,0020000
Mr. John Berryman, Clothier,0050000
Mr. John Ireland, Salter,0040000
Mr. Francis Erington, Merchant Taylor,100000
Mr. Henry Butler, Draper,0050000
Mr. Peter Hall, Draper,0030000
Mr. George Chamberlain, Ironmonger,0050000
Mr. Thomas Church, Draper,0050000
Mr. Hugh Coppe, Plaisterer,0100000
Mr. Randolph Wolley, Merchant, Taylor,0030000
Mr. Henry Walcot, Grocer,0200000
Lady Mary Ramsey,01000 00
Mrs. Anne Whitmore,06000 00
Mrs. Margaret Audley,0500000
Mr. John Kendrick, Draper,0500000
Baptist Lord Hicks, Viscount Cambden,100000]

All these were before the Year of our Lord 1633.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital within the last Year, viz. 1718, had these good Friends and Benefactors.


Dame Sarah Pritchard,1000000
Samuel Shepheard, Esq;1000000
William Nutt, Esq;05000 00
Christopher Musgrave, Esq;2000000
William Dalby, Esq;10000 00
John Houblon, Esq;20000 00
William Hoskins, Esq;0200000

Besides some settled Annuities by Mr. Paul Jarvis, and Mr. William Allen.

The Governors, Anno 1691, repaired and beautified this Hospital; and in the publick Passage through the same caused the Names of their Benefactors to be fairly Written.

In this Hospital of St. Bartholomews, as also of that of St. Thomas in Southwark, not only poor People of the City and Southwark, but the distressed of any other Parts of the King's Dominions, and from Foreign Countries, are taken in, and taken care of; and when they depart receive Money and other Necessaries, to carry them to their respective Parishes or Places of Abode.

Who are taken in here.

The Revenue of this Hospital is not sufficient to support above the Moiety of the Charge of the Whole, contingent Charities being lately much lessened.

The Revenue.

This was the Account of the State of this Hospital given in, in the Year 1704.

The State of the Hospital, Anno 1704.

Cured and discharged from the Hospital the last Year, of Wounded, Sick, and Maimed Persons, as well Soldiers, Seamen, as others, 2664.

Buried, 165

Remaining under Cure, 363

The State of this Hospital, as it was given in, in the Year 1705 stood thus:

The State of it, Anno 1705.

Cured and Discharged from this Hospital, 2274

Buried, 166

Remaining under Cure, 373