St. Bartholomew's Hospital. 186

St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

To the Butler.0613 04
To the Cook.060000
To the Porter.0600 00
To the three Surgeons.600000
To the Eight Beadles.2613 04
And for Liveries.1000 00
To the Matron and twelve Sisters.260608
To the Matron for her Board Wages,
at 1s. 6d. per Week
Twelve Sisters for their Board Wages
at 1s. 4d. per Week, each
To the Matron for her Livery.001304
To the Sisters for their Livery.060000
To the Ministers of Christs
Church by the King's Assign-
ment; that is to say, a Vi-
car, a Visitor of Newgate, five
Priests, two Clerks, and a Sex-
ton Yearly.
To the Ministers of the Church
within the Hospital, by the
same Assignment, that is to
say, to a Vicar, a Clerk, and
a Sexton.
To certain Men of Law, and
other Persons, given in Fees
by the said King's Majesty,
Yearly by Patent.

Charges of Household.


For the Diets of 100 Persons
at 2d. per Day.
For 68 Loads of Coals at 16s.
per Load.
For Wood Yearly.2400 00
For Candles Yearly.0500 00
For Yearly Reparation of the
Hospital and Tenements ap-
pertaining to the same.
Sum of the Charges certain7980200
Toward the which was Yearly
received by the Kings En-
And by the like Endowment of
the City of London.
In the whole66613 04
So the Hospital was charged
Yearly of certain (besides
uncertain) Expences, over
and above the Sum of their

Which only arose from the Charity of certain merciful Citizens.

Of the Antiquity of this Hospital, see more in the Description of Faringdon Ward without, in which it is seated.

It may not be amiss to relate the Form of the Charge beforesaid, that was used to be given to the new Governors when they were admitted. The whole Company of the Twelve old Governors, sitting in Assembly together, caused their Clerk to read unto the Six newly elected the Charge hereafter following:

"It may please you to understand, that ye are here elected and chosen, as Fellow Governors of this Hospital, to continue by the space of two Years. By all which time, according to such laudable Decrees and Ordinances, as have been, and shall be made, by the Authority of the Lord Maior, chief Patron hereof, in the Name of the City, and the Consent of the Go- vernors for the time being, all your other Business set apart, as much as you possibly may, ye shall endeavour your selves to attend only upon the needful Doings of this House, with such a loving and careful Diligence as shall become the faithful Ministers of God, whom ye chiefly in this Vocation are appointed to serve, and to whom for your Negligences or Defaults herein, ye shall render an Account. For truly ye cannot be blameless before God, if after you have set Hand to this good Plough, and promised your Diligence to the Poor, ye shall contrariwise turn you Head backward, and not perform the Succour that Chirst looketh for at your Hands, and hath witnessed to be done to himself, with these Words, Whatsoever ye do to one of these needy Persons for my Names sake, the same ye do unto me. And contrariwise, if ye neglect and despise them ye despise me. "

The Charge to the Governors.

" We therefore require and desire every of you, on God's Behalf, and in his most holy Name, that ye endeavour your selves, to the best of your Wit and Powers, so to comfort, order and govern this House, and the Poor thereof, that at the last Day ye may appear before the Face of God, as true and faithful Stewards and Disposers of all such Things, as shall for the Comfort and Succor of them (during the time of your Office) be committed to your Credit and Charge. And this to do we require you faithfully to promise in the Sight of God, and Hearing of your Brethren. And so doing We here admit you into our Fellowship."

And so likewise had all the Officers, Superior and Inferior, their respective Charges, in a certain Form of Words given them, but too long to be here set down, as they remain in an old Book, set forth in K. Edward VI. his Reign, called Orders and Ordinances for the better Government of the Hospital of St. Bartholomew the less. Which may be found in the Appendix.

There was also a pious Form of Thanksgiving, which the Diseased being cured, and to be discharged the Hospital, were to repeat upon their Knees in the Hall, before the Hospitaler and two Masters of the House at the least, having learned it without Book according to the Hospitaler's Charge; which being so decent as well as pious an Act I cannot forbear to insert.

"We magnify and praise thee, O Lord, that so mercifully and favourably hast looked upon us, miserable and wretched Sinners, which so highly have offended thy Divine Majesty, that we are not worthy to be numbred among thy elect and chosen People. Our Sins being great and grievous, are daily before our Eyes. We lament and be sorry for them, and with sorrowful Heart and lamentable Tears, we call and cry unto thee for Mercy. Have Mercy upon us, O Lord, have Mercy upon us, and according to thy great Mercy wipe away the Multitude of our Sins: And grant us now, O Lord, thy most holy and working Spirit, that setting aside all Vice and Idleness, we may in they Fear walk, and go forward in all Virtue and Godliness. "

A Thanksgiving to be said by the Diseased, when cured and discharged.

" And for that thou hast moved, O Lord, the Hearts of godly Men, and the Governors of this House, to shew their exceeding Charity towards us, in curing of our Maladies and Diseases, we yield most humble and hearty Thanks to thy Majesty, and shall incessantly laud and praise thy most holy and glorious Name, beseeching thee, most gracious and merciful Lord, according to thy holy Word and Promise, so to bless thine own Dwelling House, and the faithful Ministers thereof, that there be here found no lack, by that their Riches and Sub-"