Christ's Church Hospital. St. Bartholomew's. 184

Christ's Church Hospital. St. Bartholomew's.

Mr. Paul Jervis, Gent.100l.
Sir Edward Wills, Knight,100l.
Samuel Shepherd, Esq;100l.
Sir James Bateman, Kt. and Ald.100l.
Sir John Lethieullier, Kt.100l.
Sir Richard Hoar, Kt. and Ald.100l.
Mrs. Jane Elliot,100l.
Mrs. Sarah Rudyerd,100l.
William Nutt, Esq;50l.
Mr. William Bridges,50l.

The President of this Hospital, is Sir Robert Child, Knight and Alderman.

The Treasurer is, Sir George Mertin.

Sir Hans Sloan, Baronet, Physician.

In the great Room above Stairs, where the Governors usually meet, there hang round it the Pictures of the Royal Founder, and divers other chief Benefactors; viz. at the upper End of the Room,


King Edward VI. The Founder of this Hospital.

King Charles II. on his Right Hand; who founded the Mathematick School.

King James II. on his Left Hand.

Then follow the rest, with the Inscription under each of them.

Sir Richard Dobbs, Knight, Maior Anno 1552.

Christ's Hospital erected was, a passing Deed of Pity,
What Time Sir Richard Dobbs was Maior of this most famous City.
Who careful was in Government, and furthered much the same;
Also a Benefactor good, and joyed to see it frame.
Whose Picture here his Friends have put, to put each Wight in mind,
To imitate his Vertuous Deeds, as God hath us assign'd.

Dame Mary Ramsey, Widow of Sir Thomas Ramsey, Knight, and President: A most Munificent Benefactor to this Hospital, and other Places, Anno 1599.

Thomas Barnes, Esq; Citizen and Haberdasher, Anno 1667: A bountiful Benefactor to this Hospital.

Erasmus Smith, Esq; in the Year 1666, and afterwards, was a very Bountiful and Liberal Benefactor to this Foundation.

Sir John Leman, Knight, and President of this Hospital: A very bountiful Benefactor, Anno 1632.

Sir Thomas Viner, Knight, and President of this Hospital, Anno 1658. A worthy Benefactor when living, and at his Decease.

Mr. Richard Young, Citizen of London, and some Time of Roxwell in Essex, Anno 1661, was a worthy Benefactor to this Hospital.

Daniel Colwall, Esq; one of the Governors, Anno 1667, a Living Benefactor; and at his Decease, 1690, was extraordinary Liberal and Charitable to this Hospital.

Sir Christopher Clitherow, Knight, and President of this Hospital, 1641; a Benefactor. Sir John Moore, Knight, and President Anno 1684: A Liberal Benefactor to this Hospital, on several Accounts; and in building the new Writing School, at the West End of the Town-Ditch: Finished Anno 1695, when living.

Sir John Frederick, Knight, and President Anno 1662, to the Year 1684, was a very Liberal and Bountiful Benefactor; besides his extraordinary Charges in Rebuilding the great Hall in this Hospital.

Sir Wolstone Dixey, Knight, and President; a worthy Benefactor to this Hospital, in the Year 1593.

John Morrise, Esq; in the Year 1670, a Benefactor in Repairing the Cloysters; and since very Liberal towards Building the Girls Ward, over the South Cloyster in this Hospital.

Mr. Thomas Stretchley, Gent. Anno 1682, gave certain Lands to this Hospital, besides the Reversion of a considerable Estate.

Henry Stone, of Skellingthorp, in the County of Lincoln, Esq; a most Munificent Benefactor to this Hospital. Who died in June, 1693.

William Garway, of Ford, in the Rape of Arundel, in the County of Sussex, Esq; a very Munificent Benefactor to this Hospital. He died Anno 1701.

Sir Robert Clayton, Knight and Alderman, and sometime Lord Maior of this City: Who built the Ward for the Girls, Anno 1682; and was otherwise a good Benefactor to this Hospital. He died in the Year 1707.]



THis Hospital is incorporated by the Name of the Hospital of the Maior, Commonalty and Citizens of London, Governors for the Poor, called Little S. Bartholomew's near to West Smithfield. It was erected for Sick and Maimed People: Where great Care is taken of them, and all Necessaries for Food, Lodging, Attendance, Physick and Medicaments proper for their Cure, administred. For they have good able Physicians and Surgeons provided, belonging to the Hospital; who give their constant Attendance, as Occasion requires. And they have Matrons and Nurses, to look to them, and to see that they have what is convenient.

How incorporated.

R. B.

Erected for Sick and Maimed.

There belongs also to the Hospital an Apothecary, to provide and prepare what the Physicians direct. And the Diseased are duly visited by them in the Wards where they are lodged, every Morning and Evening, as there is need: Every on having a Bed to himself. And by the Care of the Matrons, the Wards are always kept clean and neat.]

It formerly belonged to the Priory of St. Bartholomew in Smithfield, founded by one RAHERE, an ingenious Gentleman, belonging to King Henry the First; founding it about the Year 1102; and he was himself the first Prior.

The ancient Foundation thereof.

J. S.

It was governed by a Master and Eight Brethren, and Four Sisters, to take care of the Poor of the said Hospital.

Both Priory and Hospital were dissolved under King Henry the Eighth: Who in the last Year of his Reign, founded the Hospital anew, and gave 500 Marks per Annum towards its Maintenance.

King Edward the VIth was a chief Benefactor to it, as was shewn before.