Mr. Samuel Doody.
James Drake, M.D.
Sir Matthew Dudley, Knt.
Maurice Emmet, Esq;
John Evelyn, Esq;
John Flamsted, Ast. Reg.
John Fryar, M.D.
Sir Robert Gordon, Knt.
David Gregory, M.D.
Nehemiah Grew, M.D.
Sir Rowl. Gwynne, Knt.
Charles Lord Hallifax.
Edward Haines, Esq;
Mr. Edward Haistwell.
Anthony Hammond, Esq;
John Harris, A.M.
John Henley, Esq;
John Hickes, Esq;
Sir John Hoskins, Knt. and Bar.
Mr. John Houghton.
Mr. James Hodgson.
Charles Howard of Norfolk, Esq;
Edward Howard of Norfolk, Esq;
Hugh Howard, Esq;
John Jackson, Esq;
Sir Charles Isaac, Knt.
Edward Lord Bishop of Kilmore and Ardah.
Mr. John Keill.
Sir Edmund King, Knt.
Thomas Kirke, Esq;
Edward Laney, Prof. Theol. Gresh.
Martin Lister, M.D. Med. Reg.
Sir John Lowther, Bar.
Mr. John Lowthorpe.
Owen Lloyd, T.D.
Sir Berkley Lucy, Bar.
Cyprianus, M.D.
John Mapletoft, D.D.
Richard Mead, M.D.
Walter Mills, M.D.
Benj. Middleton, Esq;
Robert Molesworth, Esq;
Thomas Molineux, M.D.
Joseph Morland, M.D.
John Morton, A.M.
Mr. George Moult.
Will. Musgrave, M.D.
Robert Nelson, Esq;
John Newey, M.A.
Edward Norris, M.D.
William Oliver, M.D.
Thomas Earl of Pembroke, Lord President.
Sir John Percivale, Knt. and Bar.
Mr. James Petiver.
Robert Pitt, M.D.
Mr. James Pond.
Matthew Prior, Esq;
Thomas Lord Bishop of Rochester.
Lord Reay.
John Ray, A.M.
Russel Roberts, Esq;
Richard Robinson, M.D.
Tancred Robinson, M.D.
Joseph Ralphson, M.A.
Gilbert Lord Bishop of Salisbury.
The L. Visc. Seafield.
The Lord Viscount Shelborne.
John Lord Somers, Baron of Evesham.
John Shadwell, M.D.
J. Shaw Esq;
Frederik Slare, M.D.
Thomas Smith, D.D.
Sir John Stanley.
Edward Smith, Dean of St. Patrick.
Edward Southwell, Esq;
George Stepney, Esq;
Mr. Philip Stubs.
Sir Philip Sydenham.
The Lord Viscount Tarbat.
Ralph Thoresby, Gent.
Robert Tompson, M.D.
Alexander Torriano, Ast. Prof. Gres.
Thomas Lord Viscount Weymouth.
Sir Paul Whitchcot, Knt. and Bar.
Sir Thomas Willoughby, Bar.
John Woodward, M.D. P.M.G.
George Worth, Esq;
William Wotton, B.D.

      Persons of other Nations.
Ds. Gergius Baglivus.
Ds. Godefr. Bidloo, M.D.
Ds. Dominicus Bottonus.
Ds. Basnage de Bauval.
Ds. Paulus Bussiere.
Ds. Bourdeliu, M.D. Paris.
Ds. Dominicus Cassini, Ast. Reg. Pa.
Ds. Jacobus Cassini.
Ds. Joannes Chardellou.
Ds. Abrahamus
Ds. Thomas Delbene.
Ds. Johan. Dolæus, M.D.
Ds. Nicholas Fatio de Duillier.
Ds. Stephanus Geoffroy.
Ds. Gulielminus.
Ds. Jo. Theodor. Heinson, Hanov.
Ds. Urban. Hiarne, M.D.
Ds. Petrus Hotton, Botan. Prof. in Acad. Ludg. Bat.
Ds. Jo. Phil. Jordis, M.D. Franc.
Ds. David Krieg.
Ds. Gothofr. Guil. Leibnitius, J.V.D.
Ds. Michael Levassor.
Ds. Antonius Leuwenhoeck, Delphensis.
Ds. Christopher Leyoncrona, S.M.S.R.
Ds. Abrahamus de Moivre.
Ds. Johannes Marsigli, Conc. Im. R.
Ds. Jo. Burchard. Menckenius.
Ds. Dionisius Papin, M.D.
Ds. Louis Paul, M.D.
Ds. Jo. Nicholas Pechlin, M.D.
Ds. Moises Pujolas.
Ds. Rivinus, M.D.
Ds. Jo Ambrosius Sarotti.
Joh. Jac. Scheuchzerus, M.D. Tigur.
Ds. Petrus Slyvestre.
Ds. Franciscus Spoletus, Med. Pr. Pr. P.
Ds. Ez. de Spanheim, Liber Baro, Boruss. Reg.
Minister status, & ad Annam Reginam
Angliæ, Legatus Extraordinarius.
Ds. Otto Sperlingius.
Ds. Jo. Adamus Stampfer.
Ds. Timone, M.D.
Ds. Franciscus Travigni, Ph. Ven.
Ds. Valisenierius Pat. Prof.
Ds. Raymundus Viessiens, M.D.
Ds. Vincentius Vivianus, Mat. Flor.
Ds. Nicholaus Witsen, Cons. Amst.



TO this Learned Society I must add another of great Honour, while it continued, but now extinct; when several Persons of Honour and Learning combined into a Society or College of Antiquaries, beginning in the Reign of Q. Elizabeth, of which we have some Account in the Life of Learned Camden, who was one of the Society. They met one Day in the Week at Darby House, where the Heralds Office was and still is kept; and their Business was to confer together concerning the Antiquities of this Land; and at each Meeting two Questions were propounded to be the next Week discussed, each shewing their Opinions of them. And that which seemed most material, was, by one appointed for that Purpose, entred into a Book, that it might be of Use afterwards, and remain to Posterity. This Society increased daily, many Persons, both Learned and Noble, joyning themselves as Members thereof; but at length it flagged, and so was discontinued for Twenty Years; but was revived again by divers ingenious Gentlemen, in the Year 1614. Some of the Members were Sir James Ley, Knt. Attorney of the Court of Wards, afterwards Earl of Marleburgh, and Lord Treasurer; Sir Robert Cotton, Knt. and Baronet; Sir John Davies, K. James's Attorney for Ireland; Sir Richard St. George, then Norroy; Mr. Hackwel, the Queens Solicitor; Mr. Camden, Clarentieux; Sir Henry Spelman, Knt. and some others, whereof the two last were of the Original Foundation.

A Society of Antiquaries.

Life of Camden, by Ed. Gibson, now Bishop of Lincoln.

These prudently began this Society, by drawing up some Rules of Government and Limitations to be observed among them; whereof this was one, that for avoiding of Offence, they would meddle neither with Matters of State, nor Religion. At one of these Meetings they agreed upon two Questions, according to their formerly propounded Method, one whereof was touching the Original of the Terms, of which Sir Henry Spelman (from whose Letter I have set down all this Matter) saith, that it being obscure, and generally mistaken, he took some pains about. But before the next Meeting, understanding the King took some Mislike of the Society, and being informed that they had resolved to decline all Matters of State (which very Caution might have given the King some Jealousy) they forbare to meet any more; and so this brave Society sunk: but some Benefit of it remained; namely, what that learned Knight had prepared concerning the History of our Terms. It remained in MS. in the Bodleian Library at Oxford; since Printed, tho' not so Correct.

To this Society of Antiquarians, I find Camden referring himself, when Brooksemouth, York Herald, had made Exceptions to divers Genealogies of Noblemen, in his Britannia, as false, in a Tract of his, Printed Anno 1599. called A Discovery of Errors, &c. In Answer to which, that Learned and Modest Man, set a few Sheets at the End of his Edition of the Britannia, Anno 1600, vindicating his Writings from the Calumnies of that Herald; and at last referring the Accounts he

Camden appealed to this College.