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votion in Contributing toward the Erection and Dotation of Chelsea College; We have though it very fit, together with his Majesty's Letters, seconded by my Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, to declare the Reasons that caused this Work to be undetaken; and to add such Motives, as we have supposed may be most effectual to give Satisfaction to his Majesty's Desire, and Perfection to this Honourable Design.

First, It was considered, That the Pope's Agents travelled Sea and Land, wrote Books in Favour of their Faction; devised Lies and Slanders, to bring Religion and the Professors thereof into Hatred, and not sparing any standing in their way; by Falshood and Treachery oppugned Kings and Princes, that could not endure the Pope's Tyrannical Government. And for this End, Men of ready Wits, good Speech, long Experience, and competent Learning, have been maintained in Colleges, furnished with Books, holpen with Counsel and Directions, bound with Laws and Oaths, to uphold the Papal Hierarchy and Heresy; and, which moveth much, encouraged with great Promises, and large Rewards.

The Popish Faction gave occasion to this College.

Whereunto albeit private Men, piously affected, have from Time to Time opposed themselves; yet because they wanted Encouragement to undertake so great a Labour, Counsel of their Ancients to direct them, Books and Libraries to instruct them, Forms of proceeding to keep them in Compass, and Rewards to maintain them; those excepted that are due for Ecclesiastical Cures; It was further advised, That to make a sufficient Defence for the Truth of Religion, and Honour of the State, and a strong and continual Opposition against the continued Lies, Slanders, Errors, Heresies, Sects, Idolatries, and Blasphemies of our Adversaries; it was necessary to unite our Forces, and to appoint special Men, that without other Distraction might attend the Cause of Religion and the State, being furnished with Directions, Instructions, Counsel, Books, Presses, competent Maintenance, and other Necessaries.

This then was the Reason why this College, by his Majesty and the State, was first designed, and a Corporation granted with large Privileges; viz. That a select Number of Divines, and others, should be gathered together into one Body, and united with one Form of Laws, and there maintained. Who being furnished with Books, and directed by Men of Experience and Action, might always be ready to maintain our Christian Faith; to answer the Adversaries Calumniations, as well against Religion, as the State; to defend the Majesty of Kings and Princes, against the Usurpation of Popes; the Liberty of Christians, against the Yoke of Superstition: To supply the Defect of Teaching, where Appropriations have devoured the Ministry; by Teaching and Conference, to convince the obstinate Papist and Atheist, and by all lawful Means to maintain Truth, and discover Falshood.

This is the College commended by his Majesty, and intended by the State; and easy to be perfected, if it please all true Christians to further it with their Help and Favour, according to some Proportion of their Means.

His Majesty's Letters, directed to my Lord of Canterbury, follow in these Words:

"Right Trusty and Well-beloved Counsellor, We greet you well.
WHEREAS the Enemies of the Gospel have ever been forward to write, and publish Books for confirming of erroneous Doctrine, and impugning the Truth; and now of late seem more careful than before, to send daily into our Realms such their Writings, whereby our Loving Subjects, tho' otherwise well disposed, might be seduced, unless some Remedy thereof should be provided: We, by the Advice of our Council, have lately granted a Corporation, and given our Allowance for Erecting a College at Chelsea, for Learned Divines to be employed to write, as Occasion shall require, for Maintaining the Religion professed in our Kingdoms, and Confuting the Impugners thereof. Whereupon Dr. Sutcliffe, designed Provost of the said College, hath now humbly signified unto Us, That upon divers Promises of Help and Assistance towards the Erecting and Endowing the said College, he hath at his own Charge begun, and well proceeded in the Building; as doth sufficiently appear, by a good Part thereof already set up in the Place appointed for the same. We therefore being willing to favour and further so Religious a Work, will and require you to write your Letters to the Bishops of your Province, signifying unto them in our Name, That our Pleasure is, they deal with the Clergy, and other of their Diocese, to give their Charitable Benevolence for the perfecting of this good Work, so well begun. And for the better Performance of our Desire, We have given Order to the said Provost, and his Associates, to attend you and others, unto whom it may appertain, and to certify Us from Time to Time of their Proceeding." Thetford, the Fifth of May, 1616.

The King to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

To write to the Bishops, to promote this good Work.

These Letters my Lord Archbishop of Canterbury sendeth abroad to the Bishops of his Province, and secondeth them in these Terms:

"NOW because it is so Pious and Religious a Work, conducing both to God's Glory, and the Saving of many a Soul within this Kingdom; I cannot but wish, that all devout and well-affected Persons should, by your self and the Preachers in your Diocese, as well publickly as otherwise, be excited to contribute in some measure to so holy an Intendment now well begun. And altho' these and the like Motions have been frequent in these latter Times, yet let not those whom God hath blessed with any Wealth be weary of well doing; that it may not be said, that the idolatrous and superstitious Papists be more forward to advance their Falshoods, than we are to maintain God's Truth. Whatsoever is collected, I pray your Lordship may be carefully brought unto me; partly that it pass not through any defrauding Hand, and partly that his Majesty may be acquainted what is done in this Behalf."

The Archbishop's Letter to the Bishops.

"Your LORDSHIP's very Loving Brother,

The like Letters are written to my Lord Chancellor, and my Lord Maior of London.

By these Letters it may appear, That this College is not an idle Project of any private Man, but a pious Work projected by the King and State: And that all that profess Religion, and desire the Continuance and Advancement thereof, yea, all that honour his Majesty, and wish the Prosperity of the State, and desire the Increase of Learning, have Interest therein, and I hope shall receive Contentment and good Satisfaction by the same.

A pious Work protected by the King and State.

Being then a Work of Piety, for the Maintenance of true Religion; who can be accounted truly pious and religious, and yet yield no Help to advance it? Being a Project to maintain the

Earnestly recommended.