" vilions: As also in Plate, Metals, Jewels, Glass, Paper, Parchment, or otherwise in Windows, Grave Stone, Tombs, and Monuments, or elsewhere, without sufficient Direction and Authority so to do. And likewise strictly to prohibit and forbid all Coachmakers, and others, concerned in making Mourning Coaches and Chairs for the Nobility and Gentry, that they do not use varnished Bullion Nails; as they the said several Artificers and others herein aforementioned and intended, will answer the Contempt hereof at their Peril."

By her Majesty's Command,



SION College. Chelsea College. Act of Parliament for it. Intended for a College of Divines. The present good Use of it. The College of Civilians, called Doctors Commons. The several Courts here. The Arches. The Audience. The Prerogative. The Faculties. The Admiralty. The Delegates. The Royal Society for the Improvement of Knowledge; Society or College of Antiquaries.

NEXT we proceed to shew anothers fair College for Divines and Ministers, namely, such as are beneficed in the City; founded and set apart for their Meetings, and for the Improvement of their Studies; and likewise for the more convenient Lodging of such as are dispos'd to be the nearer to make use of an excellent, well replenished Library there.]

Sion College.

J. S.

This College is seated over against London Wall, near Cripplegate, and adjoining to St. Alphage Church, situate upon part of the Place where Elsing Spittle and Priory did formerly stand. It is a fair Building of smoothed Brick, with a large Library of the same, well furnished with Books; erected for the Benefit of the Clergy of London, and Liberties thereof, and called by the Name of Sion College. There are Alms Houses for twenty poor People, viz. ten Men, and ten Women.]

A College for the Clergy of London.

R. B.

Alms Houses for 20 poor People.

This worthy Gift was managed by the pious Care of Mr. John Simson, Rector of St. Olave's Hart Street in London, one of the Executors of Dr. Thomas White, Vicar of St. Dunstan's in the West, and one of the Residentiary Canons of St. Paul's Church. Which said Dr. White (besides sundry Sums of Money, and great yearly Revenues given by him to pious and charitable Uses in divers Places) gave 3000l. to purchase and build the said College for the Use of the Clergy, and Alms Houses for twenty poor People, as aforesaid.

Erected by Mr. John Simson, but the Gift of Dr. Tho. White.

A. M.

He also gave to the said College and Alms Houses 160l. per Ann. for ever; of which 120l. per Ann. is for the Maintenance of the Alms People, and 40l. per Ann. to bear the Charges of the Foundation; and for four Dinners for the Clergy, who are to have four Latin Sermons in the Year, one every Quarter; and upon these Days are to dine together in the College.

In the said College the said Mr. John Simson did in his Life-time, at his own proper Cost and Charges, build the Library, which is a spacious Room, being in Length 121 Foot, and 25 Foot broad; and furnished it with Wainscot Stalls, Desks, Seats, and other necessary and useful Ornaments, befitting the Place. He likewise, at his Cost and Charges, erected the new Building adjoining to the Library all along the South side of the College Court, for Lodgings for the Governors, or others at their Appointment. To this Library there have been divers bountiful and well disposed Benefactors, who have given large Sums of Money towards the furnishing of it: There being now a very good Collection of Books of Divinity, and other Parts of Learning.

The Library.

Benefactors to it.

The Right honourable Sir Paul Bayning, Viscount Sudbury gave 50l. The Right honourable Anne his Lady, after his Decease, gave 50l. for Books.

Sir George Crooks, Knt. one of his Majesty's Justices of his Pleas, gave 100l.

Rebecca Lady Romney, Widow to Sir William Romney, late Alderman of London, gave 100l.

Mr. William Gonnell, late Citizen and Girdler, and Merchant-Adventurer of London, gave by his Will 100l.

Mr. John Greennough, late Citizen and Woolman of London, gave 50l.

Mr. Robert Parkhurst, Citizen and Alderman of London, gave 50l.

Besides divers others, whose Names, Legacies, Gifts and Books bought therewith, are (by way of a grateful Memorial) fairly registred in a Book kept in the Library, for others to follow their good Examples.]

But to give some further Account of this College, both of the first and more modern State of it. Which I am the better enabled to do by the help of a MS. kept in the College, intitled, The History and State of Sion College, London, &c. written by John Williams, D.D. Rector of St. Mildred's Poultry, and President of the same College, 1693. late the Right Reverend and truly pious and learned Bishop of Chichester.

Further Account of this College.

J. S.



The Will of Dr. Thomas White, the Founder, bore Date, Anno 1623. He made two Executors, John Simson, before mentioned, who died 1633. and John Keeling of the Inner Temple. It was several Years before all Things were adjusted, and a Place found out and appointed for the Situation of this intended College.

White's Executors.

Anno 1627, the Place on which the College now stands was purchased. It was a Religious House, called the Priory of Elsyng Spittle, founded by Will. de Elsyng, Mercer, to the Honour of the Virgin Mary at first, for one Master and four Secular Priests. Afterwards he settled it on Augustin Friars, Anno 1340. Upon the Dissolution, 31. Hen. VIII. it was granted to John Williams, Esq; (afterwards Lord Thame) reserving a Quit Rent to the Crown of 1l. 17s. 2d. per Ann. His only Daughter Margery was married to Henry Norris, who in

The Purchase of the Place.