College of Physicians. 131

College of Physicians.

please. Are exempt from serving on Juries, or bearing any Parish Office, or providing Arms or Ammunition.

This Society had in ancient Time their College in Knight-Riders-Street, being the Gift of Dr. Linacre, Physician to K. Henry the VIIIth. From which in succeeding Times they removed to Amen-Corner, where they had purchased an House and Ground. Here Dr. Harvey (who found out the Circulation of the Blood) Anno 1652, built a Library and Publick Hall, which he granted for ever to the College, with his Library, and endowed it with his Estate, which he resigned to them in his Life. Part of which he assigned for an Anniversary Oration to commemorate all their Benefactors, and to exhort others to follow their good Examples; and for the providing a good Dinner for the Society.

Their ancient College in Knight-riders-street.

Thence to Amen Corner.

The Conflagration of London, Anno 1666, consuming this House, and the Ground, being but a Lease, the Fellows of this College purchased with their own Money a large Piece of Ground in Warwick-Lane, whereon they Erected a curious Building, which goes by the Name of the College of Physicians; of which Building, more in the Ward of Farringdon within, where it is seated. The late Marquess of Dorchester, (who did them the Honour to be admitied of their Society) at his Death bequethed his great and excellent Library unto them. For the keeping of which they have built a stately Room. At their first Institution, there were but Thirty Fellows of their Society; but K. Charles II. upon their Request augmented the Number to Forty; and K. James II. considering the large Increase of this City in Buildings and Inhabitants, was pleased in their new Charter to increase the Number to Eighty, and not to exceed. Before this Charter none could be admitted a Fellow of the College, if he had not taken his Degree of Doctor in one of the Universities; but now all those that have taken their Degree in any Foreign University are qualified to become Fellows.

The College of Physicians now in Warwick Lane.

The Number of Fellows increased from 30 to 80.

Who qualified to be Fellows.

But although their Power is great to obstruct the Practice in any one that is not of the College; yet whether by Connivance or Favour, others practise Physick, viz. Empiricks, Mountebanks, pretended Chymists, Apothecaries, Surgeons, and even Women, which oft proves the Ruin of many Persons. And yet by the Law of the Land, if any one that is not so qualified shall undertake a Cure, and his Patient die under his Hand it is deemed Felony in him.

To this College belongs a President, Four Censors, and Twelve Electors.


The President is the principal Member, and is annually chosen out of the Society.

The Four Censors, have by their Charter Authority to Survey, Correct, and Govern, all Physicians, or others, that shall practice within their Jurisdiction, viz. this City, and Seven Miles round, and to Fine or Imprison for Offences, as they shall see cause.]


A Catalogue of the Fellows, Candidates, Honorary Fellows, and Licentiates, of the Royal College of Physicians, London, as they were Anno 1704.


DR. Edward Brown, President.
Dr. Walter Charleton, Elect. Cens.
Dr. Sam. Collins, Elect.
Dr. Peter Barwick.
Dr. J. Lawson, Elect.
Dr. Josias Clark, Elect.
Dr. Richard Torlesse, Elect.
Dr. Thomas Alvey, Elect.
Dr. William Vaughan.
Dr. Edw. Hulse, Elect. Treasurer.
Dr. Cha. Goodall, Cens.
Dr. Phineas Fowke.
Dr. Walter Harris.
Dr. William Briggs.
Dr. Walter Mills.
Dr. Edward Tyson.
Dr. Frederick Slare.
Dr. Richard Darnelli.
Dr. J. Bateman, Cens. Register.
Dr. William Johnston.
Dr. William Dawes.
Dr. Thomas Gill.
Dr. Richard Robinson.
Dr. Lancelot Harrison.
Dr. Martin Lister.
Dr. Robert Pit.
Dr. Edmund Dickenson.
Sir Edmund King.
Dr. Edward Baynard.
Sir Theodore Colladon.
Dr. Rich. Blackurne.
Dr. Christian Harrel.
Dr. Simon Welman.
Dr. George How.
Dr. Nathaniel Johnston.
Dr. Robert Peirce.
Dr. Robert Gray.
Dr. Richard Smith.
Dr. Joshua le Feure.
Dr. Thomas Walsh.
Dr. John Ratcliff.
Dr. John Harrison.
Dr. Hans Sloane.
Sir Richard Blackmore.
Dr. Tancred Robinson.
Dr. Richard Carr.
Dr. John Hutton.
Dr. Peter Gelstorp.
Dr. William Musgrave.
Dr. Humphrey Ridley.
Dr. William Gibbons.
Dr. William Gould.
Dr. John Hawys.
Dr. Robert Conny.
Dr. Samuel Garth.
Dr. Hugh Camberlen.
Dr. William Cole.
Dr. Salusbury Cade.
Dr. Denton Nicholas.
Dr. Humphrey Brook.
Dr. John Wright.
Dr. J. Woodward, Cens.
Dr. George Colebrook.
Dr. Gideon Harvey.
Dr. John Branthwait.
Sir David Hamilton.

J. S.

Dr. John Nicholson.
Dr. Thomas Hoy.
Dr. Richard Morton.
Dr. John Wollaston.
Dr. James Drake.

      Honorary Fellows.
Dr. John Windebank.
Dr. Daniel Cox.
Dr. Nehemiah Grew.
Dr. Thomas Gibson.

Mr. Isaac Chauncey.
Dr. Christopher Crell.
Dr. Philip Guide.
Dr. John Groenvelt.
Dr. Joshua Palmer.
Dr. Henry Morelli.
Mr. John Peche.
Dr. William Sydenham.
Dr. John Jones.
Dr. Charles Nichols.
Dr. John Deffray.
Dr. Will. Grimbalstor.
Mr. Caleb Coatsworth.
Mr. John Tyril.
Mr. Francis Upton.
Mr. Thomas Botterell.
Dr. James Maucleer.
Dr. John Charles.
Dr. Philip Rose.
Dr. Thomas Rolfe.
Dr. William Oliver.
Dr. Oliver Horseman.
Mr. Ralph Hickes.
Dr. Thomas Walker.
Dr. Judocus Crull.
Dr. Peter Sylvestre.
Dr. Charles Morton.
Dr. George Fleming.
Dr. Stephen Hunt.
Dr. William Cockburn.
Mr. Thomas Turberville.
Dr. John Crichton.
Dr. Richard Short.
Dr. Abraham Cyprianus.
Mr. John Colebatch.
Mr. Roger Kenyon.

Edward Brown, President.
Walter Charleton, Elect. and Cens.
Charles Goodall, Censors.
John Bateman,
J. Woodward,

Dat. 10. die Aprilis, 1704, in Comitiis Censoriis ex ædibus Collegii nostri.

The President, Anno 1716, was Dr. John Bateman. But for a Catalogue of all the Fellows, Candidates, Honorary Fellows, and Licentiates of this College, for the Year 1716, I refer the Reader to the Present State of Great Britain, printed the same Year.

Such a College seemed very necessary to be Erected, for the better Encouragement of Learning and Study, in those that set apart themselves for the Prefession and Practice of Physick. In whose Hands the Lives of the Greatest and Noblest, as well as the Meanest, are put. And as by their Ignorance many Lives may be lost, and

The Usefulness of this College.

J. S.