Gresham-College. 126


and Twelve of the Company for the Mercers, and Eight for the City. Their Names for the Year 1707, (as I then received them) were as follows:

The Right Honourable Sir Robert Bedingfield, Knt. Lord Maior.

      Knts. and Aldermen.
Sir Richard Levett,
Sir Thomas Abney,
Sir Robert Beachcroft,

      For the City,
Mr. Thomas Loveday.
Mr. John Sherman.
Mr. Augustin Marriot.
Deputy Skinner.
Mr. Thomas Sisson.
Mr. John Halls.
Mr. Edw. Hammond.
Mr. John Cradock.

      For the Company of Mercers,
Mr. Nathaniel Houlton, Master.
Sir Edmund Harrison.
Sir Samuel Moyer.
Mr. William Bridges.
Mr. Nicolas Hilliard.
Mr. John Spillet.
Mr. Jasp. Clutterbuck
Tho. Blackmore, Esq;
Mr. Samuel Clark.
Mr. - Grivil.
Mr. Edward Carleton.

The Will of Sir Thomas Gresham, dated in July, 1575, the 17th Year of Elizabeth; for the Endowment of the Readers of these Lectures, was to this Tenor: "That one Moiety of the Buildings of the Royal Exchange, with all Pawns, Shops, Cellars, Vaults, Messuages, Tenements, &c. parcel of the said Exchange, after the Expiration of an Indenture Quadripartite, should remain unto the Maior, Commonalty, and Citizens of London, and to their Successors upon Trust to perform certain Payments, and other Intents hereafter limited: And the other Moiety to remain to the Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery of the Mercers of London, and to their Successors, upon Trust and Confidence, and to the Intents hereafter mentioned. And when that one Moiety of the said Exchange should come to the said Maior and Corporation of the said City, they and their Successors, shall every Year give and distribute, for the Sustentation of Four Persons, to be chosen by the said Maior and Commonalty, meet to read the Lectures of Divinity, Astronomy, Musick, and Geometry, within his own Dwelling House, within the Parish of St. Hellens in Bishopsgatestreet, and in St. Peters the Poor, the Sum of 200l.; that is, to every of the said Readers the Sum of 50l. Yearly, for their Salaries and Stipends; to be paid at the Feasts of the Annunciation of St. Mary the Virgin, and St. Michael the Archangel, by even Portions. And further, to give and distribute the Sum of 53l. 6s. 8d. Yearly, unto Eight Alms Folks, whom the said Maior and Commonalty, or their Successors appoint to inhabit his Eight Almshouses in St. Peters the Poor; to every of them the said Alms Folks the Sum of 6l. 13s. 4d. to be paid at the four usual Terms in the Year. And that the said Maior and Commonalty should give and distribute at the Terms aforesaid, to the Relief of the poor Prisoners in the Prisons, known by the Names of Newgate, Ludgate, the King's Bench, the Marshalsea, and the Counter in Woodstreet, 50l. in Money, or other Provisions and Necessaries; Viz. to every of the same five Prisons 10l. at the Four usual Feasts, or Twenty Eight Days next after."

Sir Tho. Gresham's Will concerning these Lectures. Communicated to me by Dr. J.W.

" And as concerning the other Moiety, disposed to the Wardens and Commonalty of the Corporation of the Mercers, they and their Successors Yearly shall give and pay, to and for the finding and sustentation of three Persons by them from time to time to be chosen, and meet to read the Lectures of Law, Physick, and Rhetorick, within his said Dwelling House the Sum of 150l. that is, to every of the said Readers, for the time being, the Sum of 50l. for their Salaries and Stipends at the two usual Terms of the Year, viz. the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and St. Michael, by equal Portions. And that the said Wardens and Corporation of Mercers, and their Successors, shall Yearly bestow and expend 100l. at Four several Times in the Year, in and about the Expences and Charges of a Feast or Dinner for the whole Company, to be had and made in the Mercers Hall, in the End of every their Quarter Day, the Sum of Twenty five Pounds; and shall every Year give and distribute to the Relief of the poor Persons and Prisoners in the Hospitals and Prisons, known by the Name of Christ or Christchurch, lately Grey Fryars in London, the Hospital of St. Bartilmews near Smithfield, the Spittel and Bedlam near Bishopsgatestreet, the Hospital for the Poor in Southwark, and the Counter kept in the Poultry 50l. in Money, or other Provisions and Necessaries for them; that is, to every the said Hospitals and Prisons, 10l. at the Four most usual Feasts, or within 28 Days after, &c. "

" And as concerning his said Mansion House, with the Gardens, Stables, and all and singular the other Appurtenances, &c. he willed and disposed, that they should remain, and the use thereof be, to the said Maior and Commonalty, and to their Successors: And also to the Wardens and Commonalty of the Mercers; to have and to hold in common; upon Trust and Confidence, that the same Maior and Commonalty, and the said Wardens and Commonalty of the Mercers, and their Successors, shall permit, and suffer, Seven Persons by them to be elected and appointed in Manner and Form aforesaid, meet and sufficiently learned to read the said Seven Lectures, to have the Occupation of all the said Mansion House, Gardens, and all other the Appurtenances, &c. for them, and every of them there to inhabit, study, and daily to read the said several Lectures. "

Mansion House.

" And his Will was, that none should be chosen to read any of the said Lectures, after that he should be Married; neither should receive any Fee or Stipend appointed for the reading of the said Lecture."

It is to be noted, That all this was thus disposed and given only during Fifty Years. Then after, the Will proceeds: "That moreover he willed and disposed, that if the said Maior and Commonalty, and the said Wardens and Commonalty, before the End of the said Fifty Years to them in Form aforesaid limited, should procure and obtain sufficient and lawful Dispensations and Licenses, Warrant and Authority had and obtained; should have and enjoy the said Royal Exchange, Messuages, Shops, Pawns, Vaults, Houses, and all other the Premisses, &c. for ever severally, by such Moieties, Rates, and other Portions, and in such manner and Form as before was limited, upon Trust and Confidence, that they severally for ever should do, and perform the Payments, Charges &c. before limited and expressed. "

" And he required and charged the said Corporations and chief Governors thereof, with circumspect Diligence, and without long delay to procure, and so to be done and obtained, as they would answer for the same before Almighty God. For if they, or any of them, should neglect the obtaining of such License or Warrant (which he trusted could not be difficult,"