TOWER of London. Office of Ordnance. 104

TOWER of London. Office of Ordnance.

notwithstanding, if every Inconvenience be duly observed, it will appear, That the secret Loss which since that Time hath happened to the Queen's Majesty, and the whole Realm, hath far exceeded any such Gain; and that in divers and sundry respects, not here to be set down at large; but otherwise, if without Offence it may be thought convenient.

The late Officers of the Mint, Anno 1704, of chiefest Note, were these:

1. Sir John Stanley, Master Worker.
2. Dr. Newton, Warden of the Mint.
3. Mr. Ellis, Comptroller.
4. Mr. Berisford, Deputy-Comptroller.
5. Mr. Harris, Graver.
6. Mr. Brattle, Say-Master.
7. Mr. Hains, Weigher and Teller.
8. John Brant, Esq; Chief Engineer.

The Officers of the Mint, Anno 1716, were these:

Warden of the Mint, Sir Richard Sanford.
Master Worker, Sir Isaac Newton, Kt.
Keeper of the Change and Coinage, Sir Richard Sanford, Bar.
Comptroller, Martin Bladen, Esq;
Assay-Master, Mr. Charles Brattel.
Clerk of the Papers, Mr. Tho. Hall.
Deputy-Warden, Mr. Pinkney.
Weigher and Teller, Hopton Haines, Esq;
Deputy Master-Worker, Dr. John Francis Fouquiere.
Deputy-Comptroller, Mr. Edward Hawke.
Clerk of the Irons, Major-General William Evans.

We now go on to another Office kept within the Tower, namely, that of the Ordnance.]



Of the Office of the Ordnance kept within the Tower . The several Officers . Matters transacted here .

THis is an Office of great Account and Importance, it being the Standing and Grand Magazine for all the Utensils, and Instruments, and Weapons of War, as well by Sea as by Land, for the Defence and Safety of the Kingdom; having the Superintendence, Ordering and Disposing, as well of the Grand Magazine lodged in the Storehouse in the Tower, as at Woolwich, Chatham, Portsmouth, Plimouth, Hull, Windsor, and elsewhere. In which Places, is Ammunition at all Times, for as many Land and Sea Forces, as may not only defend the Kingdom, but be serviceable to all our Neighbours in League and Friendship with us, and formidable to our Enemies.]

Office of the Ordnance.

R. B.

In old Records, I meet with several Patent-Officers belonging to this Office, which are now either wholly antiquated, or of little Account.

Old Officers of this Office.

J. S.

As, There was an Officer for keeping and making the Bows, called the Bowyers Office. This was granted by Patent to Robert Bridford, by King Richard II. in the Twenty second Year of his Reign, together with certain Houses belonging to the same Office. And Edward the IVth, in the Thirteenth Year of his Reign, granted to Thomas Masburgh, the Office of keeping, making and providing Bows in the Tower; granting him a certain Mansion, situate between the Tower called Wakefield Tower, and the Tower called West Smithfield, for exercising the foresaid Office.

Bowyers Office.

Chart. de Turr. pen. me.

There was also another Officer belonging to the Cross-Bows, who was called in the Records of the Tower, Attiliator Ballistarum. He seemed to be one who provided Harness and Accoutrements for those Bows. King Edward I. in the first of his Reign, granted this Office to T.S. And he had for his Wages, Seven pence halfpenny per Diem.

Attiliator Ballistarum.

Another Officer was called Galeator, that perhaps provided and took care for the Helmets or Head-Pieces. This Place was once granted to Richard Glover, Armig. Anno 5. H. IV.


There was an Armourer within the Tower. This Office was once enjoyed by William Snell, granted to him 1 Richard II. And John Fleet was appointed by Edward the III. in his Twelfth Year, Keeper of his Armour; and likewise of his Jewels, and other Things in the Tower, during Pleasure; with the Fee of 12d. a Day.


There was a Keeper of the Tents. This Place was granted by King Henry the VIth, in the Nineteenth Year of his Reign, to Richard Lound, for Term of Life: And he had a Mess withal granted him, situate upon the Wharf, near S. Katharine's Hospital. Which Mess is said to belong to the Office, 14 H. VI.]

Keeper of the Tents.

The Principal Officer at this Time, is stiled the MASTER GENERAL of the ORDNANCE; who ought to be a Person of great Honour and Integrity.

Officers now belonging to this Office.

R. B.

Subordinate to this Great Officer, (unto whom the Management of this Office is committed) are other Principal Officers; viz. 1. The Lieutenant-General. 2. The Surveyor. 3. The Clerk of the Ordnance. 4. The Keeper of the Stores. 5. The Clerk of the Deliveries. 6. The Treasurer and Paymaster.

All which do hold their Places by Patent under the Great Seal of England; and have their Clerks, for the Management of their respective Offices. Their Duties are as followeth.

The LIEUTENANT-GENERAL of the ORDNANCE, is to receive all Orders and Warrants from the Master, and the other principal Officers, and to see them duly executed; and to make Orders, as the King's Occasions shall require. Also, to give Order for the discharging the Great Ordnance, when required; as upon Coronation-Days, Birth-Days of Kings and Princes, Festivals, Triumphs, Victories, and the like.

Lieutenant of the Ordnance.