Tower of LONDON. Occurrences. 90

Tower of LONDON. Occurrences.

the Duke of Norfolk's Eldest Son; who died on Tower Hill in January, Anno 1546.

To proceed now to other Accidents and Executions.]

In the Year 1546, on the 27th of April, it being Tuesday in Easter- Week, William Foxley, Potmaker for the Mint in the Tower, fell asleep, and so continued sleeping; and could not be wakened by Pricking, Cramping, Burning, or otherwise whatsoever, till the first Day of the Term; which was full the Space of 14 Days, and 15 Nights, or more; for that Easter Term beginneth not afore 17 Days after Easter. The Cause of his thus sleeping could not be known, although the same were diligently searched after by the King's Physicians, and other learned Men. Yea, the King himself examined the said Foxley, who was in all Points found at his wakening, to be as if he had slept but one Night; and he lived more than Forty Years after in the said Tower, to wit, until the Year of Christ 1587, and then deceased on Wednesday in Easter- Week.

Will. Foxley slept in the Tower 14 Days and more, without waking.

In the Year 1553, (Queen Mary now reigning) the young Lady Jane Grey was beheaded within the Tower, on the 12th of February; who upon the Scaffold made a most ingenious Speech, and full of Pity; in effect, That she came thither for an Example to Posterity, that Innocence cannot be any Protection against Greatness; And that she was come thither, not for Aspiring to a Crown, but for not Refusing one when it was offered her.

Lady Jane Grey beheaded.

R. B.

Not long after, in the same Month, and the 23d Day, Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, Father to the said Lady Jane, was also beheaded on Tower Hill.

D. of Suffolk beheaded.

On the 11th of April following, Wyat (who was the Occasion of the Deaths of the Two former) himself was beheaded in the same place; whose Head was set up upon the Gallows at Hay Hill, near Hide Park, and his Quarters in several Places of the City.

Wyat beheaded and quarter'd.

Robert Earl of Essex was beheaded in the Tower Yard, on the 25th of February, 1600; who before his Death, desired to speak with some of them that were in the Conspiracy with him, especially Blount and Cuffe; whom as soon as he saw, he brake forth into these Words; Ask Pardon of God and the Queen; for thou hast chiefly provoked me to this Disloyalty.

Earl of Essex beheaded.

In the Year 1603, Sir Walter Raleigh was arraigned and condemned, but kept Prisoner in the Tower, (where he wrote his History of the World) until the Year 1617; when he was (by King James I.) allowed (upon his earnest Desire) to fetch Gold from a certain Mine in Guiana, in the West-Indies; wherein he miscarried. After which, King James gave way to the Sentence of Death executed upon him; having first been brought to the King's-Bench Bar the 27th of October, 1618, and there hearing the Sentence confirmed. From whence he was sent to the Gate-House, and from thence the next Morning to the Palace-Yard, where a Scaffold was erected; and there he was beheaded, after Fourteen Years Reprieve. Which the World thought very hard of; having been a Person of such uncommon Merit.

Sir W. Raleigh beheaded.

In the Year 1615, on the 27th of September, the Lady Arabella died in the Tower.

Lady Arabella.

In the same Year, Sir Thomas Overbury was poisoned in the Tower; for which the Earl of Somerset and his Lady were condemned. Sir Gervase Elwes, then Lieutenant of the Tower, Mrs. Turner, and divers others were executed.

Sir T. Overbury poisoned.

In the Year 1621, Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam, was displaced, and committed to the Tower.

Sir Fr. Bacon in the Tower.

In the Year 1625, the Earl of Arundel was committed to the Tower; and the Year following the Earl of Bristol.

Earls of Arundel and Bristol in the Tower.

In the Year 1631, on our Lady-Day, the Earl of Castlehaven was arraigned; and the 14th of May following, was beheaded on Tower Hill.

Earl of Castlehaven was beheaded.

In the Year 1640, the Earl of Strafford was impeached of High Treason, and committed to the Black Rod, Nov. 11. Committed to the Tower, December 8. He is charged in the House of Lords, Jan. 30. He made his Defence before the House of Lords, and is remanded to the Tower, Feb. 24. His Tryal began March 22, and ended April the 15th, 1641. He is voted the Second time guilty of High Treason, by the House of Lords, May 6. A Bill for the Execution of him, signed by the King, and beheaded on Tower Hill, May the 12th.

Earl of Strafford beheaded.

In the same Year, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. William Laud, is sequestred, and committed to the Black Rod, December 18. Is accused of High Treason before the House of Lords, and ordered to the Tower, Feb. 26. And was beheaded on Tower Hill, Jan. 10. 1644/5. His Head being severed from his Body, they were both put into a Coffin, and carried to a Surgeon's House on Tower Hill; where the Head being sewed on, the Corps was interred in Barkin- Church; from whence it was removed the 16th of July, 1663, to the Chapel of St. John's College, at Oxford; which was Nineteen Years after.

Archbishop Laud in the Tower, and beheaded.

In the Year 1641, Bishop Wren was accused of High Treason, and afterwards sent to the Tower. And in the same Year, Twelve Bishops were accused by the House of Commons of High Treason; of which Ten (Bishop Wren being one) were committed to the Tower, and the other Two to the Black Rod, Dec. 31.

Bishop Wren in the Tower.

In the Year 1642, July the 11th, Sir Richard Gurney (being then Lord Maior of London) was committed to the Tower.

Sir Rich. Gurney in the Tower.

In the Year 1644, on the 1st and 2d of January, Sir John Hotham the Father, and Captain Hotham his Son, were beheaded on Tower Hill.

The Hothams beheaded.

In the Year 1646, on the 11th of July, Mr. John Lilburn was committed to the Tower.

Lilburn in the Tower.

In the Year 1647, August the 7th, Sir Thomas Fairfax, General of the Parliament's Forces, was made Constable of the Tower.

Sir T. Fairfax Constable of the Tower.

In the Year 1648, the Lord Capel, being Prisoner in the Tower, made his Escape; but on the 2d of February was taken in Lambeth, being betrayed, (by the Waterman that carried him) and sent back to the Tower; and was beheaded with Duke Hamilton and the Earl of Holland, in the Palace-Yard at Westminster, March 9. following.

Lord Capel, Duke Hamilton and Earl of Holland beheaded.

In the Year 1649, November the 13th, Mr. Walker, a Parliament Man, and the Author of the History of Independence, was committed to the Tower, where he died.

Mr. Walker died in the Tower.

In the Year 1651, March the 29th, at Five a Clock at Night, Captain Brown Bushel was beheaded under the Scaffold upon Tower Hill, by Order of Parliament; for that he had formerly delivered up to the King Scarborough Castle.

Brown Bushel beheaded.

In the same Year, about the 23d of August, Mr. Love, a Presbyterian Minister, and Mr. Gibons were beheaded on Tower Hill.

Love and Gibons beheaded.

Also in the same Year, about the Beginning of November, Major General Massey, being very much wounded, surrendred himself to the Countess of Stamford; but the Lord Grey, her Son, secured and sent him to London; thence sent to the Tower, and some Time after made his Escape.

Massey imprisoned.

In the Year 1653, Aug. 20. when John Lilbourn, being acquitted by his Jury (in the Guild Hall,

J. Lilbourn sent to the Tower.