TOWER of London. Lieutenancy. 77

TOWER of London. Lieutenancy.

But more lately, there is some Variation in the Names of these Officers of the Tower. And how these Officers, together with those of the Tower Hamlets, were denominated and entitled, Anno 1701, may appear from the Account of the proclaiming of the late Queen Anne, viz.

The present Denomination of the Officers of the Tower and Hamlets.

The Right Honourable the Lord Lucas, Chief Governor of her Majesty's Tower of London, and Lord Lieutenant of the Hamlets, thereunto belonging.

The Deputy Governor.

Chief Steward.

Deputy Lieutenant.

Justices of the Peace.

Gentleman Porter.

Tower Major.

Yeomen Warders.

High Constables of the Liberty and Hamlet, and all other Peace- Officers within his Lordships Jurisdiction.

These all attended at the Proclamation of Queen Anne, Queen of England, &c. upon the Parade in the Tower, Tower Hill, White Chapel, Spittlefields, and Shadwel Market.

Lastly, For the most Modern Constables and Lieutenants of the Tower, viz. from King Charles the Second his Time to the present, this an imperfect List.

Modern Governors.

Constables and chief Governors.


The Earl of Northampton, the last Constable under K. Charles II.

K. Charles II.

The Lord Allington.

K. James II.

Earl of Dartmouth: Whose Title was Chief Governor and Constable.

Lord Lucas, immediately upon the Revolution had the Keys of the Tower delivered him, and entitled Chief Governor.

K. William III. and Q. Mary.

Earl of Abington, Constable.

Q. Anne.

Lieutenants and Deputies.


Sir John Robinson, Kt. and Baronet, and Alderman of London; the first Lieutenant after K. Charles's Return. After him,

Colonel Thomas Cheek.

Colonel Cheek continued.

Sir Edward Hales, Knt. He had terrifed the City by planting Mortar Pieces against it. Towards the very latter End of K. James he was put out by that King at the Desire of the Citizens; succeeded by Colonel Skelton. He tarried in the Place about three Weeks before the Revoluton. During these three Weeks these two Things happened, viz. the Popish Chapel, set up in the Tower, was burnt by Casualty. And Dr. Hawkins was ordered to read the Declaration for Liberty of Conscience in S. Peter's, while the Seven Bishops were in the Tower; which he refusing to do, was turned out.

General Charles Churchill, Lieutenant.
Colonel Farewel, his Deputy.
Hutton Compton, Esq; present Lieutenant, and Lord Lieutenant of the Royal Hamlets.
Colonel Robert De Oyley, Deputy Governor.

Now as to the Lieutenancy of the Tower, or Military Government thereof, the Constable or the Lieutenant hath the Command of the Militia in a considerable Compass about it in divers Divisions, called Hamlets, lying in the Parishes of Hackney, Stepney, White Chapel, Minories, S. Katharines, Wapping, Shadwell, Shoreditch, and the Liberty of Norton Folgate and Bromley. The Names of which Hamlets are as follows:

Lieutenancy of the Tower.

The Hamlets.

Norton Folgate.
White Chappel.
Trinity Minores.
East Smithfield.
Tower Extra.
Tower Intra.
St. Katharines.
Mile End.
Bednal Green.

Mr. Sergeant.

These One and Twenty Hamlets, being all the Hundred of Osulston, in the County of Middlesex, are exempted from the said County by Act of Parliament, 14 Car. II. to be the standing Militia of the Tower. The Constable or Lieutenant is Lord Lieutenant of the same. They raise two Regiments, consisting of Eight Hundred Men each; and were in the Reign of Q. Anne, commanded by my Lord Abingdon, and Sir Henry Johnson, Lieutenant Colonel, John Casse, and William Johnson, Esquires. And this, time out of Mind, hath been the constant Militia and standing Force of the Tower. And was confirmed by a Clause in an Act of Parliament under K. Charles II. in these Words:

"Provided also, and be it Enacted, That whereas the Militia of the Tower Division in the County of Middlesex, commonly known by the Name of the Tower Hamlets, are, and always have been under the Command of his Majesty's Constable, or Lieutenant of the Tower, for the Service and Preservation of that his Royal Fort, that it shall and may be lawful for his Majesties Constable or Lieutenant of the Tower for the time being, to continue to Levy the Trained Bands of the said Division or Hamlets of the Tower, in such Manner and Form, as to the Number and Quality of Persons, as was observed in forming the present Forces thereof." ]



The Antiquity and first Foundation of the Tower . Its Buildings , Reparations and Improvements . The New Armoury .

HAVING thus considered the Government of this Royal Arsenal, our Curiosity will lead us to enquire into the Antiquity and first Founding of it. Which we shall therefore proceed to shew; and likewise the various Reparations and Additions that have been made to it from time to time.

The Antiquity and First Buildings.


It hath been the common Opinion, and some have written, (but of none assured Ground) that Julius Cæsar the first Conqueror of the Britains,

Julius Cæsar reported the Founder.