TOWER of London. S. Peter's. 68

TOWER of London. S. Peter's.

and so strait East unto the Wall of London, with Nine Gardens above the Postern, and above the Broken Tower, right unto the midst of Hog Lane End; and so strait unto the Thames. And so six Foot without the Stairs at the Eastgate of the Tower towards St. Katharines, 27 H. 8.

By all which it appears, that the Precinct of the Tower begins at the Tower Dock, and extends unto the End of Towerstreet; and so is described to lye Juxta Barking Church on the Westside; Juxta Crutched Friars on the North; Juxta S. Mary Graces, and St. Katharines on the East. Juxta can have no other Construction but corjuuctim; so as there cannot be any Thing Interpositum, i.e. put between. And therefore London is secluded to have any Soil or Liberty between Barking Church, and Crutched Friars, St. Mary Graces, and St. Katharines.

Precinct of the Tower.

Add this concerning the Extent of the Maior and Cities Cognizance of Crimes done hereabouts: that there is a Roll in the Tower Records, viz. That Transgressions done infra Portam exteriorem, i.e. beneath the Outer Gate of the Tower, be not drawn before the Maior and Sheriffs of London. Pro Willimo. Finchinfeld.

But now to look within the Tower; the first Place that with deference to Holy Things is to be regarded is the Church; the Place appropriated for the Inhabitants of the Tower and Liberties to resort to for Divine Worship.

St. Peter's Church in the Tower.

The Tower is a Parish of it self, and the Church is called S. Peter's ad Vincula within the Tower. And it is said sometimes to be the Rectory, sometimes the Chappelry of S. Peter's. The Bounds are all the Compass of the Tower, and it hath some Territories without, as Little Tower Hill; which was therefore called, The King's Soil of Little Tower Hill; adjoining to which was a Place called, The King's Wast of Rosemary Lane or Hog Lane. But what are the Boundaries of the Parish, and of the Tower, hath been an old Controversy, between the Magistrates of the City, and the Officers of the Tower. The antient Tithes and Benefits belonging to the Rector of this Church, appears in Part by an old Record, 8. H. 5. Pro Joanne Salmonby Rectore Capelle in Turre, &c. whereby is granted to him 60s, Rent, and the Appurtenances in Candlewick Street, London, for and towards his Subsistance 38s. 8d. for that Tenement on Tower Hill and Little Wales, 58s. per Annum; from the Hospital of St. Katharines, 10 Mark per Annum, paid by the Coustable of the Tower; and 20s. per Annum of his good Will; 13s. per Annum from the Master of the Mint; and of every Artificer and Stipendiary a certain Tithe, out of their Wages and Stipends. This Church is commonly called St. Peters, in the Tower, and antiently called The Free Chapel of St. Peter's in the Tower. The Incumbent of it was called the Rector of St. Peter's. Several Chaplains also belonged to it, to perform Sacred Offices. All which were presented by the King.

The Parish of St. Peter's in the Tower.

The Tithes.

Pat. 8. H. 5. m. 5.

Thus in 21. Ed. 4. the Rectory was granted to William Fitz Herbert, Clerk, by Patent for Term of his Life. K. Edward III. seems to have been the Founder. For it appears by the Tower Records, that in the 28th of his Reign, for the Rector and three Chaplains, there appointed by the King, he granted certain Rents, at a certain Custom of Stabotes or Stalbotes, which were a kind of Fisher Boats. And two Years after, to wit, in the 30th of his Reign, he added two Chaplains more. And for the Maintenance of the Rector, and five Chaplains of this St. Peter's, there were granted by the King certain Allowances to be paid for some Tenements in London, and at Tower Hill and Petty Wales. And moreover, Fees of the Constable, and of the Officers, and of the Moneyers. And in the 36th of the same K. Edward the Founder, he granted a Chaplainship. Concess. Tho. de O. unam perpetuam Capellaniam sive Cantariam, i.e. "To Thomas de O. one perpetual Chaplainship, or Chantry in the Chapel there." And lastly, I find 27. H. 6. a Confirmation of the King's Grants and Donations to the Rector there.

It had a Rector and Chaplains.

This Church, no doubt, was formerly very large and spacious, since the Kings used to repair hither sometimes to their Devotions. In Henry the IIId's Time, here were Stalls for the King and Queen: And it had two Chancels belonging to it, viz. the Chancel of St. Peter, and another Chancel of which St. Mary was Tutelary. It was Adorned also with Mary and her Shrine, and with the Images of St. Peter, St. Nicholas, and St. Katharine. This and more we learn from a Letter mandatory of the King to the Keeper of the Tower Works, in the 25. Hen. 3. Anno 1241, for the Repair and further Adorning of this Church: Which ran to this Tenor:

What this Church was in former time.

Rex eisdem [Custodibus Operationis Turris] Salutem. Præcipimus vobis quod Cancellum beate Maria in Ecclesia Sancti Petri infra Ballium Turris nostræ London, & Cancellum beati Petri in eadem Eccles. & ab introitu Cancelli beati Petri usque ad spatium iiij Pedum ultra Stallos ad opus nostrum & Reginæ nostræ in eadem Ecclesia factos, bene & decenter lambruscari faciatis, & eosdem Stallos depingi. Et MARIOLAM cum suo Tabernaculo, & Ymagines beatorum Petri, Nicolai, & Katherinæ, & Trabem ultra Altare Beati Petri, & parvuum patibulum cum suis Ymaginibus denovo colorari, & bonis coloribus refriscari. Et fieri faciatis quandam Ymaginem de Sancto Christophoro tenentem & portantem Jesum, ubi melius & decentius fieri potest; & depingi in predicta Ecclesia. Et fieri faciatis tuas Tabulas pulchras, & de opt. Coloribus, & de Historiis beatorum Nichi. & Katherinæ depingi ante Altaria dictorum Sanctorum, in eadam Ecclesia; & duos Cherumbinos flantes a dextris & a sinistris magni patibuli pulchros fieri faciatis in predict. Ecclesia cum byllari vultu & jocoso: Et preterea unum Fontem Marmorcum cum Columpnis Marmoreis bene & decenter insoisis. Et Custum, &c. ut supra. [Scil. Quod ad hoc posueritis per visum & Testimonium legalium hominum, computabitur vobis ad Scaccar.] Teste, ut supra [Scil. Rege ap. Windles. xo die Decembr.]

For the Repair of St. Peter's.

Liberat. 25. H. 3. m. 20.

G. Holmes.

To this Sense in English;

"The King to the Keepers of the Tower Work, sendeth Greeting. We command you to Brush or plaister with Lime, well and decently, the Chancel of S. Mary, in the Church of St. Peter within the Bailiffwic of our Tower of London, and the Chancel of S. Peter in the same Church; and from the Entrance of the Chancel of St. Peter, to the space of four Foot beyond the Stalls made for our own and our Queen's Use in the same Church; and the same Stalls to be Painted; And the little Mary, with her Shrine, and the Images of St. Peter, St. Nicholas and Katharine, and the Beam beyond the Altar of St. Peter, and the little Cross, with its Images, [i.e. of Christ, John and Mary] to be Coloured anew, and to be refreshed with good Colours. And that ye cause to be made a certain Image of St. Christopher, holding and carrying Jesus, where it may best and most conveniently be Done, and Painted in the foresaid Church. And that ye cause two fair Tables to be made, and to be Painted of the best Colours, concerning the Stories of the Blessed Nicolas and Katharine, before the Altars of the said Saints in the same Church. And that ye cause to be made two fair Cherubins with a chearful and joyful Countenance, standing on the Right and Left of the great Cross in the said Church. And moreover, one Marble Font with Marble Pillars, well and handsomely wrought. And the Cost that for this you shall be at, by the View and Witness "