Acts for the River of THAMES. 46

Acts for the River of THAMES.

" Banks; then the same Person or Persons, and every of them, shall forfeit and pay for every Time so offending, One Hundred Shillings: The one Moiety thereof to be to the King our Sovereign Lord, and the other Moiety thereof to the Maior and Commonalty of London for the Time being. The same to be recovered and obtained by the Maior and Commonalty of London, by Bill or Plaint, Writ of Debt or Information, severally against every Offender, in any of the King's Courts; in which Actions and Suits, or any of them, the Party Defendant shall not be essoined or wage his Law, or any Protection to be allowed in the same."

" And it is further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if Complaint shall happen to be made to the Lord Chancellor of England, Lord Treasurer, Lord President of the King's Council, Lord Privy Seal, or to any of them, by any Person or Persons, or Body Politick; that Sir Thomas Spert, Knight, now having the Office and Ordering of, and for Ballasting of Ships, or any other that hereafter shall have the Office and Order of Ballasting of Ships, do take any Ballast for Ships near the said River of Thames, and do not take for Parcel of the said Ballasting, the Gravel and Sand of the Shelfs between Greenhyth and Richmond, within the said River of Thames, or in any Place or Places, that is or shall be unto the Damage or Annoyance of the said River of Thames, or in any Part thereof; that then upon every such Complaint, the said Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, Lord President of the King's most Honourable Council, Lord Privy Seal, and every of them; calling both the Chief Justices of either Bench, or one of them; shall have Power and Authority from Time to Time, to hear and finally determine every such Complaint by their Discretion, and to put such Order therein, for the taking of Ballast for Ships upon every such Complaint, as by their Discretions shall seem most convenient for the Preservation of the said River of Thames: And the Parties offending such Order, shall suffer Imprisonment, and make no less Fine than Five Pound to the King's Use, for every Time offending or breaking the same."

" Provided always, and be it enacted, That it shall be lawful to every Person and Persons, to dig, carry and take away Sand, Gravel, or other Rubbish, Earth or Thing, lying or being in, or upon any Shelf or Shelfs within the said River of Thames, without Let or Interruption of any Person or Persons, or paying any Thing for the same; any Thing contained in this present Act to the contrary notwithstanding."

An Act of COMMON COUNCIL, concerning the Conservation and Cleansing of the River of THAMES; made the 28th of September, in the Thirtieth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King HENRY the Eighth.


" WHere by the Statute made in the 27th Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King HENRY the Eighth, among other, for Reformation of the Misordering of the River of Thames, by casting in Dung and other Filth, many great Shelves, and other Risings, have been of late grown and made within the same River: By reason whereof, many great Breaches have ensued by occasion thereof, which of like shall be the Occasion of the utter De- struction of the said River, unless that the same Law be put in due Execution, according to the true Intent and Meaning thereof."

" Wherefore for a further Reformation of the same, and to the Intent that the said good and wholesome Statute may be put in more Execution, and better Knowledge of the People; It is enacted by the Authority of this Common Council, That Proclamation may be made within this said City, and the same to be put in Writing, and Tables thereof made and set up in divers Places of this City, That it shall be lawful to every Person or Persons, to dig, carry away, and take away Sand, Gravel, or any Rubbish, Earth, or any Thing lying or being in any Shelf or Shelves within the said River of Thames, without Let or Interruption of any Person or Persons, and without any Thing paying for the same; and after that to sell the same away, or otherwise occupy or dispose the said Gravel, Sand, or other Thing at their free Liberty and Pleasure. And that all Paviours, Bricklayers, Tilers, Masons, and all other that shall occupy Sand or Gravel, shall endeavour themselves with all their Diligence, to occupy the said Sand or Gravel, and none other, paying for the same reasonably, as they should and ought to pay for other Sand or Gravel digged out of other Mens Grounds about the said City; which after is filled again with much filthy Things, to the great Infection of the Inhabitants of the said City, and all other repairing unto the same. And that further, humble Suit may be made to the King's Highness, That all Persons having Lands or Tenements along the said River side, upon certain Pain by his Highness, and the Lords of his Honourable Council to be limited, shall well and sufficiently repair and maintain all the Walls and Banks adjoining unto their said Lands, that so the Water may not, nor shall break in upon the same: And the same to be continued till the Time that the said Noble River be brought again to his old Course and former Estate. And that strong Grates of Iron along the said Water side, and also by the Street side, where any Water-Course is had into the said Thames, be made by the Inhabitants of every Ward so along the said Water, as of old Time hath been accustomed. And that every Grate be in Height Four and twenty Inches at the least, or more, as the Place shall need, and in Breadth one from another, One Inch; and the same to be done with all Expedition and Speed. And if the Occupiers of the said Lands and Tenements make Default contrary to the Ordinance aforesaid; Or else if any Person or Persons, in great Rains and other Times, sweep their Soilage, or Filth of their Houses into the Channel, and the same after is conveyed into the Thames; every Person so offending, shall forfeit for every such Default twenty Pence: And that upon Complaint to be made to any Constable, next adjoining to the said Place where any such Default shall be found; it shall be lawful for the said Constable, or his sufficient Deputy for the Time being, from Time to Time to distrain for the same Offence; and to retain the same irreplegiable. And like Law to be observed and kept; and like Penalty to be paid for every Person that burns Rushes and Straw in their Houses, or wash in the common Streets or Lanes; and to be recovered as aforesaid: And the one Moiety thereof to be to the Maior and Commonalty, and the other Moiety to be divided between the said Constable that taketh Pain, and the Party Finder of the said Default. And if the Constable or his Deputy refuse to "