Orders for the THAMES. 41

Orders for the THAMES.

Court at Greenwich to Mr. Rookesby, Master of St. Katharines, Mr. Fanshaw, Mr. Peter Osborn, Remembrancer of the Exchequer, with this Order, viz. To call before them such as the Maior and City should appoint to follow this Cause; and likewise some of the principal Officers of the Navy, and others of the Masters of Trinity House; and to advise them to consult together, whether the Erection of these Mills might be beneficial or inconvenient; and in what Sort and Place it should be thought necessary they should be set up. That being by them advised, the Queen might be moved to grant their Request, if it should be found behooseful for the City, and not hurtful to the River of Thames. The Three abovesaid at length returned this Certificate to the Council: That by the Certificate of the principal Officers of the Navy, and the chief Masters of the Trinity House, and the Eight Masters and Overseers of the River, and other the Assistants of the Company of Watermen, as also by their own View and advised Consideration, it was found, that the erecting of the said Mills would not be hurtful nor prejudicial to the Thames any way: And also would work Benefit, and no Inconvenience, so far forth as hitherto they could see and perceive. This was dated May 16. 1588.

The Certificate of the Masters and Assistants of the Trinity House was this:

The Certificate of the Trinity House.

" Whereas it hath pleased the Lords of her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council to direct their Letter to the Worshipful Mr. Rookesby, Master of St. Catharines, Mr. Fanshaw, Mr. Osborn, Commissioners for the Building of certain Mills on the South side of Thames, upon the Starlings above the Bridge: And the Commissioners above named have sent for us the Master and Assistants of the Trinity House of Deptforth Strand, in Kent, that we should make the Survey, whether the erecting and building of those Mills might be prejudicial or hurtful to the said River; We whose Names are hereunder written, with others, have taken a View of the said Place, and do find, as far as we can judge and foresee, it will not be hurtful nor prejudicial to the said River in any way, April 4. 1588."

"John Hawkins,
Richard Gibbs, Master,
By me, Will. Harris
By me, Tho. Andros.
William Holstock,
By me, Edw. Wilkinson,
By me, Peter Hills. "

In former Times, there seems to have been divers Mills upon the Thames. One Mill there was below the Bridge on Southwark side, which belonged to the Monks of Rochester. For in the Year 1197, in an Exchange made between Hubert Archbishop of Canterbury and the Monks of Rochester, Mention is made of a Mill that those Monks had in Suwerk upon Thames towards the East, against the Tower of London. But these Mills are now all taken away for the less annoying of the River.

Divers Mills upon the Thames anciently.

Monastic. Anglic. Vol. 3. P. 4.

And indeed as London could not be London without the Thames, so great Care was taken in former Times to preserve it clean and clear of all Annoyances, and particularly against the Destruction of the Fish, which were of many sorts, and very good in their kind. Hence in September, 1584, Orders were set forth for the Conservation of the River of Thames: Which were as follow.

Orders for the Conservation of the River.

First, That there should be no Purprestures, Encroachments, Wharfs, Banks, Walls, or Building of Houses in or upon the Thames, to the stopping of the Passage.

Item, That no Dung, Rubbish, or other Filth, be cast into the Thames.

Item, That no Posts nor Stakes be fixed in the Thames.

Item, That the fair Way be kept as deep and large as heretofore it hath been.

No Person shall sell, utter, or take any Fish, contrary to the ancient Assize set down by Decree, viz.

Roche} VI

Fish not yet Assized, viz.

Fence-Months and Times; in which these Fishes are not to be taken, viz. For
Salmons;between the Nativity of our Lady and St. Martins.
Kipper Salmons:Not to be taken at any Time of the Year.
Trowts:Between Michaelmas and Christmas.
Roches:Between 15 Days before St. Martins, and 15 Days after.
Between the 15. of April, and the 15th of August, viz. 4 Months.

No Fishermen, Garthmen, Petermen, Draymen, or Tynkermen, shall avaunce or set up any
Rowte Wears
Pight Wears
Foot Wears.
Nor make any
Stalker Nets
Trynck Nets
Purse Nets
Casting Nets
Berd Nets
Pot Nets
Barrock Nets at Crooks
Heaving Nets
Except they be 2 Inches in the Mashe

Nets forbidden. The Measure of certain Nets, viz.
 Blee-Nets must be two Inches and an half.
 Dray-Nets and Kedals forbidden.
 Cod-Nets to be used between Candlemas and our Ladyday.
must be two Inches large in the Mashe, except between Candlemas and our Ladyday in Lent.
 A Pride-Net, not to be occupied, but by special Licence of the Water Bailif, and not above a Yard in Length.

Places inhibited to fish in, called Water Friths, viz.
Mill Damms, Locks, and such like.
Goose Fleet at Busherd.
Well Fleet, at the Mase.
St. Saviour's Milne by West.

Baits prohibited.
White Bait at Gowlch, or Bloud Bag.]