Waters serving this City. Conduits. 25

Waters serving this City. Conduits.

The Conduit in Aldermanbury, and the Standard in Fleetstreet, were made and finished by the Executors of Sir William Eastfield, in the Year 1471. A Cistern also was added to the Standard in Fleetstreet, and a Cistern was made at Fleetbridge, and another without Creplegate, in the Year 1478.

Conduit in Grasstreet, in the Year 1491.

Conduit at Holborne Cross, about 1498. Again new made by Mr. William Lamb, 1577. Hence called Lamb's Conduit.

Little Conduit by the Stocks Market, about 1500. Now since the Fire a fair one.

Conduit at Bishopsgate, about 1513.

Conduit at London Wall, against Colemanstreet, about 1528.

Conduit at Aldgate without, about 1535. The Water whereof comes from Hackney.

Conduit in Lothbury, and in Colemanstreet, near to the Church, 1546.

Conduit of Thames Water at Dowgate, 1568.

These Conduits used to be in former times visited: And particularly, on the 18th of Sept. 1562. the Lord Maior [Harper] Aldermen, and many Worshipful Persons; and divers of the Masters and Wardens of the Twelve Companies, rid to the Conduit Heads for to see them after the old Custom: And afore Dinner they hunted the Hare, and killed her, and thence to Dinner at the Head of the Conduit. There was a good Number, entertained with good Cheer by the Chamberlain. And after Dinner they went to hunting the Fox. There was a great Cry for a Mile; and at length the Hounds killed him at the End of S. Giles's. Great Hallowing at his Death, and blowing of Hornes: And thence the Lord Maior, with all his Company, rode through London to his Place in Lumbard-street.

The Conduits visited by my Lord Maior.

J. S.

MSS. London Penes me.

From the River of Thames did the Citizens in former Times supply themselves with Water for their Family Uses; fetching it by the many Lanes that led to the Waterside in divers Wards of the City. But in time many of these Lanes were stopt up by those that dwelt thereabouts, for their own Gain, who would suffer none to pass without paying a Duty. This became a great Grievance, insomuch that in 17. Ed. 3. the Maior, Aldermen, and Commonalty, received great Complaints of stopping up these Lanes and Passages to the Thames. Upon this an Inquisition was made; and divers Persons of the several Wards sworn to make diligent Enquiry into these Grievances, and of all the Lanes that were common Passages to the Thames. Who brought in Presentments of them, and of the Annoyances and Stoppages of them in the several Wards. As,

Water fetcht from the Thames.

MSS. London.

In Dovegate, or Dougate Ward, Armenteres Lane. Here was a convenient Bridge, in Place whereof one John Weston had set up a Cooks Shop. Wolflane, Bretaskelane in Ebbegate. Windesgoslane. Cohreslane. This was presented without Stoppage. Granthameslane, which was to bring and carry Busca & Vina, i.e. Brushwood and Wines in Carts from the Thames. Greenwichlane, which was and is without Impediment. Rethereslane. Dowesgate. Here they had made Buildings, consisting of divers Houses of Office; and Filth fell upon People by that Lane, to the Disgrace of the Commonalty. Hey Wharf, without Impediment. Elbowlane; Dakmerslane; Reygateslane; Sackeslane; Brodelane; Dorkingslane. All these without Impediment.

Lanes presented in Dowgate Ward.

In Vintry Ward, Vintrieslane, which led to a Bridge. Spitelslane, without Impediment. Coventrieslane. Medelane.

In Vintry Ward.

In Queenhith Ward, the Key called Queen Hith; in which was a common Way to a common Jakes. The same Key was worth Six Mark, which William Fitz Rafe de Blithe took to himself. A Lane in S. Michael Queenhith stopt. Another Lane called . The Key called Salt Wharf. A Bridge called Cauendresbridge in Timbrehethe; but one Ruse de Reines, Oistermonger, took a Custom of all Men and Women that washed their Cloaths or fetched Water there. Ratonslane in the aforesaid Parish; upon which Lane the Abbot of Lesnes made a Pale. Broke Wharf without Impediment. Another Lane stopt. Lekkingeslane: let to the King for 12d. a Year. Which renting was complained to be injurious to the Commonalty. Another Lane, between the Tenement of the Earl Marshal, and of Walter Gladtyne: And they say, that three Jakes were in that Lane to the Noyance of the Commonalty. A Lane called Fish Wharff: Here one Simon de Twinham took Custom.

In Queenhith Ward.

In Baynard Castle Ward: A Lane near the Prior of Okeburn leading to the Thames, wont to be common, stopt by the Friars Preachers; but they believe to be done by the Commonalty, and did no Harm. The Prior of the Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate, stopt up a Key with a Stone Wall at East Watergate; which Gate occupied the Commons Land for three Quarters of one Ell towards the Thames. S. Paul's Key. Nicolas Taillour, Heymonger, Rentarius, i.e. Renter of William de Haghman, gathered there Quartridges of Men that fetched Water.]

In Baynard Castle Ward.

Of later Times Thames Water was conveyed into Mens Houses by Pipes of Lead, from a most Artificial Forcier, standing near unto London Bridge, and made by Peter Morris, Dutchman, in the Year 1582, for the Service of the City on the East Part thereof.

Thames Water conveyed into Mens Houses in the East Part of the City.

[It is done by a Mill, and was the first Water-Work that was made to supply the City with Thames Water; and there it remained till of late, being in the Possession of one Mr. Morice, whose Ancestor first set it up in Q. Elizabeth's Days, and left thereby a considerable Benefit to his Family. This Water Mill furnished the Neighbour Parts of the City as far as Grasschurchstreet. It was observed, that the Water conveyed into Houses by this Mill, did sooner become fine and clear than the New River Water, and was ever a Clearer Water, as Mr. Charles Hopton that was chief Clark there hath told me.]

The First Thames Water Mill.

J. S.

Conduits of Thames Water by the Parish Churches of S. Mary Magdalen, and St. Nicholas Coleabbey, near unto Old Fishstreet, in the Year 1583.

Conduits in Old Fishstreet.

One other new Forcier was made near to Broken Wharff, to convey Thames Water into Mens Houses of West Cheape, about S. Paul's, Fleetstreet, &c. by an English Gentleman, named Bevis Bulman, in the Year 1594.

Thames Water conveyed into the West Part of the City.

Another Conduit was also Built at Aldersgate, without the Gate, Anno 1610, and Thames Water conveyed unto it in Pipes of Wood and Stone, by an English Gentleman, named Mr. Thomas Hayes. This is lost since the Fire.

A. M.

Next to the Conduit Water thus conveyed to Aldersgate, and as you have already heard, that famous (and never to be forgotten) new River, brought from Chadwell and Amwell, by the only Care, Cost, and liberal Expences of one Worthy Man, Sir Hugh Middleton, Knight and Baronet, Citizen and Goldsmith of London, deserveth to be Recorded in everlasting Memory.

New River Water.

Sir Hugh Middleton.

I spare here to speak of the Length of Time that such an Intent was in talking on; like much good Matter well motioned, though little minded, long debated, but never concluded: till Courage and Resolution lovingly shook Hands together, as it appears it did in the Soul of this (no way to be daunted) well minded Gentleman.