Gresham College.26

Gresham College.

after Dr. Gwinne, read ** Anatomical Lectures only. The same Difference may be seen between what these Articles direct the Divinty Professor, and what Method Dr. Holdsworth follow'd in his Divinty Lectures before quoted; and so between what the Articles direct the Geometry Professor, and what Method Dr. Barrow and Dr. Hooke follow'd in their Lectures, now printed: From all which, it is plain that the Professors, altogether, neglected the Direction of these Articles or Orders, as well in the Method of their Reading, as in the Manner of their Living; and therefore could never believe them to have any obligatory Force, or be of any Authority whatsoever.

**Vide Anatomy Lectures at Gresham-College, by that eminent and learned Physician Dr. Thomas Winston. Printed at London in 8vo. 1659.

Secondly, the Professors had this farther Consideraion to offer, That these Articles were so far from being legally ratify'd, that they were never duly consider'd, being not so much as even consistent with themselves: For Instance, when they speak of the Times of all the Professors Readings in general, they make // five Terms of Reading; but when they speak of the particular Professor's Times of Reading, they make but * four Terms of Reading: But farther, they enjoyn what it is impossible the Professors should comply with, because the amount of their Incomes, could never defray the Expence that their Professorships must put them to, if the Directions of these Orders be comply'd with; since fifty Pounds a-piece is the whole of their Salaries, out of which it is impossible to support themselves, their private Servants, and likewise publick ones for the Hall, the Kitchen, and Cellar; and farther, for an hospitable Entertainment for Strangers; all which Expences these Articles direct: And, besides the Musick Professor's Proportion to this Charge; he must, according to these Orders, be singly at the Expence of seventy five publick † Consorts every Year, of Vocal or Instrumental Musick, which, if properly perform'd would so far exceed the Salary of one Professor, that it would hardly be supported by the Income of all the seven. Again, a farther Proof that these Articles are not authoritative, might be taken from hence, that whereas the Professors, at every one of their Elections, have the Founder's Will, so much of it as concerns them, read over to them; to which they give their solemn Promise to conform themselves; so were they oblig'd to any Complyance with the Directions of these Articles, that Part of them, that concerns the common Duties of all the Professors, as well as what belongs to the particular Duty of each Professor, would, at least, be read to them, if not a Copy thereof be directed to be given them at their Elections; but instead thereof, the Professors, tho' they have sometimes apply'd to the Trustees for Liberty to inspect them carefully, have never been able to obtain Leave for a diligent Examination of them; these Articles then, to be sure, would never be kept from their Knowledge, if their Complyance with them was at all expected as Part of their Duty: But lastly, The Professors were ready to appeal to the Trustees, whether they had not, (at a former Meeting, some few Years before, at which were present many of the Trustees and the Professors now, in 1706, living) themselves disown'd the Authority of these Articles. The Trustees, not many Years before, held a grand Committee within Gresham-College, in the Musick Professor's Lodgings, about the Affair of Rebuilding the College; at which Meeting, upon some Discourse then arising, Part of these Articles were directed to be read; whereupon the Professors, then present, ask'd of the Trustees, Whether these Articles had ever been sign'd by all the first Professors, or whether they were legally ratify'd by the first Trustees? To which the Trustees answer'd, Not that they knew of; but said, that they were produc'd only as Papers that were very ancient. And this was the Substance of what the Professors had to except against these pretended Orders.

// Vol. 1. p. 128. b. l. 70.

*Vol. 1. p. 129. a. l. 68.

†Vol. 1. p. 129. b. l. 13 compar'd with the Number of Times of reading, appointed according to the Articles p. 128. b. l. 72. & sequ.

That the Result of all those Complaints and Hearings ended in the fair Justification of the Professors, the Reader has been acquainted * before, and may perceive it by what is here alledg'd: There remains nothing to be added, but that the Trustees, not long after, made an Order that the Professors Salaries should be constantly paid them one Year under another, without troubling the Committee from time to time for particular Orders, (as had been the Method during all the Time of the Uncertainty of Payments:) And farther, that the Trustees from that Time, 1706, to this Year, 1719, remain'd satisfy'd with the Reasons the Professors gave for not complying wholly with their Order; for, during this 13 Years Time, they never demanded a more exact Compliance with it: And, lastly, that the Trustees, upon the Professors Petitioning that the Year's Arrear still remaining might be discharg'd, did after some Debate, come to a Resolution, that, tho' the Exchange brought them in Debt, yet, that should not tend to the Prejudice of the Professors, but the Inconvenience thereof lye on the City and Company; wherefore, they then, in 1719, order'd the immediate Payment of the said Arrear, and that the future Payments should be paid regularly, as they became due. The Names of which Committee, and of the present Professors, are as follow:

*P. 130. b. l. 34.

For the City Side.
Sir John Ward, Lord-Mayor.
Sir Samuel Garrard, }
Sir William Lewen, } Aldermen.
John Green, Esq; }
Mr. John Gordon,
Capt. Batchellor,
Mr. John Barber,
Mr. Robert Alsop,
Mr. Noy Willey,
Mr. Deputy Tomlinson,
Major Snart,
Mr. Valentine Brewis,

For the Company of Mercers.
Isaac Grevile, Esq; Master.
Peter Godfrey, }
Papillon, } Esqs. Wardens.
Mr. Jocelyn Robarts,
Mr. Deputy Sorocold,
Mr. Deputy Chancey,
Mr. Benjamin Smith,
Mr. Hillyard,
Mr. John Jones,
Mr. William Spillett,
Mr. Samuel Mayn,
Mr. John Terry.

Divinty, Dr. Edw. Laney,
Civil-Law, Mr. John Commings.
Astronomy, Mr. John Machin.
Geometry, And. Tooke, M.A.
Rhetorick, Edward Martyn, M.A.
Physick, Dr. John Woodward.
Musick, Dr. Edw. Shippen.