31, Parl. at Westminster, Tho. Dolsely, Will. de Weld, Will. de Essex, Ric. Tokey.
31, P. at Westm. John Stodey, Maior, Barth. Freshing, Stephen Cavendish.
34, ditto, Barth. Freshyng, Stephen Cavendyph, Walter de Berney, Ric. Tokey.
36, ditto, John Little, Barth. Frestlyng, John Turngold, John Hilltoft.
38, ditto, Adam Fraunceyes, John Lovekin, Simon de Bennington, Ric. Preston.
38, ditto, John Milford, Simon Morden.
42, ditto, John Wartefeld, Barth. Frestlyne, John Aubre, John Organ, quatuor Cives de melioribus validioribus discretioribus Civibus Civitatis predictæ.
43, ditto, Adam Wimundeham, John Gardener.
43, ditto, John Pecche, John Turngold, Nich. de Exton, John Hadeley.
45, Council at Winchester, Barth. Firstling, John Phelipot.
46, P. at Westm. John Wroth, John Pecche, Will. Venour, Will. Kelphull.
47, ditto, Adam Stable, John Ward, John Berlingham, Adam Carlisle.
50, ditto, John Hadeley, John Organ, Will. Tongue, Will. Venour.



1, P. at Westm. Adam Carlisle, Walter Sybit, Will. Wallworth, John Philpot.
2. P. at Glocester, John Hadley, Jeffry Newton, John de Northampton, Will. Venour.
5, P. at Westm. John Philpot, John Stadley, Will. Barret, Hugh Fastolf.
6. ditto, Nic. Brembre, John More, Ric. Norbury, Will. Essex.
7, ditto, Will. Wallworth, Kt. John Philpot, Kt. Will. Garret, Hen. Vennour.
7, P. at New Sarum, John Hadley, John Organ, John Rote, Hen. Herbury.
8, P. at Westm. John Hadley, John Organ, Tho. Rolf, Hen. Herbury.
9, ditto, John Hadley, Nic. Exton, Hen. Herbery, Will. Aucrofts.
10, ditto, John Hadley, John Organ, Adam Carlill, Tho. Gurdetere.
12, P. at Comb. Adam Barne, Hen. Vannere, Will. Tong, John Clouhand.
13, P. at Westm. Will More, John Shadeworth, Adam Carlill, Will. Brampton.
15, ditto, Will. Serringham, Will. Brampton, Will. Standon, John Balcote.
18, ditto, Adam Carlile, Drogo Barentyne, Goffry Walderne, Will. Arkham.



1, P. at Westm. John Shadworth, Will. Brampton, Ric. Merlan, Will. Somingwell.
3, ditto, The Names of all the four Citizens torn.
8, P. at Gloucester, Will. Askham, Will. Crowmere, Will. Marchford, John Bryan.



1. P. at Westm. Drogo Barentyn, Will. Askham, Will. Marchford, Walter Gulktron.
2, ditto, Will. Walderne, Nic. Wotton, Will. Oliver, John Gedney.
3, ditto, Ric. Merlaw, Tho. Faucorner, Will. Weston, Nic. Jameo.
5, ditto, Will. Crowmere, Will. Sevenoke, John Wells, John Boteler.
7, P. at Gloucester, John Staundon, Nic. Wotton, John Sudbury, Hugh Bybrede.
8. P. at Westm. Tho. Fauconer, John Michell, Solomon Oxney, John Higham.
9, P. at West. Tho. Fauconer, Nic. Wotton, John Whateley, John Brokley.



1, P. at Westm. Tho. Fauconer, John Michell, Hen. Frowek, Tho. Mayneld.
3, ditto, Nic. Wotton, John Wells, Eborard Fleet, Tho. Bernewall.
4, P. at Leicester, John Michell, John Wellys, Eborard Fleet, John Higham.
5, P. at Westm. John Michell, John Wellys, Will. Milrefe, Walter Gawtron.
6, ditto, John Michell, John Wellys, Will. Milrefe, Walter Gawtron.
8, ditto, Nic. Wotton, Nic. James, Will. Milrefe, Walter Gawtron.
9, ditto, Will. Estfeld, Nic. James, John Higham, John Abbot.
13, ditto, John Michel, Robert Large, John Bederenden, Stephen Forster.
15, P. at Cambridge, Hen. Frowyk, Tho. Catworth, John Carpenter, Nic. Yeo.
20, P. at Westm. Will Estfield, Kt. John Bolbeys, Philip Malpass, Will. Cotesbrook.
25, P. at Cambridge, Hen. Frowick, Will. Combys, Hugh Wiche, Will. Marrow.
27, P. at Westm. Tho. Calsworth, John Norman, Geffry Bolten, Tho. Billing.
28, ditto, Stephen Broome, John Norman, John Needham, John Hardroe.
29, ditto, Hen. Frowick, Will. Marrow, John Harrowe, Ric. Lee.
31, P. at Reading, Stephen Browne, Will. Cantelowe, John
33, P. at Westm. Geffry Felding, Will. Cantelowe, John Harrowe, John Young.
39, ditto: This Bundle is wanting, as are several other; those that are imperfect, viz. where the Return is torn from the Precept I mention, are lost or torn; where there are no Signs of any, I totally omit.



7, P. at Westm. Ralph Josselyn, Kt. Tho. Ursewick, Recorder, John Ward, Draper, John Crosseby, Grocer.
12, ditto, Ralph Verney, Kt. John Irlond, John Brumpton, Stephen Fabian.
17, ditto, Will. Hampton, Kt. Ric. Gardyner, Alderman, Will. Brasebridge, John Ward.

The Returns from the 17th of Edw. 4. to the 1st of Edw. 6. are lost in the publick Offices throughout England, except an imperfect Bundle, An. 33, of Henry 8: However, by some Manuscript Accounts I have of Lists of Towns sending Burgesses to Parliament, no Place of Middlesex ever sent except London, 'till after 33 Hen. 8. where Returns of Cities and Boroughs are extant, must be sought for in the City Chamberlain's Accounts, who paying the Citizens their Wages, account for the same in their Receipts: And so possibly some of London Members may be found in other Parliaments of Edward the 4th, and other Kings Reigns, 1 Rich. the 3d, and all Henry the 7th's Time. I had those of Norwich transmitted me from that City Books; and have met with some few others, as at Leicester and Northampton, from the Searcher of the Town Books.