BOOK I. Chap. 31. p.308. Under this Chapter of the Worthy Citizens of London, I subjoin a valuable List of Citizens and Burgesses of London, Westminster, and Southwark, Members of Parliament; sent me by the voluntary Favour of a learned Antiquarian: Being willing to assist and contribute in so useful a Work, as this is. All which Returns of Parliament Men, are taken from the Teste of the Writs themselves.

Names of the Representatives of the City of LONDON, from the Beginning of the Summons to Parliament: With the Years of the Reigns of the several Kings and Queens, when the respective Parliaments met and sat, and the Places where.




ANNO 49, Citizens (as says Prynn) were elected and returned; but not named in any of our Records.



26, Parliament at York, Walter de Finchingfeild, Adam de Folcham.
London seems to have omitted, or been excused, sending to other Parliaments of this Prince. For notwithstanding the Returns are very well kept in his Time, and remain very entire, there are none to be found of London, this Ao. 26 Edw. I. and
33, Parl. at Westm. Will de Combmartyn, Henry de Combmartyn, Walter de Finchingfeild.



1, Parliament at Northampton, Will. de Combmartyn, Henry de Durham.
2, P. at Westm. Henry de Durham, Will Servat.
6, P. at Westm. The Return in these Words:
Mittimus ad vos Reginald de Conductu, Johanem de Causton, Ankerum de Gisortio, Thomam de Chetington, tres vel duos eorum electos effendi ad Instans Parliamentum vestrum, ad diem & locum in Brevi contentos, plenam & sufficientem potestatem habentes pro se, & communitate Civitatis London, ad faciendum & consentiendum iis quæ in dicto Parliamento ordinari contigerit.
7, P. at Westm. Nich. de Ferndon, Will. Leer, Will. Servat, Stephen Abingdon.
8, ditto, Will. de Leve, Henry de Durham.
8, ditto, John de Gisortio, Will. de Leire, Rob. de Kelesy, Rich. de Reber. concives nostros vel duos eorum sufficientem habentes potestatem ad faciendum, &c.
12, P. at York, John de Cherleton, Will. de Flete, Roger de Palmer, Mittimus vobis, vel duos eorum sufficientem habentes potestatem, &c.
15, P. at York, Rob. de Swalive, Reginald de Conduct, Will. de Hatford, Gregory Norton.
16, P. at York, Walter Treppin, Rob. Chetington.
19, P. at Westm. Auketumus de Gisortio, Henry de Sechford.
20, P. at Westm. Auketimus de Gisortio, Henry de Secheford, Reginald de Conductu, Tho. de Leyre, Edmond Cosyn, & John Sterte. Eleci sunt per Major. Aldermann. & Communit. London, assendi, & hoc Instans Parliament. Ita quod duo ipsorum semper sunt parati.



1, P. at Lincoln, Benet de Felsham, Rob. de Kelesey.
1, P. at York, Rich. de Betoigne, Rob. de Kelesey, John de Grantham, John Prior, Cives London electi sunt effendi ad instans Parliamentum Domini Regis, qui omnes vel duo eorum venient, cum sufficienti potestate prout in Brevi.
2, P. at New Sarum, Stephen de Abingdon, Robert de Kelesey.
2, P. at Northampton, Rich. de Betoigne, Robert de Kelesey.
2, P. at York, Rich. de Betoigne, Rob. de Kelesey, John de Grantham, John Priour.
4. P. at Winchester, John Grantham, Reginald de Conduit, Stephen Abington.
4, P. at Westm. Stephen de Abingdon, John de Causton.
6, P. at York, Tho. de Chetingdon, Hen. de Mongney.
6, P. at Westm. Auketumus de Gisortio, John de Causton, John Priour, Tho. Chetingdon.
7, P. at York, John Causton, Reginald de Conduit.
9, P. at York, Rich. de Rocching, Rich. de Later, Roger de Forsham.
9, P. at Westm. Henry de Secheford, Tho. de Chetingdon, John Priour.
10, Council at Nottingham, John de Couston, Rich, de Hakeneye.
11, P. at Westm. Reginald de Conduit, Bennet de Fulsham.
11, P. at Westm. John Grantham, Andrew Aubray, Ralph de Upon, Rich. de Rocching.
11, Council at Westm. Henry Darcy, Simon Fraunceys, Will. Hanus, Waller Fierk.
12, P. at York, John Churlton, Will. de Flete, Roger le Palmer.
12, P. at Westm. Simon Fraunces, John de Northall.
12, P. at Northton, Ralph de Upton, Barth. Wenmars.
13, P. at Westm. Simon Fraunceys, John de Northall.
14, ditto, Nich. de Farendon, Auketumus de Gisortes, Henry Monguey, Roger Hoseband.
14, ditto, John de Brittlesworth, Rich. de Rocching.
15, ditto, Simon Fraunces, Will. de Brittlesworth.
17, ditto, Auketinus de Gisortio, Hen. de Lecheford.
20, ditto, Geffry de Wickingham, Tho. Leggy, John Lovekyn, Tho. de Waldene.
21, ditto, John Lovekyn, Rich. de Berking, Will. de Ford, Rich. de Wycombe.
22, ditto, John Lovekyn, Rich. Berkyn, Will. de Ford, Rich. de Wigcomb.
24, ditto, Tho. Leggy, Will. de Ford.
26, ditto, Adam Fraunces, John Liche.
27, ditto, Tho. Leggy, Tho. Wolsly.
29, ditto, Adam Fraunceys, John de Stody, Simon de Redington, Adam de Acres.

Note, This was the first Writ, enabling and requiring London to elect and return four Citizens; however, in the next Writ of Summons but one, they are enjoyned to elect but two Citizens: But the very next Writ to that, viz. Ann. 34 Edw. 3. expresly commands and enables London to elect and return four Citizens, which Form hath constantly continued every since.

31, P.