Sum total of all the Premisses, whereof the said Dame Anne Gresham hathe the Fee simple, amounteth to the Sum of One Thousand Seven Hunderith Fourscore Seventeen Poundes Twelve Shillinges Two Pence Half-penney per Ann. over and above all Charges and Reprises, except the Fees and Annuyties hereunder mentioned, &c.1797122 1/2
Allowances.Allowed and deducted theis Annuyties and Fees hereunder mentioned, and yerely paied out of the Premisses for Terme of their Lyves, viz. To William Fletwoode 40s. Tho. Powell 40s. Edward Flowerdew 40s. James Ryvet 40s. William Yelverton 26s. 8d. Christopher Rye 40s. Philip Scudamore 26l. 13s. 4d. Christopher Rochel 5l. Mr. Owen 40s. for their Counselles. More to Mr. Doctor Lankton 40s. Doctor Jefford 40s. Rauf Mortys 40s. William Gotherns 5l. for their Counsell and Help in Phesick and Surgery. To William Pernel 10l. to Hugh Powell 20s. to the Lady Taylboyes 266l. 13s. 4d. to the Lady Fraunces Gresham 133l. 6s. 8d. In all amounting to 467l. per Ann.467000
Clere Vallew.Remayneth clere unto the said Dame Anne Gresham, and her Heires, the Yerely Vallew of 1330l. 12s. 2d. ob. over all Charges and Reprises, appearing by the Premisses before in theis Presents mentioned, and being all her Landes, Tenementes, and Heredytamentes in Fee symple1330122 1/2

The clere yerely Vallew of dyvers Landes, Tenementes, and Hereditaments, late of Sir Thomas Gresham, Knight, deceased, whereof Dame Anne Grehsam, Wydow, hathe Estate for Term of her Lief, viz.


London.The Royal Exchange with all Howses, Buyldinges, Pawnes, Vawtes, and Proffittes, thereof, amounte to the clere yearely Vallew of 751l. 5s. per Ann. over all Chardges and Reprises,75150}  
 The Mansion Howse in Byshoppesgate-streete, with all Howses, Buyldinges, Gardens, and Commodities, to the same belonginge, and now in the Tenure of the said Dame Anne Gresham, per Ann.66134} 1057184
Sussex.The Mannors of Mayffeilde in Wadhurste, with the Parsonages there, and the Parke, and Forges, or Iron Smythes, with other Commodities, per Ann.24000}  
 Sum totall of the clere yerely Vallew of the Premisses, over all Chardges and Reprises, doth amount to the Sum of1057184

The clere yearely Vallew of certayne Landes whiche Sir Thomas Gresham, Knight, deceased, gave and assured in Marriage with Anne his base Daughter: Whereof her Majestie is to have the Third, during the Wardship of the Heire, viz.


Norfolk.The Mannors of Hemesbye, withe the Parsonage there, of the clere yerely Vallew of11600}  
 The Mannors of Morston and Langham, with the two Shepes Pastures there, of the yerely Vallew of9800} 280150
Suffolk.The Mannor of Combes, with the Appurtenences, of the clere yerely Vallew of 66150}  
 Sum Total of the clere yerely Vallew of the Premisses dothe amounte to 280l. 15s. per Ann. over all Reprises.280150
 Sum totall of the clere yerely Vallew of all the Premisses before, in this Booke, dothe amounte to Two Thowsand Six Hunderith Threescore Nine Poundes, Fyve Shillinges, Six Pence Half-penye per Ann. over all Chardges and Reprises266956 1/2
 Dame Anne Gresham hath in Fee Simple1330122 1/2}  
 More for Terme of her Lief naturall1057184} 266956 1/2
  2388106 1/2}  
 And Nathaniell Bacon, Esquier, in Fee Taile280150}