"that your Benefit was bestowed upon a painful, thankful, and well deserving Man."     
Your Honour's most humble,
Thomas Hood.
Ibid. p.125.b. l.14. r. Bequests.

Ibid. p.128.b. The Rules and Orders for the Lectures and Readers thereof in Gresham College; made at, or about the Time of the first Settlement of those learned Exercises, were but contractedly and briefly set down by me; taken from an authentic Paper, found among many other original MSS. sometime belonging to a great Statesman in Q. Elizabeth's Time. Which, so wisely and with Deliberation drawn up, I here present at full Length, transcribed thence exactly and Verbatim by me; as esteeming such a Memorial worthy the preserving.

FORASMUCH as in the last Will of Sir Thomas Gresham, Knight, divers Things are omitted, touching the Terms, Daies, and Manner of reading of the seven Lectures, ordeyned by him to be publiquely read, within the late House of the saied Founder, scituate in Bishopsgate-street in the Cytie of London; and other Circumstances, for the Conversing of the Professours within the sayed House, as Collegiat Persons: It is thought good, by the L. Maior, Aldermen, and Commons of the sayed Cytie, and by the Master, Wardens, and Companie of MERCERS, to whome the Election of the sayed Professours, and the good Government of their sayed College is wholly committed by the last Will of the sayed Founder, to devise and set downe certein Ordinances for the good Government of the sayed College in Manner following:


I. TOutching the abiding and cohabiting of the Professours within the sayed College, albeit the Number being but small, and themselves supposed to be of that Government and good Discretion, as that it shall not be greatly needful, that any Goverour, or Supervisour, be set over them, for the good Government of the sayed College: Yet forasmuch as in every Society it is very meet, for the avoiding of Confusion and Emulation, which may otherwise happen, eaven amongst Men of best Qualitie, that certein Orders should be observed in their open Meetings and conversing together: It is now ordered, that the three first and principal Professours, viz. Of Divinitie, Law, and Physick, shall successively have a Prioritie in the sayed College: Which shall consist in Precedencie of Place, and in Authoritie, for the due keeping and observing of such Laws and Orders, as ar, or shall be hereafter set down, for their Manner of Reading, Lodging, Commoning, and other Circumstances, to be observed by the said Professours: Who shall bear the Name of Governour or President of Gresham College; and shall succeed in Order, as followeth, viz. For the first Year, the Divinitie Reader; for the second Year the Law Reader; and for the third Year, the Physick Reader, shall have the Name and Place of Governour or President of the sayed College. And for other Precedencie after the President, the Divinitie Reader is to have the first Place. In Law and Physick, the ancienter Doctor in the Universitie shall have the second Place. In the third Place, the Doctor of Musick, if any such be. The other Professours, being not Doctors, are to take their Places according to their Election or Seniority within the said College. In which Order, the said Lecturers shall show themselves in the Place of their publique Reading in one certein Seat, or Pue; which shall be erected and buylt for them, the first Day of the Divinitie Lecture in every Terme.

The Method appointed for the Lectures in Gresham College.

Prioritie among the Professours.

The three principal Readers to be Presidents in Succession.

The Divinitie Lecturer to be next the President.

The other Readers, after the Divinitie Professour, to have their Place according to their Senioritie within the College.

II. Whear the Mansion House of the said Founder is by him given, as well for the Dwelling Place of the sayed Lecturers to be thear resiant, as for the publique Reading of their sayed Lectures; it is farther ordered, that the sayed Lecturers shall reside and lodge in their several Lodgings appointed for them within the sayed House; especially during the Termes, which shall be appointed for their publick Reading. In which Times, if any of the sayed Readers shall have any urgent or necessarie Cause to absent themselves, or intermitt their Reading, as Sickness, Death of Friends, Ymployment in some publique Service, or such-like; they are to substitute some other meet and sufficient Person, to read their Lecture, and to performe that Duety, which to them appertaineth. Which Substitutes for four of the Lecturers (to wit, of Divinitie, Astronomie, Geometrie, and Musick) are to be allowed by the L. Maior and Court of Aldermen. The other three, for the Law, Physick, and Rhetorick Lecture, by the Master and Wardens of the Company of Mercers. Provided, that the said Lecturers, nor any of them, shall not entertain, nor lodge within their Chambers, any Stranger, save such onlie as ar attendant about themselves for their daily Service, above the Space of three Nights together in the whole Year.

The Readers to lodge and common within the House, as Collegiat Persons.

Deputie Readers to be allowed by the L. Maior, Aldermen, and Wardens of the Mercers.

III. Forasmuch as the sayed Readers, by the last Will and Ordination of the sayed Founder, ar to be single and unmarried Men, and so to live and converse together, as Collegiat Persons within the sayed House; whearby they shall want convenient Means for providing of their Diet and other Necessaries: It is farther ordered, for their better Societie among themselves, and the Ease of Charges, that the said Lecturers, within six Moneths after Warning, given by the L. Maior and Court of Aldermen, and the Master and Wardens of the Company of Mercers, shall erect one common Table, or Ordinary Diet, to be mainteyned by a common Charge or Contribution among themselves, by equal Portions, during the Time of their publique Reading: Referring the Measure and Proportion thereof to their own Discretions: Except by Reason of some Infirmitie. In which Case, they are not compelled to paie their Rates, or Ordinarie Contributions towards their Table, or common Diet; but may provide and have their Diet in their own Chambers, or ells whear, as they shall thinck good, upon Warning given to the President of their Non-commoning, for the Week, haulf Week, &c. upon like Warning to return, and enter to their former Commons.

A common Table, or Ordinary Diet, to be kept by the Professours within the College.

No Stranger to be enterteyned at their Common Diet, above three Meals within one Moneth.

Provided, that the sayed Readers shall not intertein any Friend or Stranger at their common Table, not being of their own Companie,