List of Stage Coaches and Carriers.142

List of Stage Coaches and Carriers.

Norwich Coach, Green Dragon Bishopsgate-street, wednes. Carrier, Green Dragon, ditto; Bull ditto; Greyhound Holborn, sat.
Northampton Carrier, Ram Smithfield, thurs.
Newport-Pagnel Carrier, Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate, wednes. White Hart Aldersgate-street, thurs.
Newport-Pond Carrier, Dolphin without Bishopsgate, wednes.
St. Needs Carrier, three Cups Aldersgate-street, mon.
Nottingham Carrier, Ram in Smithfield, mon. Coach ditto, mon. tues.
Newcastle under line Carrier, Swan 2 Necks, Lad-lane, mon.
North-hall Coach, George Aldersgate-street, tues. thurs. sat.

OXford Carrier, White Swan Holborn-bridge, mon. Oxford Arms Warwick-lane, thurs. Coach, Black Swan Holborn, mon. wednes. fri. Greyhound ditto, tues. thurs. sat. White Swan Holborn-bridge, tues, thurs. sat. Oxford Arms Warwick-lane, every Day.
Oakingham Carrier, ditto, thurs. White Hart Friday street, thurs. Coach, White Swan Strand, every Day; George Little Drury-lane, tues. thurs. sat.
Oundle Carrier, Ram Smithfield, thurs. sat.
Odiham Carrier, White Swan Holborn-bridge, thurs. Rose ditto, wednes.
Ongar Carrier, 3 Nuns Aldgate, tues. fri. Coach ditto, tues. thurs. sat.

PEterborough Carrier, 3 Cups Aldersgate-street, mon.
Pool Carrier, Rose Holborn-bridge, thurs.
Portsmouth Carrier, White Hart Southwark, thurs. Queen's Head ditto, mon. Coach, King's Head ditto, mon. White Hart ditto mon. Spread Eagle Gracechurch-street, mon. fri. Cross Keys ditto, mon. wednes. fri.
Preston Carrier, Castle Wood-street, fri. Swan 2 Necks Lad-lane, fri.
Petworth Carrier, King's Head Southwark, wednes. White Hart ditto, thurs.
Puckridge Carrier, Swan without Bishopsgate, fri.
Padbury Carrier, Bell Warwick lane, wednes.
Pulborough Carrier, Queen's Head Southwark, fri.
Pellerton Carrier, at the Old Horns in Smithfield, thurs.
Peckham Coach, Cross Keys Gracechurch-street, twice every Day.

ROtherham Carrier, Ax Aldermanbury, fri.
Reading Carrier, Bolt and Ton Fleet-street, every Day; Crown Basing-lane, thurs. Coach White Horse Fleet-street, every Day; Coach and Horses Strand, every Day.
Richmond Carrier, White Horse Cripplegate, mon.
Rugby Carrier, Ram Smithfield, thurs.
Rumford Coach, 3 Nuns Aldgate, mon. tues. thurs. sat. Sarazen's Head ditto, mon. tues. thurs. sat. Pewter Pot Leadenhall-street, mon. tues. thurs. sat.
Redburn Carrier, Windmill St. John's-street, wednes.
Rye Carrier, Greyhound Southwark, fri.
Rigate Coach, Katherine Wheel ditto, wednes. Carrier, Greyhound ditto, fri.
Rotsdel Carrier, Blossom's Inn Lawrence-lane, fri.
Roystone Carrier, Vine without Bishopsgate, fri.
Roberts-bridge Carrier, White Hart Southwark, thurs.
Rochester Coach, Star Fish-street Hill, wednes. fri.

SAlisbury Carrier, King's Arms Holborn-bridge, fri. Coach, Angel Back Side of St. Clement's, mon. wednes. fri.
Saffron-Walden Carrier, Vine Bishopsgate, thurs. Coach, Blue Boar without Aldgate, tues. thurs. sat.
Shipton Carrier, Rose Smithfield, thurs.
Shrewsbury Carrier, Castle Wood-street, fri. Coach, George Aldersgate-street, tues.
Southampton Coach, White Swan Holborn-bridge, mon. wednes. fri.
Stony-Stratford Carrier, George Aldersgate-street, fri.
Swallowfield Carrier, Black Bull Holborn, fri.
Stevenidge Carrier, Windmill St. John's-street, mon. thurs.
Shernley Carrier, 3 Cups ditto, wednes:
Stroudwater Carrier, Bell Friday-street, fri.
Sunderidge Carrier, Faulcon Southwark, thurs. sat.
Seven Oak Carrier, Spur ditto, tues. fri.
Storington Carrier, Queen's Head ditto, thurs.
Spencers Carrier, George ditto, wednes.
Stening Carrier, King's Head ditto, thurs.
Stow in the Hold Carrier, Sarazen's Head Snow-hill, thurs.
Southam Carrier, Ram Smithfield, thurs.
Stamford Carrier, Cross Keys Whitecross-street, mon.
Stafford Carrier, Castle and Faulcon Aldersgate, mon.
Sherinton Carrier, White Hart Aldersgate-street, thurs.
Stratford upon Avon Coach, Bell Holborn, fri.

TAunton-Dean Carrier, Bell Wood-street, sat. Bell Friday-street, mon. Bear Basinghall-street, sat.
Thame Carrier, White Horse Friday-street, fri. Sarazen's Head ditto, thurs. Oxford Arms Warwick-lane, fri.
Tamworth Carrier, Castle Smithfield, mon. Bell Wood street, fri.
Todington Carrier, Swan with 2 Necks St. John's-street, wednes.
Thacksted Carrier, Sarazen's Head within Aldgate, wednes.
Tocester Carrier, Ram Smithfield, fri. Castle Smithfield-bars, fri. 3 Cups St. John's-street, fri.
Tunbridge Carrier, George Southwark, thurs. Queen's Head ditto, thurs. King's Head ditto, wednes. Coach, Bell in Bell Savage Yard Ludgate-hill, mon. wednes. fri. And every Day in Summer.
Tidbury Carrier, Bell Friday-street, fri.
Tedwel Carrier, Blossom's Inn Lawrence-lane, fri.

UXbridge Carrier, White Swan Holborn-bridge, three Days in the Week. Coach, Bull in Holborn, every Day.
Uppingham Coach, Ram Smithfield, thursday.

WIckham in Hampshire Carrier, Bell Savage Ludgate-hill, thurs.
Warwick Carrier, Bell Smithfield, thurs. Coach, ditto thurs.
West Chester Carrier, Castle and Faulcon Aldersgate, mon, thurs. Coach, Charing-cross, every Day.
Woodstock Carrier, Bell Holborn, fri.