List of Stage Coaches and Carriers.141

List of Stage Coaches and Carriers.

FRoom Carrier, King's Arms Holborn bridge, fri.
Flathing Carrier, Talbot Southwark, thurs.
Finchley Coach, Swan St. John's street, every Day.
Fordingbridge Carrier, Oxford Arms Warwick-lane, sat.
Fetch Carrier, Greyhound Southwark, every Day.
Farringdon Carrier, Sarazen's Head Friday-street, wednes. Bell ditto, fri.
Firrington Carrier, Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate, sat.
Felsted Carrier, Ipswich Arms Cullum-street, fri.
Farmingham Carrier, Spur Southwark, wednes, sat.
Flingwell Carrier, Grey Hound ditto, fri.
Freston Carrier, Swan 2 Necks, Lad-lane, fri.

GUilford Carrier, Talbot in Southwark, tues. Coach, tues, fri. Talbot in the Strand, tues. fri.
Gloucester Carrier, Kings Head Old Change, fri. Sarazen's Head Carter-lane, fri. sat. Coach, Bolt and Ton Fleet-street, mon wednes.
Grantham Carrier, Cross Keys Whitecross-street, mon. White Hart upper End of Drury-lane, mon. wednes. Coach, Red Lion Aldersgate-street, mon.
Gainsborough Carrier, Red Lion in Aldersgate-street, mon.
Gloucestershire Carrier, King's Head Old Change sat. Bell Friday street, fri.
Gosper Carrier, Bell Savage Ludgate-hill, thurs.
Godalmin Carrier, King's Head Southwark, thurs.
Godstow Carrier, Faulcon Southwark, sat.
Grewel Carrier, Rose Holborn-bridge, wednes.

HIghworth Carrier, George Snow hill, mon.
Huntington Carrier, Red Lion Aldersgate-street, thurs. Coach, ditto.
Highgate Coach, Bell Holborn, every Day.
Harwich Coach, Sarazen's Head Aldgate, tues. fri.
Hull Carrier, Red Lion Aldersgate street, mon. Coach, 3 Cups ditto.
Hereford Carrier, Cross Keys, Wood-street, sat. Sarazen's Head Little Carter-lane, sat. White Swan Holborn-bridge, sat. Coach, Bolt and Ton Fleet-street, mon. wednes. fri.
Hooknorton Carrier, Rose Holborn bridge, thurs. Dolphin without Bishopsgate, fri.
Hertford Carrier, Bull Bishopsgate-street, tues. thurs. sat. Green Dragon Bishopsgate-street, tues. fri. Katherine Wheel without Bishopsgate, mon. wednes. fri.
Henden Coach, Bell Holborn, every Day.
Hampsted Carrier, Greyhound Holborn, every Day. Coach ditto, and at the Checquer in Holborn every Day.
Hinchley Carrier, Rose Smithfield, mon.
Hatfield Carrier, Spread Eagle Gracechurch-street, fri. Coach, Red Lion Aldersgate-street, tues, thurs. sat. Swan with two Necks St. John's-street, tues, thurs. sat.
Hammersmith Coach, Bell Strand, every Day.
Hitching Carrier, White Hart St. John's-street, mon. wednes.
Hampton-court Coach, at the Sign of Charing-cross near Charing-cross, every Day.
Honeyworth Carrier, Oxford Arms Warwick-lane, mon.
Horsham Carrier, White Hart Southwark, thurs. King's Head ditto, tues. thurs.
Harrow on the Hill Carrier, Unicorn Holborn, every Day. Coach, Crown Holborn, mon. wednes. sat.
Hodsdown Carrier, Bell Bishopsgate-street, tues. sat. Coach, ditto, tues. thurs. sat.
Hallifax Carrier, White Horse Cripplegate, thurs. Bell Wood-street, thurs.
Horn-church Coach, 3 Nuns Aldersgate street, tues. thurs. sat.
Hartworth Carrier, Windmill St. John's-street, wednes.
Harrow Coach, Bell Holborn, mon. thurs. sat.

IPswich Carrier, Ipswich Arms Cullum-street, fri. Coach, Cross Keys Gracechurch street, mon. wednes. fri.
St. Ives Carrier, Bell Warwick-lane, mon. fri. Red Lion Bishopsgate-street, thurs. Katherine Wheel without Bishopsgate, thurs. Dolphin ditto, thurs.

KIdderminster Carrier, Sarazen's Head, Snow-hill, sat. Rose Smithfield, thurs.
Kendal Carrier, Castle Wood-street, fri.
Kimbolton Carrier, 3 Cups Aldersgate-street, wednes.
Kineton Carrier, Hart's Horns, Smithfield, wednes.

LEeds Carrier, White Horse Cripplegate, fri.
Lynn Carrier, 4 Swans Bishopsgate-street, wednes. Coach, Green Dragon, ditto thurs.
Lincoln Carrier, Red Lion Aldersgate-street, thurs. Coach, ditto, mon. 3 Cups ditto, mon. wednes. fri.
Ludlow Carrier, George ditto, sat.
Layton-Buzzard Carrier, Sarazen's Head Carter-lane, thurs.
Low-Leyton, 3 Nuns without Aldgate, every Day.
Lawton Coach, Cock Aldersgate-street, tues. thurs. sat.
Leicester Carrier, Rose Smithfield, mon.
Lemster Carrier, Bull and Mouth St. Martins-le-grand, sat.
Lewis Carrier, George Southwark, thurs.
Litchfield Carrier, Castle and Faulcon Aldersgate-street, mon. Coach, George ditto, wednes.
Louthe Carrier, George ditto, mon.
Lecumstead Carrier, Bell Warwick lane, wednes.
Leatherhead Carrier, King's Head Southwark, tues. sat. Coach ditto.
Leverpool Carrier, Castle Wood-street, fri.
Linfield Carrier, Half Moon, Southwark, wednes.

MArlborough Carrier, Rose Holborn-bridge, wednes. Coach, Angel the Backside of St. Clements, thurs.
Manchester Carrier, Blossom's Inn Laurence lane, fri. Ax Aldermanbury, fri.
Maidstone Carrier, King's Head Southwark, thurs. Coach, Star Fish street Hill, tues. sat.
Maidenhead Carrier, Bolt and Ton Fleet-street, tues. fri. sat. Coach, Black Lion Water-lane, tues. thurs. sat.
Medhurst Carrier, White Hart in Southwark, wednes.
Maxfield Carrier, Swan with 2 Necks Lad-lane, fri.
Malden Coach, Blue Boar White-chappel, wednes. sat.
Melton-Mowbray Carrier, Ram Smithfield, mon.

NEwbery Carrier, King's Arms Holborn-bridge, thurs. Coach, Bell Savage Ludgate-hill, tues. thurs. sat.