List of Stage Coaches and Carriers.140

List of Stage Coaches and Carriers.

Blewbury Carrier, King's Head Old Change, and White Horse Friday street, wednes.
Bigelsworth Carrier, Pewter Platter St. John's-street, wednes. sat.
Barnstable Carrier, Bull and Mouth Aldersgate-street, sat.
Bagnel Carrier, Blossom's Inn Lawrence-lane, every 3d fri.
Little Badow Carrier, White Hart and three Tobacco-pipes Whitechapel-bars, wednes.
Bardfield Carrier, Ram's Head Fenchurch-street, thurs.
Broadoak Carrier, Ipswich Arms Cullumn-street, fri.
Betsfield Carrier, Castle Smithfield Bars, thurs.
Broxbourne Carrier, Katherine Wheel without Bishopsgate, mon. wednes. fri.
Buntingford Carrier, ditto, fri.
Boston Carrier, George at Aldersgate.
Bingham Carrier, Bull Holborn, sat.
St. Edmunds Bury Carrier, Bull Bishopsgate, wednes.
Battle Carrier, Spur ditto, thurs.
Blechenly Carrier, Half-moon ditto, wednes.

COlchester Carrier, Spread Eagle Gracechurch-street, fri. Coach ditto, mon. fri.
Chippin-norton Carrier, Bear Smithfield, tues. thurs. Coach, King's Arms Leadenhall-street, tues. thurs. sat.
Chester Carrier, Blossom's Inn Lawrence-lane, mon. sat.
Cambden Carrier, Sarazen's Head Snow-hill, thurs.
Cambridge Carrier, Dolphin without Bishopsgate, wednes. fri. Vine Bishopsgate, wednes. fri. 4 Swans Bishopsgate-street, wednes. fri. Green Dragon ditto, wednes. fri. Bull ditto, mon. wednes. thurs. fri. Coach ditto, mon. wednes, thurs. fri.
Coventry Carrier, Ram Smithfield, thurs. sat. Coach ditto.
Cirencester Carrier, Bell Friday-street, fri. Coach, Bell Savage Ludgate-hill, tues, thurs. sat.
Chinan Carrier, Bell Warwick-lane, fri.
Cranlsey Carrier, Horse Shoo Goswell-street, thurs.
Cranfield Carrier, White Hart Aldersgate-street, thurs.
Chesunt Coach, Dolphin without Bishopsgate, tues. thurs. sat.
Cheason Coach, Vine Bishopsgate-street, every Day.
Canterbury Coach, Spread Eagle Gracechurch-street, tues. thurs. sat. In Winter, mon. thurs. Carrier, Dark-house Billingsgate, thurs. Star by the Monument, Checquer by Charingcross, tues. thurs. sat.
Croydon Coach, Cross Keys Gracechurch street, every Day.
Clapham Coach, ditto.
Cheinsford Carrier, King's Arms Leadenhall-street, wednes. sat.
Chichester Carrier, Queen's Head Southwark, thurs. White Hart ditto, mon. wednes. thurs. fri.
Chesham Carrier, White Swan Holborn-bridge, wednes. sat.
Cramden Carrier, Rose Holborn bridge, mon.
Chigwell Carrier, Sarazen's Head Aldgate, mon. thurs. sat.
Chesoe Carrier, Cross Keys Wood-street, tues. thurs. sat.
Crockson Carrier, 2 Swans without Bishopsgate, thurs.
Conway, Carmarthen, &c. Carriers, Bell Friday-street, sat.
Columnton Carrier, Bear Basinghall-street, sat.
Cerne Carrier, Rose Holborn-bridge, thurs.
Coxhall Carrier, Spread Eagle Gracechurch-street, fri.
Calverin Carrier, Dolphin without Bishopsgate, wednes.
Chippinonger Carrier, 3 Nuns without Aldgate, tues. fri.
Cheltenham Carrier, Sarazen's Head Carter-lane, every 2d sat.
Cadicout Carrier, Horse Shoo Goswell-street, sat. Coach, George Aldersgate-street, thurs. sat.
Chipperfield Carrier, Fox and Knot Cow-lane, wednes.
Carlion Carrier, Bell, Friday-street, sat.
Cosgrave Carrier, 3 Cups St. John's street, fri.
Culworth Carrier, Ram Smithfield, thurs.
Cooksfield Carrier, George and Talbot Southwark, fri. Katherine Wheel, wednes.
Carlisle Carrier, Castle Wood-street, fri.
Chaley Carrier, Goerge Southwark, thurs.

DEal Coach, Star Fishstreet-hill, tues. thurs. sat.
Dunstable Carrier, 3 Cups Aldersgate-street, tues. fri. Coach, thurs. sat.
Dartford Coach, Spur Southwark , every Day.
Darby Carrier, Castle Smithfield-bars, mon. Rose Smithfield, mon.
Dover Carrier, King's Head, Southwark, thurs. sat. Coach, Star Fish street, tues. sat.
Dulwich Coach, Crown Southwark, every Day in Summer.
Dorset Carrier, Rose Holborn-bridge, monday. Coach, Bell Strand, mon. thurs.
Dorsetshire Carrier, Crown Basing-lane, sat.
Daventry Carrier, 3 Cups St. John's-street, sat. Coach ditto mon.
Durham Carrier, White Horse Cripplegate, mon.
Dunmore Carrier, Blue Boar without Aldgate, thurs.
Dedham Carrier, King's Arms Leadenhall-street, fri.
Darking Carrier, Grey-hound Southwark, wedn. sat.
Devises Carrier, White Swan Holborn-bridge, thurs. Sarazen's Head Snow-hill, wednes.
Didout Carrier, King's Head Old Change, wednes.
Denbith Carrier, Blossom's Inn Lawrence-lane, mon. sat.
Dursley Carrier, King's Head Old Change, fri.
Draiton Carrier, Blossom's Inn Lawrence-lane, fri.
Doncaster Carrier, Red Lion Aldersgate-street, mon.

EXeter Carrier, Bell Friday-street, sat. Sarazen's Head ditto. Oxford Arms, Warwick-lane, mon. wednes. Rose Holborn-bridge, mon. King's Arms ditto, wednes. Coach, Sarazen's Head Friday-street, Bell Strand, sat.
Epsom Carrier, Spur Southwark, thurs. King's Head ditto, tues, sat. Coach, Spread Eagle Gracechurch-street, every Day. At the Sign of Charing-cross, every Day. At the George in Stocks-market, every Day.
Exon Carrier, Bell Friday-street, mon.
Epping Carrier, Nag's Head White-chapel, wednes. Coach ditto, tues, thurs, sat.
Eltham Coach, Cross Keys Gracechurch-street, every Day. Sarazen's Head Camomile-street near Bishopsgate, every Day.
Enfield Coach, Green Dragon Bishopsgate-street, every Day. 4 Swans ditto, tues. thurs. sat.
Evesham Carrier, Castle Wood-street, sat.
Edmonton Coach, Green Dragon Bishopsgate-street, every Day.
Egham Coach, Black Lion Water-lane, tues. thurs. sat.