List of Stage Coaches and Carriers.139

List of Stage Coaches and Carriers.

Lastly, in this Perambulation we will offer one Circuit more about the City; and that extending to as large a Compass as round the whole Nation, viz. as far as Carriers and Stage Coaches travel, to all the Cities, Towns, and Places, where Mens Business call them. And this may be of good Use to be shewn, that all who have occasion to trade or travel from London to any other Parts of the Kingdom, may be the better instructed therein.

An exact List of all the Stage Coaches and Carriers, with the Names of the Towns they come from, and their respective Inns in London, and the Days they go out: Very useful for Shopkeepers and Tradesmen.


AYLSBURY Carrier, Sarazen's Head on Snow-hill, and Crown in Warwick-lane, Wednesday. Coach, Crown in Holborn, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Black Swan Holborn, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Amersham Carrier, Angel St. Giles's Church, sat.
Acton Coach, Talbot in the Strand, every Day.
St. Alban's Carrier, Bell Aldersgate-street, mond. wednes. fri. Coach ditto, tues, thurs, sat.
Abingdon Carrier, White Horse Friday-street, fri. Sarazen's Head, Friday-street, thurs. Coach at the same Places tues. thurs. sat.
Ashford Carrier, Star Fish-street-hill, thurs.
Ampton Carrier, Cock Aldersgate-street, thurs.
Amptil Carrier, White Hart Aldersg. str. wednes. Pewter Platter St. John's street, thurs.
Arundell Carrier, Queen's Head Southwark, mon. wednes.
Ashbourn Carrier, Castle Woodstreet, mon.
Andover Carrier, King's Arms Holborn-bridge, thurs. Coach White Horse Fleet-street, mon. thurs.
Ashdon Carrier, 2 Swans without Bishopsg. tues.
St. Asaph Carrier, Castle and Faulcon Aldersgate-street, mon. thurs.
Abostongly Carrier, George Holborn Conduit, wednes. fri.
Aldenham Carrier, White Horse Holborn bridge, wednes.
Ashwel Carrier, Katherine Wheel Bishopsgate, tues. Cock Old-street, tues.
Ashby de la Zouch Carrier, Ax Aldermanbury, mon.
Answick Carrier, White Horse by Cripplegate, mon.
Adderstone Carrier, Castle Smithfield Bars, mon.

BArkin Coach, 3 Nuns Aldgate every Day.
Banbury Carrier, Ram Smithfield, thurs. Coach, Black Bull Holborn, tues. thurs. sat.
Barkhamsted Carrier, George on Snow-hill, thurs. Coach, Bell Holborn, tues. thurs. sat.
Bright-herling stone Carrier, Talbot Southwark, thurs. Coach ditto tues.
Bristol Carrier, 3 Cups Bread-street, wednes. sat. Rose ditto, wednes. White Swan Holborn-bridge, fri. Coach, Talbot Strand, mon. thurs. and mon. wednes. fri. Bell Savage Ludgate-street, mon. thurs. 3 Cups Bread-street, mon. wednes. fri. Cross Keys Gracechurch-street, thurs.
Bath Carrier, 3 Cups Bread-street, sat. White Swan Holborn-bridge, thurs.
Bath and Bristol Coach, Bell in Bell Savage Yard Ludgate-hill, wednes. thurs. Bell Strand, mon. thurs. Chequer Charing-cross, and Cross Keys Gracechurch-street, mon. thurs. Coach and Horses in the Strand, and 3 Cups Bread-street, ditto. Flying Coach, Chequer Charing-cross, mon. wedn. fri.
Burford Carrier, Bell Friday-street, thurs.
Basingstoke Carrier, Bell Savage Ludgate-hill, and White Horse by the Ditch Side, fri.
Blichmaly Carrier, Half Moon Southwark, sat.
Buckingham Carrier, Sarazen's Head Carter-lane, wednes. George Smithfield, Bell Warwick-lane, ditto. Cock Old-street, tues.
Brentford Coach, Bolt and Tun Fleet-street, and Red Lion Fetter-lane, every Day.
Barnet Coach, Cross Keys St. John's-street, twice a Day.
Bridgenorth Coach, Blue Boar High Holborn, mon.
Baldock Carrier, Red Lion Red-cross-street, tues. fri.
Biscister Carrier, Black Bull Holborn, wednes. fri. Oxford Arms Warwick-lane, wednes. Coach, Bell Strand, mon. thurs.
Brackley Carrier, White Swan Holborn-bridge, thurs.
Blanford Carrier, Rose Holborn-bridge, mon. wednes. Bell Friday-street, mon.
Bradford Carrier, White Horse Cripplegate, thurs.
Beaconsfield Carrier, Bell Warwick-lane, tues.
Bedford Carrier, Windmill, Pewter Platter, and Swan with 2 Necks, St. John's-street, wednes. Red Lion Aldersgate-street, Rose Smithfield, thurs. Coach, Windmill St. John's-street, thurs. Red Lion Aldersgate-street, tues, fri.
Brentwood Carrier, 3 Nuns, sat. and Blue Boar without Aldgate, wednes. sat. Coach, Blue Boar ditto, and Cross Keys Gracechurch-street, tues. thurs. sat.
Billerekey Carrier, Blue Boar, Aldgate, thurs.
Brainktrey Carrier, Pewter Pot Leadenhall-street, and Black Bull ditto, fri.
Bishops-storford Carrier, King's Arms Leadenhall-street, tues. Coach ditto, tues, thurs. sat.
Baxford Carrier, King's Arms ditto, thurs.
Burish Carrier, White Hart Southwark, thurs.
Birmingham Carrier, Castle and Faulcon Aldersgate-street, mon. fri. Sarazen's Head Snow-hill, sat.
Bury Coach, Green Dragon Bishopsgate-street, mon. tues. Bull, mon. thurs.
Brickhill Carrier, Sarazen's Head Carter-lane, wednes. Sarazen's Head Snow-hill, fri.
Bracknor Carrier, Bell Strand, wednes. sat.