The Circuit Walk. Pancrase. St. Mary le Bone.136

The Circuit Walk. Pancrase. St. Mary le Bone.

King Charles II. And was descended of the most ancient Family of the CARELTONS of Carleton Hall in the County of Cumberland. Ob. 20 Julii. Anno Dom. 1703. Ætat. 67.
Here also lyes the Body of Susanna his Wife, Daughter of Sir Hugh Ackland of Killerton in the County of Devon, Bar. Formerly Wife to Edw. Halsall, Esq; Equery to her sacred Majesty Q. Catharine. Ob. 5 Febr. An. Dom. 1696. Ætat. 62.

Another Tomb adjacent.

Elizab. Carleton, Daughter of Edward Carleton, Esq; Who was Knight Harbinger to his late Majesty K. James II. by Mary his second Wife. Who was the only Issue of Rich. and Barbary Boyse of the City of Westminster, deceased. Ob. Jan. 19. Ætat. 25. An. Dom. 1719.

Had Heav'n commission'd Death to hold his Hand,
And Vertue could the Force of Death withstand;
This beauteous Virgin had been longer liv'd,
Nor we so soon of her rich Worth depriv'd.
Her charming Youth, her Meekness, Wit, and Sense,
Her Charity, her Truth, her Innocence:
But ripe for God, her Soul ascending flew,
And early bid the sinful World adieu, &c.

Upon another Tomb.

In a Vault under this Stone lyes the Body of Mary Towneley, Eldest Daughter of Charles Towneley of Towneley in the County of Lancaster, Esq; by his Wife Ursula Ferriour of Tysmore in the County of Oxon. She dyed 13 Aug.
Anno { Dni. 1716.
{ Ætat. 28.
Posuit mœsta Parens, in eod. Sepulchri, & suos aliquando Cineres depositura.

A Tomb a little Distance from Townley's Southward.

Hic jacet eximius D.D. Andreas Giffard, antiquâ & nobili Familia Illustris; magno Scientiæ fere universalis Thesauro Illustrior, Virtutum omnium, tum Scientia, tum Praxi, Humilitatis præcipuè & Charitatis, Deum erga & Proximum Illustrissimus. Ac propterea insigni ILLUSTRISSIMI Titulo, judicio omnium, etiam SSæ. dignissimus habebatur. Deniq; vivens, commune bonum, Moriens, communis Luctus, existit. Similem quippe sui, Eheu! ubi reliquit? Obiit Sept. 28. A.D. 1714.     
Requiescat in pace.

Another Tomb for the Rt. Hon. Thomas Dongan, Earl of Limerick. Dyed Dec. 14. Aged 81 Years, 1715.

Requiescat in pace, Amen.

On another Tomb neat the former.

This Tomb was erected for Gilbert Whitehal, late of Yeldersey in Darbyshire, Gent. Whose Body lyeth here interred. He dyed 20. Febr. An. Dom. 1709.     
Requiescat in pace, Amen.

Here also lyeth the Body of Catharine Brent, Widow of Rob. Brent, late of Lark-Stoke in Glocestershire, Esq; Dyed 18 Dec. 1706. [Removed hither.]     
Requiescat in pace. Amen.

Upon a Tomb South-West.

Under this Tomb is interred the Body of TERENC MAC-MAHON, Gent. who departed this Life in the 45th Year of his Age, 1710/1. This Tomb was erected at the sole Charge of his loving Wife Sarah Mac-Mahon, &c.     
Requiescat in pace.

Of late those of the Roman Catholick Religion have affected to be buried here.]



A Little farther Westward lyes the Parish of St. Mary le Bone. In the Church whereof are these Persons buried, and remembred by Monuments.

J. S.

Here lyeth interred the Body of Sir Edmund Dowce of Broughton in the County of Southampton, Kt. Who was Cupbearer to Anne of Denmark, Queen to K. James; and to Henrietta Maria of France, Queen to K. Charles. Forty Years a constant Servant in his Place: Never married. At the writing hereof he was aged threescore and three Years. Anno Dom. 1644. Mors mihi Lucrum.

J. Worthington.

Johannes Crosby, Artium Magister, Ecclesiæ Minister ariod???. Sepultus 30 Jan. 1669. Ætat. suæ 72.

Deborah Chambers, Wife of Richard Chambers of the City of York, Merchant: And Daughter of Edward Messenden, Esq; Octob. 31, 1680.

Anno Dom. 1691. Jan. 25. Ætat. 91. Vixit Georgius Foxcroft, Armig. Par neg. Pru. Pi. Cosmopolita. Multa tulit, fecitque. Obiit, Abiit. Reliquiæ hic. Eheu! quantuli sumus. Turgidæ Bullæ Præterea nihil.

Hic sita est Arabella Wentworth, filia natu tertia Georgii Wentworth Equitis Aurat. & Annæ uxoris ejus, Spe resurgendi. Ob. die 13 Dec. An. Dom. 1653, & ætat. suæ anno 4to. P.P.

Thomas, John, Sarah, William, and Sarah Tayler, the Sons and Daughters of Tho. Tayler of Popes in the County of Hertfort, Esq; by Sarah his Wife, Daughter of John Wells of this Parish, Gent. deceased.

Churchyard of Mary le Bone.

Deposita Edwardi Gwynn, Generosi de Gente Gwynnorum in Gwynnedh sive Wallia claris natalib. oriundi, de Societate medii Templi, & Custodis Brevium de Communi Banco unius Deputatorum, eximiæ Probitatis, Fortitudinis, & Constantiæ, excelsis animi dotibus ditati, Legum & Antiquitatum Angliæ periti, Philosphiæ studiosissimi, & in omni Scientiarum, genere, quibus Philologi lucubrationes & lucernas impendere solent, perdocti. Qui assiduè lectioni & contemplationi incumbens in Bibliotheca quam in ædibus Furnevallianis habuit instructissima, vitam senio fatigatam pro cælesti & æterna commutavit pridie Calendas Februarii An. Salutis humanæ M DC XLIX.
Alexander Chorley set up this Monument, Gratitudinis ergô & Memoriæ.

Mary Andrews, the Wife of John Andrews of St. Martin's in the Fields, 9. July, 1679.

Catharine Hastings, Wife of Colonel Edw. Hastings. And William their Son, 1692.

Hic jacet Benjamin Crofts Benjamini de Comitat. Suffolciens. Generosi filius. Ob. Aug. 14,

Richard Reding, Groom of the King's great Chamber, 29. Sept. 1671.