St. Pancrase.135

St. Pancrase.

and procured the same to be established by Letters Patents from Q. Elizabeth; endowing the same with yearly Maintenance. Which School Edwyn Sandes, L. Bishop of London enlarged An.Dom. 1565, by the Addition of this Chapel, for divine Service, &c. The same enlarged by divers Persons. The Inscription renewed An. 1668, by the Governours of the said School.

Sub hoc marmore requiescunt exuviæ RICHARDI GOWER, Armigeri, de Highgate in Comitat. Middlesexiæ. Qui amicis & bonis omnibus charus vixit, flebilis occidit, &c. 12 Dec. 1688.
Honoris ergô hunc titulum posuit Edwardus Gold de Agro. Devon. oriundus, Mercator Londinensis, Elizæ filiæ ejus superstitis, & desiderium patris ægrè ferentis, Maritus.

Katherine Wife of Richard Chambers, Esq; Merchant, Alderman of London, second Daughter of Rob. Sprignel of Highgate, Esq; By her he had 14 Children. Dyed 28 Dec. 1643.

Elizabeth Jaques, Widow, late Wife of John Jaques, Esq; 18 Jun. 1624. By her he had five Sons, and 2 Daughters.

In the Chancel, lyes under a black Marble John Smith of Highgate, Esq; one of the Governors of this Chapel, 1655.

John Smith, Esq; Son of John Smith, and Audley his Wife, the only Child he left at his Death.

This Marble Stone preserveth the Memory of Basil Nicolls, Governor of this Chapel and Free School, 1648.

A Hatchment for Sir John Woolaston, Kt. Alderman and L. Maior of London.

A large Monument in the West Wall, with two Effigies of a Man and a Woman to the Shoulders: Dedicated to the Memory of Will. Platte of Highgate, Esq; Son and Heir of Sir Hugh Platte of Kirby Castle, and of Bednal Green in Middlesex, Kt. Who married the youngest Daughter of Sir John Hungerford of Douneamey in the County of Gloucester, Kt. Dyed the 17th of Novemb. 1637.

On a Pillar in the Middle of the Chapel.

Robert Sprignel, Esq; who marry'd Susan Daughter of John Daniel of Messinghal in Essex, Esq; 1654.

Sarah third Daughter of John and Elizabeth Radford of St. Clement Danes.

Elizabeth Daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Walker, 1685.

East Wall:

A Monument in the Shape of a Pyramid, for Peter Pretty, 1678. Elizabeth Collet erected this Monument.

Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Hobart, Daughter of Sir Henry Hobart, Kt. and Bar. L. Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, 1632.

Elizabeth Lisle, Wife to John Lisle, Esq; Daughter of Sir Henry Hobart aforesaid: Dyed 1633.



ON this Side lyeth the ancient Church of St. Pancrass. In the Churchyard whereof are several Tombs and Monuments, viz.

J. S.

William Holt, Son of William Holt, Gent. who departed Sept. 11, 1684.

J. Worthington.

Three Children of John Jervis, Gent. and Jane his Wife. One of them Arabella, aged three Years: A Child most dear to her Parents, whom she loved and obeyed with an Affection much beyond her Years. Which she outgrew in Beauty, Knowledge, and Goodness, to the Admiration of all that knew her. Buried 29 May, 1674.

Rob. Parkins, Junior, Gent. Jul. 21, 1675.

Randolph Yearewood, late Vicar of this Parish, 1689. And Margaret his Wife.

Tho. Plot of Sparshott in the County of Bucks, Gent. 19 Jun. 1677. Requiescat in pace.

And Elizabeth Plot his Wife, 2 Jun. 1683.

William Blunt, late of St. Andrew's Holborn, Yeoman, with Mary his first Wife. He dyed 18 Jun. 1678.

Generosus sub hoc jacet Lapillo Robertus filius natu secundus Roberti Davisii a Guisancy in Flintonia antiqua ibidem Davisiorum Sede, Armigeri. Satelles diu Regius, Literis & Armis juxta insignis: quin & omni Titulo tanto major emicuit, quanto Virtus ipsa virtutis nomen excellit, &c. Tenet hic Sepultum vetus & famosum Divi Pancracii, angustum licet, Cæmiterium: Ob ætatis suæ anno vicessimo octavo, Novembr. 8o Regis feliciter restituti vicessimo, Salutis reparatæ M DC LXVIIIo.
Vale Spectator, ut vivas, vive, ut mori valeas.

Commune cum Avunculo sortitur Sepulchrum Dorothea Eyton: Johannis Eyton de Leeswood in Comitatu Flint. Armigeri, & Dorotheæ predicti Roberti Sororis, filia unica, Octennis, &c. An. Dom. 1672.

Robert Pennant, second Son of Pyercy Pennant of Byghtam in the County of Flint, Esq; and Katherine Sister of Robert Davies, 1689. Aged 24.

John Dolben, Citizen and Mason of London, 30 March, 1703.

Elizabeth Manning, aged four Years.

So fades this beauteous Flower, whose early Wit,
Reason and Religion did make it fit
For a better World: Her sad Parents Grief
Admits of none but of a like Relief.
Reader, live pious, and bid the World adieu;
And let a Child here thus admonish you.     
Sic transit Gloria mundi.

Richard Finchamp, Son of John Finchamp of Outwel, in the County of Norfolk, 1688/9.

EDVARDUS BOTELER, Armig. ob. 8 die Jan. Anno Dom. 1681. Anima ejus in Bonis demorabitur. +

Mrs. Mary Judd dyed 6. Jun. 1699.

A.W. ob. Maii 4, An. Dom. 1678. Ætat. suæ 70. Elegi abjectus esse in Domo Dei, & mansi in Solitudine; non quærens quod mihi utile est, sed quod multis.

Per bonam famam & per infamiam. Ob. Jan. 31. An. Dom. 1699. Ætat. 86.

Hic jacet Sepultus Edvardus Betts, M.D. Collegii Medicorum London. quondam Socius, præclari viri Johannis Betts, M. Doctoris ejusdem Collegii quondam Præsidis, filius. Ob. die 27mo. mensis April. Anno Salutis M DC XCV. CRRIP.

Thomas Jones of the Parish of St. Clements, 1690. And Elizabeth Jones his Wife, 1700.

Upon a Tomb at the South Side.

Here lyes the Body of John Carleton, Gent. Son of Tho. Carleton, Esq; Who was eldest Equery to their Sacred Majesties King Charles I. and