The Circuit Walk. Islington. Highgate.134

The Circuit Walk. Islington. Highgate.

Dedicated by Sir Richard Fisher, Bar. to the honoured Memory of his Grandfather Sir Thomas Fowler, late of this Place, Kt. and Bar. and his Lady Elizabeth, Daughter of William Person, Esq; By whom he had one Son and four Daughters, viz. John, who married Sarah, Daughter to John Fowler of Staffordshire, Esq; who dyed Childless. Sarah married to Sir Thomas Fisher, Kt. and Bar. Jane married to Richard Corbet, Esq; Elizabeth married to Gerard Gore, Esq; And Martha dyed a Virgin. These all sleep in the Hope of blessed Resurrection, 1678.

Erected by Sir Richard Fisher, Bar. to the dear Remembrance of his Father Sir Tho. Fisher, Kt. and Bar. and his beloved Lady Sarah, eldest Daughter of Sir Tho. Fowler, Kt. and Bar. By whom he had three Sons and three Daughters, viz. Thomas, who married Jane the Daughter of Sir John Prescot, Kt. He had only one Son Thomas, who dyed at the Age of 18 Years: John dyed young: Sarah married Sir Hugh Ducie, Kt. of the Bath: Both deceased: Richard, Susan, and Ursula are now living, March the 30th, 1678.

Upon a Brass Plate:

Here lyeth Thomas Walker, Citizen and Grocer of London: And Cicele his Wife. Thomas deceased 25 Day of the Month of July, the Yere of our Lord God, a Thousand CCCC LXXXXVI. On whos Sowlys Jhu. have Mercy, Amen.

James Ward, Son of Lieutenant James Ward, Esq; and of Frances his Wife, 30 Apr. 1686.

Upon a Plated Stone.

I preye the Crysten Man, that hast Ey to see thys,
To preye for the Sowlles of theym that here buryed is.
And remembre that in Cryst we be Bretherne; the whych hath commaunded every Man to prey for other.
Thys seyth ROBERT ANDERTONE and JOHAN hys Wyff, here wrapped in Cley,
Abydyng the Mercie of Almyghty God themself Domedey.
Whych was sometyme Servaunt to Sir GEORGE HASTYNG, Knyght, Earl of Huntingdon. And passyd my Lyff in the Yere of our Lord God M CCCC I on whos Sowl Almyghty God have Mercy. Amen.

Susanna the Wife of John Marsh of Wilsden in the County of Middlesex, Yeoman, and Daughter of Robert Merry, Yeoman, 4. Sept. 1687.

Juxta hunc locum humatum jacet Corpus Hugonis Ratclyffe ex hac Parochia, Armigeri, Civis & Galeropolæ Londinensis; quondam pileonis Sacræ Majestati CAROLI Imi. beatæ Memoriæ totiq; familiæ Regali. Ob. 28 Nov. 1678.

This Man had two Wives, viz. Margaret Daughter of Gervase Handel of Wilford in Nottinghamshire, Gent. And Elizabeth, Coheir of Thomas Chewning, Citizen and Skinner of London. This Monument was erected by Chewning Ratclyff, his Heir, 1681.

South Ile.

Here are the Monuments of Henry Chitting, and Alice Owen, mentioned before. Also, on a Plated Grave-stone over one Markham, this Inscription:

Here lyeth the Body of JOHN MARKHAM, Esq; one of the Sergeants at Arms to our most gracious Sovereign Lord King JAMES, &c. who dyed the 26th of Aug. 1610.

He was both gentilke born, and gentilke bred;
And ere he dyed, was well marryed
Unto a vertuous and a loving Wife,
Who loosing him, loathed her own Life.
Whose Love hath built this for Eternity,
That he may still be had in Memory.

Another Plated Stone thus inscribed:

Thomas Draper de Strond Green dum vixit Civis Londinen. postquam omnia Societatis suæ munia obiisset, & in communi Civitatis Concilio diu sedisset, placide decessit in Dno. Vir probus, prudens, & pius, &c. Ob. 23 Octobr. Ann. Dom. 1711.
By his Wife Sarah he left three Sons and one Daughter.

Sarah Fowke, Wife of Tho. Fowke of London, Merchant. Mar. 10, 1663. By her he had Issue five Sons and six Daughters.

In the Churchyard of Islington:

A Tomb close to the Church Wall for William Norman of this Parish, Yeoman; and Christian his Wife: And Christian, late the Wife of William Strode of this Parish, Gent. only Daughter of the said William and Christian. Who dyed the 17th of Nov. 1698.

John Patten, late of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Founder, and Tho. Patten his Son. John dyed 1696. And Thomas 1693.

Edward Simpson, Son of Giles, 1665.

Elizabeth the Daughter of Nicolas Rufford, Gent. and Judith his Wife, 14 Jun. 1702. In Memory of her, and four more their Children, this Tomb was erected: And

Elizabeth late Wife of Nicolas Rufford, 18 Jan. 1685. And his Mother, 1674. And three of his Brothers.

Richard Cloudesley, a good Benefactor to this Parish: Who deceased 9. Hen. 8. An. Dni. 1517. Repaired, and polished, and reinsculpt, Anno Dni. 1690.

Nicolas Rufford,}
James Porter, }



A Little farther stands the pleasant Town of Highgate, very loftily situated, according to the Import of its Name, giving a noble Prospect thence of the City North West.

J. S.

It hath a Chapel belonging to the Parish of Hornesey: In which are Monuments for divers Persons, viz.

In the West Part, a black Grave-stone for Nicolas Burwel of Gray's Inn, Esq; 1670. He had two Wives, viz. Susanna, only Daughter of William Norwich: And Frances, second Daughter of Sir Charles Le Grosse of Crestwic, Kt.

Peter Le Neve, Esq;

Four Sons of the Lady Hester Blount: Two by her first Husband, Sir William Manwaring, Kt. And two by her second, Sir Henry Blount, Kt. All dyed Infants, 1653.

Christopher Wilkinson, Merchant Adventurer of London, and Alderman, 1676. And tho' interred far from his native Country, [Leeds in Yorkshire] yet he hath left there a Monument engraven in the Memory of all good Men.

Near the Church Porch is the Coat of Cholmeley.

An. Dom. 1562. Sir Roger Cholmeley, Kt. Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer; and after, L. Chief Justice of the King' Bench, did erect, at his own Charges, this public and free Grammar School;