A Monument in the South Ile with this Inscription:

To the sacred Memory of
Anne late Wife of Henry Chitting, Esq; Chester Herauld at Arms, eldest Daughter of William Bennet, Gentleman, by Joice, Widow of Richard Joselin of Newhall Jocelins in Essex, Esq; and Daughter to Robert Atkinson of Stowell in the County of Glocester, Esquire. She had 4 Children, whereof 3 are living, Thomas, Joyce, and Henry. Of which last she died in Childbed, the 8th of May, 1632, in the 27th Year of her Age, and 4th Year of her Marriage.     
Mors mihi vita.

Life is Death's Road, and Death Heaven's Gate must be,
Heaven is Christ's Throne, and Christ is Life to me.     
The Angels of the Lord protect     
All those that are his own Elect.
Vivit post funera virtus.

Later Monuments, erected in Islington Church, or more ancient omitted before, are for these Persons following:

Later Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel, for John Short, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London. Born at Doncaster in Yorkshire: Who departed this Life at Canbury House, in this Parish, the 26th of March, 1689, in the 66th Year of his Age.

John Short, Citizen and Draper of London Begun this Life in Kent: Departed this Life in the same Place as above, in Ocotber 1666. Aged near 60 Years.     
Omnium vereatur Urna.

Within the Communion Table Rails, a Stone over Elizabeth Spooner, Wife of Abraham Spooner, Citizen and Vintner of London. An affectionate and faithful Wife: Upright and Circumspect in all her Conversation, &c. Departed the 1st of March, 1699.

Also within the Rails lies Anne Woolnough, Daughter of Henry Woolnough, Clerk; deceased the 11th of June, 1679. Aged 14 Years.

Edmund Pott of Pott in the County of Chester, Gent. First married to Sarah Daughter of Anthony Thomson of Cambridge, Gent. And had Issue by her two Sons and one Daughter. She deceased An. 1640. His second Wife was Jane the Daughter of Joseph Lane of London, Gent. Who had Issue by her two Sons. He deceased March the 28th, 1650.

Christopher Wase of Upper Holloway, Esq; And Judith Master, one of the Daughters and Coheirs of the said Christopher Wase. She dyed the 4th of Nov. 1669. And George Master, Son of the abovenamed Judith Master, the 6th of June, 1666.

South Wall of the Chancel:

Memoriæ Sacr. Hic componitur Hugo Dashfield Wigorniensis, Vir Pietate in Deum, Liberalitate in egenos, Comitate ergo omnes insignis. Cujus Industria, Prudentia, & spectata Fides Honoratissimo THOMÆ Dno. COVENTRIÆ (cui tandem a Carolo Rege concredita est magni sigilli Custodia) ita placuerunt, ut tanto Hero, publicisq; muniis inserviens, apud ipsum duodecim pœne triteridas vixerit, quàm hinc excederet, &c. Fidei plenus & Spei, cursum persolvit Septemb. 17, An. Dom. 1638. Ætat. 59.

Near this Place lyeth the Body of JUDITH MASTER, &c. Wife to George Master of Lincolns Inn, third Son of Sir William Master of Ciceter in the County of Gloucester, Kt. She was a Woman of exemplary Vertue: Towards God truly pious, towards Man exactly just; to her Husband, during their ten Years in their Marriage, she was ever a most affectionate and judicious Friend. By whom she had many Children: But left him only one Son.

Upon a Brass Plate:

Mr. William Langham, late one of the Prebends of Litcherfield, Parson of Thurnbie, and Doctor of Physic. Who deceased the 16th Day of Sept. 1603.

North Ile: At the East End:

Hic Sepelitur MARGARETA SAVIL, nuper uxor HENRICI SAVIL, Armigeri: Filia Thomæ Fowler, in hac Parochia item Armigeri, &c. 15to die post partum editum in ipso Juventutis store ex hac vita excessit. Anno ætatis suæ 19, 27 mensis Augusti, An. Dom. M DC XLVI.

On a Brass Plate.

Here lyeth the Body of Gregory Charlet, Citizen and Tallowchandler of London. Who had one only Daughter, named Jane, married to Thomas Fowler of Islington, Esq; Which said Gregory was buried the 6th of June 1593. Whose Soul resteth with the Lord. Ætat. suæ 67.

Here lyeth the Body of Jane Fowler, Daughter to Gregory Charlet, Citizen and Tallowchandler, &c. She had Issue by the said Tho. Fowler two Sons, Thomas and Edmund. She was buried the 14th of Octob. 1601. Whose Soul resteth in the Lord.

Sir Thomas Fowler, Kt. who took to Wife Jane Charlet: By whom he had Issue Sir Thomas and Sir Edmund Fowler. After the Death of Jane, he took to Wife Mary the Widow of Sir John Spencer of Althrop in the County of Northampton, Kt. and Mother to the Lord Spencer, that now is. By whom he had no Issue. The said Mary departed this Life the 5th of January, 1620. He afterwards married Dorothie the Daughter of Sir Walter Coape of Kensington in the County of Middlesex, Kt. And had by her no Issue. The said Sir Thomas departed this Life the 14th of Jan 1624. He was one of his Majesty's Deputy-Lieutenants of this County of Middlesex; as also a High Commissioner, and a Commissioner for the Verge, and likewise in the Commission of the Peace and Quorum for this County.

Elizabeth Lady Fowler, late Wife of Sir Tho. Fowler the Younger, Kt. the Daughter and Heir of William Person of the Inner Temple, Esq; 19 Sept.1628. She had Issue by the same Sir Thomas four Sons and seven Daughters.

John Fowler, sole Son and Heir of Sir Tho. Fowler of this Parish, Kt. and Bar. Who married Elizabeth the Daughter and Heir of Aunseline Fowler of the County of Gloucester, Esq; Dyed without Issue the 1st of Sept. 1638.

Jane the Daughter of Sir Tho. Fowler of this Parish, Kt. and Bar. and Wife to Mr. Richard Corbet of in the County of Lincoln, 20. Day of Novemb. 1633. And had Issue by the said Corbet two Sons, viz. Thomas and Rowland.

Martha the Daughter of Sir Thomas Fowler, Kt. and Bar. 11. of June, 1634.